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Yumegaya Chris is one of the Demon Lord Knights of the Luxuria Archive. She was originally a human until going into a summoning ritual by a mysterious mage, who had given her the power equal to the Trinity Seven. She was given the goal along with three other Demon Lord Knights to bring back "Demise" to this world, as well as to eliminate Anastasia-L, the traitorous saint. Though failed to do so, she later became friends with the latter along with Lilith Asami. Currently she is one of the teachers to the reincarnated Arata Kasuga.


Yumegaya is a cheerful person, and loves helping her other Demon Lord Knights in need, and enjoys teasing them. Similar to the other Demon Lord Knights, she takes orders very seriously. At first she can be ruthless and merciless in battle, Such as being the second assassin sent to eliminate Anna. Not even listening to her leader Patricia Caesar. Though after her defeat, the Demon Lord Knight becomes friends with her teacher. Chris sometime is sloppy and was noted to. Though her friendship with her Demon Lord Knights is very deep to the point that she didn't hold grudge against Inori even when she was being petrified to stone. She is also noted to be a kind person to others. Chris is a cooperative person, willing to help Pandora even after the terrible thing she's done to her and the other Demon Lord Knights, and would later save the possessed Anna who turned into a Demon Lord.

As a teacher she can be very strict, such us pinning the weak reincarnated Arata in the ground using strong gravity, while not even paying attention to him. She would force him do hard exercises. Although Chris would look proud at his developments over time. Chris has a hobby of polishing her nails, as well as licking lolipops in combat. Unlike the Trinity Seven whom Arata would always use his perverted attitude against them, Chris dislikes it, she shares that with her fellow Demon Lord Knights.


Chris is a young women, with an orange hair. Even though her hair is medium she doesn't tie it and keep as it is which makes it looks messy, she has a thin portion of her hair in the front.

During school as a student, her attire is the normal school attire, however unlike the other students and the other Demon Lord Knights, she doesn't dons the full uniform. She keeps her top white collared blouse untucked, which shows half of her breasts. She wears a necktie underneath. She wears a miniskirt and ties her school uniform above it, along with black loafers.

As a teacher her attire hasn't much changed, In fact she keeps it the same, as the one she wore during school.

Similar to all the other Demon Lord Knights, she can use a full armor, In her combat armor she forms two horn-shaped above her hair. She gains a heart shape on her forehead and on her waist. When she smiles she shows an uneven tooth. In this mode her weapon is a chain flailed-spiked mace.


Chris is first shown when bathing with her fellow Demon Lord Knights, when suddenly an infant reincarnated Arata shows up, along with Altana Magnus who introduce to him the four Demon Lord Knights along with their abilities. Chris remains silent the whole time. Later now being a teacher, she starts teaching Arata along with the other Demon Lord Knights. However her teachings are very strict unlike the others. At first she uses her ability to increase the gravity on Arata four times and gradually getting heavier hundred times more, all while pressuring the Demon Lord with her spiked mace, which nearly crushes him. While he barely manages to maintain himself with the heavy gravity. As days goes by he starts making progress, which Chris notices and he does set ups and push ups. Arata later become strong enough to lift weights. Making the Demon Lord Knight happy.


Chris Thema is Tyrico from the Luxuria Archive, giving her multiple abilities. Her main magic is Puppet Art. Chris can also become "Azaria of Ryomo" taking over her body and become the Demon Knight doubling her abilities and strength. In her armor form she has the ability to manipulate Gravity at will. She can increase the gravity, and pin opponents, which immobilizes their movement, she can also increase it to the point to crash multiple buildings till it reaches the target. She also gains a chain flailed-mace spiked weapon, which she can increase it's size at will.

Demon's Gift - Being a Demon Lord Knight she has her own Demon Gift Demon Emperor Layer

  • Demon Emperor Layer - The ability to hold, by squeezing the "number" instead of the target "range" powerful of the gravity-mass operations.

Even without her armor, Chris is a master tactician, as she used the puppet technique of creating pseudo-life from surrounding stones and wood, in the form of creating a large amount of weapons and armor instead of golems.


Patricia Caesar - Patricia is the leader of the Demon Lord Knights, she views Chris as a friend even after being corrupted by her armor, after being cured, she becomes friend with her leader. She is very cheerful of the group. Chris enjoys her friendship, they even work together with the other Demon Lord Knights. They've known each other for a long time, which Chris loves to tease her. She along with the other Demon Lord Knights eventually became teachers for the reincarnated Arata.

Suiten Inori - Inori at first did view Chris as a friend but she doesn't seem to have feelings for it, and doesn't understand the meaning, due to her past she eventually petrified her to stone along with the entire school. She nearly broke the petrified Chris. Even though Inori knew their long friendship, she had apathy. Although she did mention that Chris was always sloppy and cheerful around her, making her doubt her actions. Despite that, Chris didn't show any level of hostility toward her friend, and after she returned to normal she even hugged Inori much to her surprise showing their friendship despite what Inori did to her.

Mamiya Yorun - Mamiya at first were enemies to each other. However after curing her, they returned to become friends, along with the other Demon Lord Knights. Chris is friendly towards her as always, which Mamiya doesn't mind. When Anna became a Demon Lord she along with Pandora and the other Demon Lord Knights decided to save her.

Lilith Asami - Lilith was her teacher when she was a student, because she was corrupted by her armor, she did horrible things to her along with Anna. Such as playing with her, torturing her mercilessly with her gravity manipulation ability. Even overpower her teacher. After being outsmarted by her leader Patricia, and defeated by Lilith they become friends again. She is one of the closest friends to Lilith who comes up with smart strategies ahead, which she always agrees to cooperate with.

Anastasia-L - Ana played a big role in Chris life and the other Demon Lord Knights as well, As at first she kept saving them whose been corrupted by the armor. While always working with Lilith, Chris cares for Ana safety. This is first shown when Pandora announced that she is to meet Anna alone (knowing that they were enemies at first) which would cause trouble and harm. Chris along with her fellow Demon Lord Knights join her thanks to Lilith plan, they save her from harm, even after Pandora unleashed knights that would rival that of their own. Chris was later concerned about her becoming Demon Lord, not being able to handle the power of one, and her friends along with Pandora decided to save her, which they successfully do in the end.

Arata Kasuga - After being reincarnated as a child due to Ana using her ultimate reincarnation magic, she becomes his teacher along with the other Demon Lord Knights. She at first strictly train the infant Arata, which he could hardly able to handle. Though overtime and days he becomes stronger and is able to handle her training successfully, which pleases her.


  • Chris was the second knight sent to come and dispose of Anna after being told to that she is the traitorous saint (unknown to her that was just an order given).
  • She becomes a teacher in Royal Biblia Academy, the same school she was student years before. However this time it was in Arata's reincarnated world.