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Void User & Witch Turn
Lilith cover ch69 7M MA.jpg
Volume 16
Chapter 69
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen PressJP
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age October 2016
Release Date September 9, 2016

High Level Girl & General Turn


Hell Bathtime & Demon Talk

Void User & Witch Turn is the sixty-eigth chapter of the Seven Magicians seres, released on September 9, 2016 in the Monthly Dragon Age October 2016 issue, and later compiled in the sixteenth volume on February 9, 2017.


Lilith emerges with a new form radiating the same aura as Abyss Trinity.

Before the journey into Dante's Gate Lilith called upon Abyss Trinity, asking him for more power, after seeing what the Radix Astil did and knowing what dangerous events await them in Dante's Gate, saying her powers are not enough. After much back and forth, Abyss finally agrees to help handing her his Magic King Armament: Vanitas telling her to reach sorcery she must learn The nagation of Luxuria which has to do with creation of life, the existence of a soul, preservation and prosperity, touch Vanitas will help her learn the nagation of all soul.

Upon touching Vanitas Lilith begins seeing a distant world surrounded in pure darkness and despair.

Back at present time, by connecting to the ruined world through the magic king armament, she was fully able to acquire Vanitas. Both Lilith and Arbariccia exchange a few word and the battle begins anew. First on the attack was Lilith releasing her magic power which devastated the entire second circle of Dante's Gate, Lilith connects Hermes Apocrypha which begins to operate, controls, reform, and stabilize the magic power, switching from Buster Mode to Extermination Mode, bypassing and connecting to the Archived Thema Abyss Fall and Vanitas. Arbariccia sensing the high magic concentration didn't wait for Lilith to continue her preparations, and fires a spell of her own Scarlet Geburath at Lilith, but was cut short and destroyed, Lilith tells Arbariccia with Extermination Mode she is Already shrouded by a fortress of high magic energy, she then tells Hermes Apocrypha to prepare firing, Hermes Apocrypha begin the mana conversion, output stabilizing and phasing of the Trinity. Lilith fires Incinerate Azodia Buster at Arbariccia, Arbariccia tries defending against it, but the barrier encase around her was instantly destroyed. Now exposed to the massive magic energy she was instantly blown away, Lilith having used to much magic power releases her Extermination Mode. Arbariccia emerges from the aftermath of the blast announcing her defeat and fades away into nothingness leaving beging Ilia's sisters which begin to glow and cast mystic fusion releasing Ilia's mother Mina, after being released she explains to Ilia how Tettares, Pente and Hex combined with her in mystic fusion keeping her soul safe all this time. She then begins Thanking Lilith for saving her and invites them into the house stating they should rest for the future battles will be more fierce, Lilith asked what she meant. Mina explains that the True Magic King Deus Trinity was destroyed 18 years ago by part of the Malebranche who awoke even earlier than Radix Astil, their purpose was to take the position of the True Magic King for themselves. Lilith why had they heard that the Magic King was still asleep. Mina tells her that the "Cloak Of Hollow Shadows" Graffia, "Fang Of Rending Ferocity" Ciriatto, "Wind Of Dark Destruction", Clown Of Sneering Demons" Farfarella and the second in command of the Malebranche Arbariccia betrayed and destroyed the True Magic King Deus Trinity.