Valkyrie & Duel Start
Anastasia cover ch40 MA
Volume 10
Chapter 40
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age May 2014
Release Date April 9, 2014

School Festival & Stakes


Chapter 41

Valkyrie & Duel Start[1] is the forty-first chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on April 9, 2014 in the Monthly Dragon Age May 2014 and later compiled in the tenth volume on November 8, 2014.


After overhearing Arata and Levi's conversation, Mira becomes shocked at Arata and Anastasia-L's relationship.

As Mira runs away, Levi notices her presense and remarks that there are many interersting developments occurring, although Arata is unaware.

Anastasia enemy ch40 MA

Meeting with Lover

n a maid cafe, Anna greets a hooded female figure and apologizes for being late, although the girl insists that she also arrived as well. Anna's acquaintance next asks how her meeting went with her lover as Anna is strongly blushing. However, Anna corrects her associate that she encountered her greatest enemy, the Demon Lord Candidate.  At the Headmaster's office, Master Biblia announces that the matches for the Magic Research Showdown has been finalized to Arata and Lieselotte. The Headmaster then explains the reason he called for them was to request they become a pair in the tournament. The two agree to his request before the Headmaster reveals that the first round will consist the Trinity Seven competing against one another. In the first match, Arata and Lieselotte will face against Yui and Arin, with the second round will consist of Lilith and Mira opposing Akio and Levi. As Arata and Lieselotte are intrigued by the matchups, Master Biblia lastly discloses that the victorious team will be allowed to order the losers to perform any actions of their choosing as a reward. Arata becomes extremely excited about the prospect while Lieselotte suggests that he can have the girls cosplay in any outfit of his desire.
Yui Lilith Arata Akio Mira Arin situation ch40 MA

A Wonderful System

Although grateful to the system, he also asks what happens if someone else wins, which Lieselotte explains that they usually have the defeated grant access to their research. Futhermore, since Bilbia is the host, they can have eight particapants so that guest schools can witness their research first. This reminds Arata that Liber Academty was destroyed, however, Master Liber suddenly appears and reveals that they still have several elite students within Iscariot, to his suprise. Nevertheless, Arata eagerly asks Liber if he can retrieve Hijiri upon winning, which she confirms. Master Biblia also reveals that if Arata wins the first round, he will face against Liber's representatives, Hijiri and Lugh. Although, Arata and Lieselotte recall that Lugh was under the custody of the school, but Liber divulges that the thief had escaped after Sky Library. After Arata and Lieselotte leave to prepare, Biblia and LIber discusses Arata's lack of control over his Demon Lord Element. Futhermore, since Akarsha has the Saint of Resurrection, Arata will need to master his magic otherwise the Saint will take everything.

While the festival continues, Arata and Lieselotte discuss the Demon Lord mark on his hand inflicting pain on him. As a result, Lieselotte kisses his hand to confirm that he has not mastered his Archives, particularly Avaritia. The two assume this was the reason the Headmaster paired them together, although Lieselotte is nevertheless happy to be with him. Afterwards, they are greeted by Arin and Yui who make a request to Arata that if they win, he will go on a date with each of them since he went on with Lilith. Although Arata offers to go with them regardless, the two insists that they would rather do the date as a reward. Upon agreement, Arin and Yui become motivated to defeat Arata so that he cannot stand, although Lieselotte reminds them that he will not be able to go on the date then. Suddenly, Arata notices the presense of Anastasia-L and greets her, much to the girl's chagrin. Anna approaches the group before straightening Arata's tie and complimenting on his appearance, causing him to become embarrassed. As the other girls become jealous of their interaction, Anastasia-L introduces herself as a Akarsha's representative to the Trinity Seven. In response, each girl also introduce themselves as Arata's lover, much to his surprise. Nontheless, Anna becomes amused, commenting that he is quite popular before bidding farewell to the group. While Arata remians mesmirized, the three that she is an difficult rival since she is quite pure in comparasion to them. 

Meanwhile, Levi suprises an eavesdropping Mira who witnessed the previous scene, assuring the head of Grimoire Security that she is pure enough as well. After calming the startled Mira, Levi reveals that she did some research on Anastasia-L, learning that no such person was enrolled in Akarsha's school roster. However, she did discover records of a student with the same name that disappeared seventeen years ago, the Saint of Resurrection. Upon hearing the information, Mira resolves herslef to support Arata...

Lieselotte Arata Arin Yui battle ch40 MA

First Match Begins

Later, in a stadium, the Headmaster and Selina, acting as commentators, announce the beginning of the tournament before immediately revealing the first match between Yui and Arin versus Arata and Lieselotte. Yui and Arin declare they will emerge victorious, while the latter also claims that she will not allow him to cheat with the exception of the Trinity Seven. As the duos prepare themselves, the battle finally begins...





  • Lilith Levi cover mda may 2014 MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age May 2014

    The magazine this chapter was released in, Monthly Dragon Age May 2014, featured Lilith and Levi on the cover.
  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Mira overhears Arata and Levi's conversation regarding whether or not he is love with Anastasia-L.
    • Upon hearing their conversation, Mira also recalls Arata's first encounter with Anna.
  • During Arata's meeting with the Headmaster, he recalls that the Royal Liber Academy was destroyed which was first revealed in Last Crest & Problem Solving.
  • Arata asks Master Liber if he can retrieve Hijiri upon winning the tournament; as a result of disappearing due to a Breakdown Phenomenon, Hijiri does not possess a body and is currently sealed in Liber's crystal since Criminal Girl & His World.
  • Upon hearing Lugh was one of Liber's representatves, Arata and Lieselotte remember that the thief was under Biblia's custody but has not been seen since Sky Library. Lugh, after being defeated during Iscariot's assault on Biblia, became a prisoner and accompanied Arata's group to Sky Library in Record Quest & Semiramis Garden. However, Arata released her seal in Forbidden Element & Aeshma to help fight but forgot to reapply the seal.
  • Arata and Liselotte discuss the pain from the Demon Lord Mark on his hand that he received since Trinity Form & Saver Down.
  • Lieselotte analyzes Arata's current condition and concludes that he has not fully mastered her Archive, Avaritia which he successfully copied in Impel Arm & Trinity Process.
  • Yui and Arin request Arata to take them on a date since he went on one with Lilith. This is a reference to their date in Date & Talisman.


  1. Saito, Kenji, and Nao Akinari. “Valkyrie & Duel Start.” The Seven Magicians, translated by Christine Dashiell, vol. 10, Yen Press, 2017, pp. 6–45. Trinity Seven.
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