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There is one thing that you should know and be informed of about me in Trinity Seven anime before continue reading. That I absolutely hate and despise Arata's perverted attitude and actions. The magic stuff of characters is what interests me...

Greetings to all of you 😊

It is nice to see the manga is ongoing monthly (Volume 26) now. If there is anything troubling you, feel free to post on my message wall, and I'll do my best to answer them.🙂

If you truly want to edit feel free to, but I would advice you as a user account instead of an anonymous would be better. Below are my favorite characters.

Trinity Seven

Note: All of them are not in order just because they are numbered.

  1. Levi Kazama
  2. Akio Fudo
  3. Yui Kurata

True Hero


  1. Arsha
  2. Master Liber (As well as her position as an Arbitrator)

Wu Xing Shadow Force/Levi Ninden

  1. Ryuhime Kashin
  2. Charme Kirigakure
  3. Murasame

Demon Lord Knights

  1. Pandora
  2. Patricia Caesar
  3. Yumegaya Chris
  4. Suiten Inori
  5. Mamiya Yorun


  1. Radix Astil
  2. Okto
  3. Maris Stella


  1. Aetheria Akasha
  2. Minamoto Harukage
  3. Faunaria Road
  4. Maris Stella
  5. Murakumo Amane
  6. Aries Cardia
  7. Altana Magnus

These are my favorite abilities and skills

User Magic Thema Archive Grimoire Weapons Last Crest Unique skill
Lieselotte Sherlock Logos Art Stagna Acedia Unknown None Baal Peor Can cross between time and space to another dimension. including teleportation, and time freeze, as well as settle in different dimension to avoid lethal attack's.
Levi Kazama Shamanic Spell
  • Expectatio
  • Spero
Invidia Kamui Misensho Katana,Threads and Kunai

Sorcerer mode: Twin Machetes

Kashin: Leviathan Have a Sorcerer mode, possess the hidden left eye 'The Eye of God of Calamity', able to see the upcoming deaths, and the 'Divine Eye of the unusual God' in the visible right eye. Have an assassination experiences.
Arin Kannazuki Chaotic Rune Ruina Ira Laguna Yggdrasil
  • Gae Bolg
  • Gungir
  • Death Spear Gae Bulg
  • God-King Spear Gungir
None The other half of Hijri Kasuga, and the current World Tree Priestess reincarnation.
Mira Yamana Gehenna Scope
  • Justicia
  • Missionis
Superbia (Formerly) Book of the Mirrored Lands None Lost A True Hero. The only mage with a crystal ball Grimoire, allows her to perform magic without magic tool.
Yui Kurata Arc Symphony Amicitia Avaritia Aleister's Score None Parsimony Amaimon The strongest Trinity Seven, possess the Phantom Cross Eyes, have enormous amount of magic power, capable of creating a Breakdown Phenomenon, capable of summoning monsters to do her bidding. Dragging others into her dream world. Can transform others to anything she wishes to via her Last Crest. Lock others in her dream worlds for eternity. Can alter dimensions itself inside her dream world. Able to put others to sleep and bind them. Has the capability to send anything into a riff between dream and reality.
Arsha Weapon Mastery Arbiter Superbia Einsef Or Eleven Divine Magic Swords of Tiamet None Possess the Phantom Cross Eyes. Have mastery over weapons. A Paladin-class mage. Have a form of immortality, maintaining her young appearance. Can seal others via using a small crystal. Able to resist multiple Breakdown Phenomenons using barriers.
Deus Trinity Black Emperor Love Superbia Radix Astil None Already used, now unusable Have godly magic power. The Great Demon King, able to produce unique black flames that can distort dimensions and sever space itself, and white flames that stimulates the activation of magic alone. Can heal from any damage taken. Can resurrect from death. Able to cause mass catastrophic damage across the world. Capable of transferring all the damage received to his soul. Can paralyze others just by gazing at them. Able to suck other Trinity Seven magic, copy them and create an army possessing each of their power. Can summon Dante Cross, creating a light that destroys everything if touched.
Ryuhime Kashin Dragon Orb Perfectus Invidia Unknown None None Can slice through dimensions. Current wielder of Murasame. Have the four talismans of nature.
Lugh Ildanach Sincerity Invidia None Dual Katana

Mythical Armaments

None Thief expert. Can change her eyepatch cover to the left she can copy the techniques she uses, and reproducers it. Can fly. Most notable unique skill is her true ability is that she is a 'machine' can be used by Master Liber to increase her power temporarily, becoming twice as fast and conjure dual light swords.
Aryan Celestial None Evil None None None None Has almighty magic powers. Can fuse with all dimensions, space-times, and all other world goddesses in existence. The strongest and most powerful character in the series. Able to erase and erode anything if the mage is connected to an archive.

User Secret Chest/Ark Thema Archive Magic Attribute Weapons Unique skill
Aetheria Akasha Decision N/A N/A Arms Mastery Pride None The Leader of the Arbitrators. Arsha's mother. Used to be a Paladin prior to the main series. The strongest Arbitrator, can use Arms Mastery magic to summon blades, and summons unlimited amount of various Artillery weapons.
Minamoto Harukage Shadow N/A N/A N/A Greed None Can cause leaves to fall whenever she's around. Can cast manta letters on her leaves. Able to summon portals, travel between shadows. Have Insane amount of Magic Power.
Faunaria Road Light N/A N/A N/A Moderation None The fastest Arbitrator at the speed of light. Able to produce powerful thunder strikes. Dangerous enough to injure a fellow Arbitrator to near death. Can travel far distance using the thunders, which can even kill others if within the territory. One of the Celestial ancestor of the Arbitrator. Has an insane amount of Magic power. Immune to the lethal Archive Erosion spell.
Master Liber Holy Sanctus Glutton Summon Astrology Overeating None A Paladin-class mage Headmaster. Has the ability to transform into her Adult form. Can break the seal of an Arbitrator to control Lugh. Has an insane amount of Magic power
Maris Stella Beauty N/A N/A N/A Wisdom None A Grimoire in the shape of human, Have great wisdom & knowledge of every magic, spells used in history. Can freely change her eyes to a pattern of circles to analyze spells. Capable of summoning a sphere that projects any events she chooses, at any time it happened or show the current events. A survivor of the Great Magic War, being one of the oldest Arbitrators. Have insane amount of Magic Power.
Aries Cardia Time Emptiness Acedia Logos Art Laziness Dáinsleif Has same abilities as Liese. Able to make very detailed dimensional calculations. Unlike Liese limited teleportation, she has no limitations, allowing her to teleport anywhere she wishes to. Can see future events via Time Orb. Have insane amount of Magic power
Murakumo Amane Power N/A N/A N/A Fortitude Three Katana's Likes to fight, very energetic, enjoys battle. Very strong due to being the best combatant within all Arbitrators. A very skilled swordsmanship, can combine her swords skills with her martial arts taijutsu. Have insane amount of Magic power.