Unlimited World & Theophania
Arin Hijiri Astral cover ch54 7M MA
Volume 12
Chapter 54
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age July 2015
Release Date June 9, 2015

Elemental Knight & Open Battle


Aeshma Slave & Fourth Gate

Unlimited World & Theophania is the fifty-fifth chapter of the Seven Magicians manga series, released on June 9, 2015 in Monthly Dragon Age July 2015 issue and later compiled in the twelfth volume on August 8, 2015.


Hijiri Arin karma ch54 7M MA

Searching for Arata

From the world of the Breakdown Phenomenon, Hijiri and Arin are surprised to see Astral Trinity as Anastasia-L s Demon Lord Knight. Regardless, the two decide to continue their plan to follow the Path of Karma in order to release Arata's memories. Due to Hijiri's magic, the duo are able to see the path but they must also determine which world Ana sealed him in. Nevertheless, the two girls have infinite time and resolve to search through each one. 

Returning to the match, Lilith unleashes her attack but Astral magic destroys her weapons while Ana praises the Trinity Seven's ability. Lilith implores Ana to liberate Arata, but the Saint of Resurrection states that she cannot for him, the Trinity Seven and the world. She next transfers a great amount of magic into Astral to further strengthen the knight, surprising the Trinity Seven with her magical capacity. Because of Ana's ability to continuously increase her strength through spirits, Mira decides to use her ace, but Arsha also chooses to intervene as well. 

From the sideline, Master Biblia is nervous about Arsha and Mira becoming serious, but Yui reveals that she has strengthened her barrier, much to the Headmaster's relief. Subsequently, Abyss recognizes Arsha's magic, Weapon Mastery, as the magic that troubled him the most in his world to the surprise of Lieselotte.

Arsha weapon mastery ch54 7M MA

Weapon Mastery

After preparing themsevles, Mira casts her Jabberwocky Lines while Arsha sends her swords to strike the golem. However, the golem simply absorbs the weapons, capable of devouring and amplying magic before returing the attack. Mira then orders the golem to smash the Paladin, but Arsha manages to protect herself using Mira's grimoire prior to also casting her own Jabberwocky LInes, resulting in the golems destroying each other.

The Headmaster and Abyss explains that Arsha's Weapon Mastery allows her to temporarily replicate a spell from another grimoire. Furthermore, the magic is more advanced than Lieselotte's since Arsha is capable of using the spell without a Demon Lord Element, displaying the power of a Paladin. Nevertheless, they notice that Lilith has yet to yield the match.

Lilith Mira aeshma ch54 7M MA


As Mira remains shocked by the failure of her ace, Astral Trinity confronts her before explaining that Arata's consciousness had been sealed. Additionally, Anastasia-L assures her that he is simply sleeping along with his grimoires in the World of Demise. Lilith questions the Saint of Resurrection of her reason which Ana reiterates that she desires to save the world and Arata through imprisoning them in Demise. However, Lilith nevertheless chooses to continue to battle; in response, Astral unleashes his magic towards a defenseless Mira. But to the surprise of everyone in the stadium, Lilith manages to protect them both by transforming into her Aeshma form. As a result, the two resolve to continue fighting in order to return Arata.



  • Mira Lilith cover MDA jul 2015 MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age July 2015

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age July 2015 partially feature Mira and Lilith, as well as Rias Gremory from High School DxD.
  • Continuing from the previous chapter:
    • Arin and Hijiri find themselves in the world of the Breakdown Phenomenon in order to rescue Arata. 
    • Lilith and Mira continue their match against Anastasia-L, Arsha and Astral Trinity. 
  • Arata's imprisonment and transformation into Astral by Ana in Logos Mystery & Lost Master is referenced numerous times.
  • While discussing Arsha's Weapon Mastery, the magic is compared against Lieselotte's which required her to possess a Demon Lord Element. This is a reference to Lieselotte's former past as an enemy where she gained an Element and stole Arata's magic in Dark Mage & Sub-Administer.
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