Trinity Seven The Novel: Night Episode & Lost Memory
リニティセブン 7人の魔書使い The Novel 悠久図書館と錬金術少女
Trinity Seven Light Novel Cover.jpg
Cover Character(s)
Volume 1
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo
Release Date November 8, 2014
ISBN 978-4-0407-0267-4



Eternity Library and Alchemic Girl

Trinity Seven The Novel: Night Episode & Lost Memory is the first volume of the Trinity Seven The Novel series written by Kenji Saito and illustrated by Nao Akinari. The volume was released on November 8, 2014 in Japan by Fujimi Shobo.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

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Chapters[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]


Pajama Party & Dream Talk[edit | edit source]

Suddenly finding himself isolated in a world covered in darkness, Arata Kasuga vaguely understands that he is seeing the end of the world. Frightened by the thought of possibly causing this, he desperately attempts to move forward....

Lilith discovering Yui and Arin with Arata

Abruptly waking up from his dream, Arata finds himself groping the chest of his friend Yui Kurata, who, along with Arin Kannazuki, snuck into his bed in their pajamas. Before he can happily return to sleeping, Lilith Asami swiftly barges into his room, accusing him of bringing Yui and Arin into his room again before becoming embarrased by the sight of him still touching Yui's chest. Attempting to appease her, Arata apologizes for not inviting her first, causing her to become even more flustered while Yui and Arin continue to cling to him. Arata then asks her to join them, prompting her to reject his request and throw her hat at his face. 

Later, Lilith has Yui and Arin kneel in front of her as discipline, although the two still don't quite understand her vexation. However, Arata defends them and claims they were helping him as he was suffering from his nightmare. Yui mentions that he was groaning and even sweating in his sleep when she arrived, while Arin also remarks that she felt a wicked surge of magical power as well. As such, they happily gave him their magical power to ease his discomfort, which he gratefully thanks them for. Lilith also initially believes them, before realizing that they would only have known his condition if they had originally intended to sneak into his room, which they easily admit much to her chagrin. While she continues to scold them, Arata recalls that he has been having nightmares more often and wonders the reason is because he is becoming closer to the Magic King, as well as the chancse of the nightmares becoming reality. 

Suddenly, the group hears Levi Kazama's voice calling to them from the ceiling, only for Levi and Selina Sherlock to reveal themselves in their sleeping attires from another bed. After Arata praises Levi for her ventriliquism, Selina reveals that they had been hiding since sneaking into his room along with the others. Before Lilith can scold them as well, Levi is able to skillfully direct her attention to Arata's nightmare by verifying that he was really experiencing discomfort in his sleep, distracting her from the fact that girls were sneaking into a boy's room. Lilith then notes that dreams can sometimes be warnings of one's magic going out of control or being affected by something else, leading Arata to ask the girls if they experienced the same as well.

Arin also reveals that she too had a nightmare, causing her to seek Arata and ask Yui for help, again much to Lilith's exasperation. As a way to help Arata deal with his unstable magic, Levi then proposes that they recount their own experiences, which Lilith agrees to help as an extracurricular activity. Although, everyone else sees this moment as an opportunity for a slumber party with Selina, having anticipating the ocassions, unveiling drinks and snacks despite Lilith's objections. Arin begins to tell her story by recalling that she recently obtaining her spear as well as being around the time her husband became an inspector...

Breakup Girl & Lance of Create[edit | edit source]

Remembering her first memory being enveloped in darkness, as Arin becomes aware of herself, she is suddenly able to perceive the world around her. While unable to remember her situation or even who she is, the sensation of first experiencing the world caused her to unexpectedly cry.

After describing her first memory, Arin continues to recall that she wandered around in an unkown location until she met Biblia's headmaster, much to everyone's surprise. Lilith then speculates whether or not Arin also originally came from another world like her, which causes Arin to add that the headmaster had suddenly appeared in front of her and told her that he had come to pick her up. Lilith subsequently comments that while the headmaster had always been suspicious, but those words sounded very dangerous, which everyone unanimously agrees, particularly Arin who notes to herself that she was eight at that time.

Arin further reveals that although this happened several years ago, the headmaster had not changed since then. Levi agrees with her and suggests that magus of his rank probably had an immortality spell, while Arata also recalls that Liber's headmaster had the appearance of a child as well. Selina then asks if the headmaster brought her to Biblia, which Arin confrims, but additionally mentions that weird monsters often attacked them though. This causes Yui to remember that unkown monsters that couldn't be analyzed would sometimes outside Biblia which Arin states as the cause being her leaving the Academy grounds. She further explains that creatures previously never seen before would appear when she left the Academy area. She also mentions that while some of the monsters were easily defeated, they were forced to flee for others as well. This information surprises Selina who asks if the headmaster, a Paladin mage, also ran, which Arin verifies as he was the one who suggested to depart.

Levi then comments that they must have been an "Another One", astonishing Arin by her level of knowledge and resourefulness as she only recently came to learn of them as well. Arin affirms Levi's statement, praising Levi while also wondering about the potential danger she could become to Arata. Afterwards, Arata asks about about the "Another One" and if they were some sort of fans of her. Arin replies that they were similar, but would no longer appear around her anymore. While Arata is relieved, Lilith queries for the reason which Arin responds by showing her grimoire, Laguna Yggdrasil, and indicates she went to the World Tree Library located in Laguna where she received her spear as she continues her story. 

Around the time Arata was assigned as an inspector and headed towards the Royal Liber Academy, Arin was spending her time researching her grimoire. Worried about her husband becoming closer to the Magic King as he continued to grow stronger, she hopes to find a way to prevent his transformation or help him is such an event occurred. As a result, she eventually comes to the conclusion that she must return to the basics and learn more about herself by denying her grimoire. After pouring her Ruina magic into Laguna in ring form, Arin begins to experience intense pain as grimoires and their owners were basically one in body and soul. Soon, anable to resist the immense agony, she looses consciousness.

Upon awakening, Arin finds herself in an unfamiliar scene, inside a large tree, where she meets a female knight in green armor and wielding a strang spear who welcolms her to the World Tree Library. Arin quickly recognizes the name and is surprised by its existense. The World Tree Library is a divine location which contains all knowledge of runes and supposedly disappeared at the Ragnorak. Her knowledges causes the knight to commend Arin of her familiarity, as well as her willingness to destroy her own magical power to reach the truth. Arin only replies that she needed to acquire power and holds out her hand for the knight's spear that she recognizes the Demon Spear Gae Bolg which would enhance her Chaotic Rune magic. Asked by Arin if she was Scatach, the founder of Chaotic Runes, the knight denies this and explains that she was merely an alter ego bound to the Library, unaware of Scatach's current status.

Arin's tears and yearning for Arata and her friends.

The knight next asks Arin for the reason of her desire for power that she was willing to even destroy her grimoire, which Arin responds with Arata as the two then prepare for battle. Understanding that she must prove her resolve first to receive the spear, they both connect to the Ira Archive. As both users of Chatoric Rune, the victor would be decided by their affinity, however Arin is quite confident in her experience. Arin begins by invoking a spell through a rune, but the knight cancels the spell by calling the same rune as well. Arin tries a couple more times nwith different runes, including a specially remodeled one but the knight continues to call the same to cancel all of her spells. Eventually, the knight uses an "Othala" rune which will return a target to their "homeland." In Arin's case, this will send her to the world of darkness she previously remembered. Desperate, Arin calls the same rune, but does not affect the knight as her "homeland" is the Library. Realizing that she cannot win, she places the Othala rune on herself, shedding tears while wishing to remain with Arata and her friends. 

However, instead a new rune appears and forms into Arin's new Thema Partum, while a surprised Scatach's Alter Ego who comments about Arin's humanity. Proclaiming that Arin passed the trial, the Alter Ego disappears into a light into the spear. Thanking the Alter Ego, Arin grabs the spear, shedding a single tear as light envelops the library...

After Arin finishes her story, Arata displays some concern for her which makes her happy, as well as suggest creating a baby, much to Lilith's embarrassment. Nevertheless, Arata notices that Arin is able to smile naturally as she is content being with everyone.

Outlaw Prosecutor & Eudaemonics[edit | edit source]

Due to the noise and light, Mira and Akio arrive at Arata's room to investigate before eventually joining them. But shortly after, Lieselotte suddenly appears above Arata, landing on top and straddling him on his bed. As a result, this causes Yui and Arin to move onto the bed as well, much to Lilith and Mira's dismay. Akio attempts to incite Mira to join also which she immediately refuses. However, Levi slyly hugs Mira and uses her ninja art to swith places with Arata. Embarrassed by their unexpected positions, Mira slaps him out of reflex.

Afterwards, Arata bemoans the fact that he is punished for doing nothing as he teases Mira, who is feeling apologetic for her overreaction. Akio and Lieselotte comment that MIra has become more light hearted while she feels the same way towards them as well. Arata then recalls the three worked together as inspectors before and asks to hear about their previous work. Complying with his request, Mira begins to recall a previous incident in a certain city...

Due to a rumour of a Breakdown Phenomenon, as well as the disappearance of three mages probing the reports initially, Mira, Akio & Lieselotte arrive in a car at a rural city in America after teleporting from the Academy. Despite seeming tranquil, all three find the city unusual and desolate, particularly Akio due to the resemblance of her destroyed hometown. Regardless, the group decides to go to their hotel and rest for an hour before beginning their investigation.  

Beginning their investigation afterwards, Mira assigns the three different parts of the city to explore. Akio, in particular, volunteers to look into an area with the church in order to ease Mira's workload, much to her gratitude. However, their inspection do not yield any results of magic powers or the prior missing mages. However, Mira, having learned that the mages disappeared on their first day, decides that they should turn in for the night, believing that the perpetrator of the Breakdown Phenomenon will attempt something at that time which Akio and Lieselotte both obliges.

Later at midnight, the trio are attacked in their hotel room by the staff who's appearances now resembling corpses. Having expected something to occur, the girls are prepared and able to defend themselves against the onslaught. Akio is also able to recognize the source of the event as the result of a Breakdown Phenomenon from her Gula Archive, much to Lieselotte's displeasure. Furthermore, they discover that at midnight, a barrier forms around the city which causes the locals to become living corpses. Attempting to locate the source of the Breakdown Phenomenon, Mira activates her Gehenna Scope to pinpoint the mastermind's location while Akio and Lieselotte easily disposes of any opposing enemies to protect her. Much to their surprise, her analysis reveals that the heart of the phenomenon was located in the deserted church Akio had previously investigated. After defeating the living corpses, they begin heading over to the abandoned church undisturbed.

Mira vanquishing the undead sister.

Arriving at the church in the middle of the city, the inspectors, particularly Akio, are surprised to see the building fully restored with a white light shining from the interior. Unable to sense any presence inside, they enter the church to find a sister praying inside whom Akio quickly deems as the source of the Breakdown Phenomenon. Upon further inspection, the trio discover that the sister is already dead, perpetuated by a magic spell to continue praying for the townspeople's happiness even after passing away. Thus causing the departed inhabitants of the city to revive during the day, then revert to their original rotting appearance during the night. Using her Gehenna Scope magic to analyse the sister's Thema Felicitas, Mira then calls upon her grimoire to vanquish the deceased sister and finally end the curse.

After the subjugation of the sister, the city and people returns to their original desolate and deteriorated appearances. After pondering the sister's original motivations, as well as discussing the concept of happiness, the trio begin their trip back home for their next assignment, watching the sun rise as they leave the ruined city.

Apathy & Exterminate[edit | edit source]

As Mira finishes her story, Levi begins to recall her first encounter with Yui as an enemy. Finding her story unsuitable to tell, Levi instead starts considering other stories to tease and banter with the others. Nevertheless, she continues to remember her meeting with Yui...

A few years before Arata's arrival and the full formation of the Trinity Seven, Levi, a mage hunger, readily accepts a mission assigned by the Headmaster to befriend a Cardinal mage currently sealed in an underground dungeon, although he implies to kill the mage if the situation becomes dangerous. Already prepared, Levi quickly sets out to begin her mission.

Levi dodging traps

After the Headmaster temporarily released the seal to the dungeon, Levi finds herself in an underground maze with violin music playing from the background. However, immediately upon entering, she inadvertently springs a trap that barely grazes her. Nevertheless, the ninja fearlessly moves forward, triggering numerous traps all at once but easily counters them with her physical abilities and ninjutsu. After dodging the first set of traps, monsters begin to appear, attacking her while also activating the remaining traps as well. However, Levi remains poised, simply evading and defeating the monsters and traps as she continues towards the interior of the maze. Although, as she proceeds, Levi notes that the monsters and the lethal setup of the maze seem to suggest the mage that created the structure seems to hate humans, possibly making the mage difficult to help.

Arriving at an iron door after traversing the interior of the maze for an hour, Levi easily destroys the door to find a room full of monsters with a young sleeping girl in the middle. Noticing that a cross-shaped light appearing from the girl's eyes, Levi deduces that the girl possesses the Phantom Cross Eye, magical eyes that send everything reflected into a riff between dream and reality. As such, the monsters were spawning indefinitely due to the girl's dream. After admiring the girl's magic and research, the ninja then prepares to slaughter the monsters. However, a monster resembling a clown appears and challenges her, to which she readily accepts. Although, to her great surprise, Levi quickly discovers the clown monster to be faster than her, nearly dodging a fatal blow. Retaliating with a shadow spell, she manages to cut the monster into pieces but is injured when the clown monster almost instantaneously reappears. Stunned, Levi quickly suspects that she has been trapped in a dream and unwaveringly kills herself by slitting her own throat in order to test her theory. Despite feeling pain, as a ninja, Levi is ruthless and determined, uncaring of her own life. 

Upon awaking, Levi finds herself in a monsterless hall with the girl earlier before sleeping in a bed. After confirming the prior events was due to be unknowingly dragged into a dream, Levi cautiously approaches the bed, asking the girl if she wants to become friends while placing a knife against the girl's neck. Suddenly, soothing violin music begins playing, however, Levi, understanding the melody is for accepting her, allows herself to be once more dragged into the girl's dream.

Finding herself in a lavishly furnished room, Levi encounters a girl playing the violin who introduces herself as Yui. After Levi restates her offer of friendship, Yui is unable to make a decision, as she does not require the outside world for her research, much fewer friends for the same reason. Nevertheless, Levi manages to entice her curiosity of the outside world and the idea of friends. Formally introducing one another (as well as revealing that their names are aliases), the two become "friends" despite being unnecessary to each other. However, Levi notes even though they were using the other for their research, they were quite similar nonetheless.

While recalling her past, Levi, observing Arata and Yui, recounts Arata saving Yui from her Breakdown Phenomenon, as well as becoming surprised after Yui leaves her dreams. Arata soon notices her gaze and asks of her staring, to which Levi responds she was wondering if her aphrodisiac would work on him, much to Lilith's chagrin. However, Levi is further astounded after Arata requests that she drink the potion first (to Lilith and Mira's annoyance) to allow her to become more relaxed. Happy at his unexpected thought, Levi quietly obliges to meet his expectations.

Chapter 5: Elapsed & Remaining Time[edit | edit source]

As a story is finishing, Lilith, noticing that Yui has become sleepy and quite some time has already passed, decides that they should stop and turn in for the night. However, Arin and Yui move towards Arata's bed, much to her chagrin. Regardless, after the girls leave, only Arata and Lilith are left in his room. The two continue to talk for a little while until Lilith realizes that she is the only girl alone with him, causing her to become flustered and leave the room after bidding him good night. Pausing for a moment after exiting the room, she notices that he did not lock his door, a reflection of his open personality. Contemplating his nature and relationship with the girls, Lilith becomes concerned of his growth as a Demon Lord. Eventually reaching her room, she realizes that she forgot her key in Arata's room and decides to return despite being able to transmute the lock. Arriving at his room, Lilith finds Arata still awake and enters to find him staring at the moon. Still pondering of the girls' stories, Arata asks Lilith if she would join him in a walk to which she complies.

Arata and Lilith's moment

Silently strolling through the Academy garden, Lilith suddenly finds herself becoming embarrassed walking next to Arata. After Arata notices her nervousness, she attempts to deflect the subject by asking him of his thoughts of the girls' stories. Arata replies that he found their lives interesting, to Liltih's surprise, as their past troubles helped bring them together. Finding his response appropriate to his personality, Lilith begins laughing much to Arata's confusion, amused of his earnestness and beliefs. Afterwards, Arata then asks Lilith of her past, prompting her to recall of her origins from an alternate dimension, before living in an orphanage and eventually being found by the Headmaster. The two then begin discussing the Headmaster imortalness and eternal youth; Lilith also notes that she is already possesses both due to her lineage, as well as Arata due to being a Demon Lord. Arata is initially disappointed of the news, being unable to grow into an attractive middle-aged man, but becomes content as he will be able to remain with everyone. Pleased with his thoughts, Lilith unconciously moves closer to Arata, delighted to see his surprised and bashful reaction. After seeing her sigh, Arata asks Lilith to not shoulder too much burden and to rely on everyone, much to her embarrassment. Nevertheless, the two gradually begin to move their faces closer to each other...

Suddenly, Selina, Liselotte, Arin, Yui, Akio, Mira and Levi reveal themselves from hiding, stunning and greatly embarrassing Lilith. Regardless, Arata attempt to continue their moment with encouragement from the other girls. However, Lilith, reaching the limits of her embarrassment, refuses and summons a machine gun to put them to sleep. As she chases them, Lilith thinks to herself that their current relationship is probably best for all of them

Meanwhile on a rooftop, the Headmaster silently observes the group despite the darkness. The Headmaster muses to himself that the school festival is approaching, along with the arrival of numerous mages from all around the world. Peering at the horizon, he also senses a large magical power gradually forming, deducing as the Saint of Resurrection. Noting that world does not have much time left, he quietly tells Arata to at least the make the world fun.

Principle & Break Zero[edit | edit source]

Around the same time Arata was interacting with the Trinity Seven, Hijiri was sleeping inside a magic crystal in order to gain power to stop him. Due to her existense having been removed from the world, she could not maintain her body for long periods without storing large amounts of magic into the crystal. Nevertheless, Hijiri regrets her current situation as she can no longer return to her normal days with Arata. As someone capable of destroying, Hijiri continues to wait for him as she begins to reminisce her past...

Recounting Arata's origins, he was born to a normal family and lived an average life as he possessed no magical powers yet despite being a Demon Lord Candidate. However, his father's brother, the father of Hijiri, as well as her mother was a Magus. As Arata's genuine cousin, Hijiri also lived a normal life until she began attending the Royal Liber Academy due to her parent's affiliation. At the age of six, she was assigned by Master Liber to observe Arata and eliminate him if necessary. Initially, she was to monitor Arata from a distance, however due to the death of his parents from a unknown plane crash, he would live with his cousin and her family. While attending elementary school, Hijiri would fight against demons using the Astil Manuscript and Ilias Fragment. Possessing those two grimoires since birth, she had become stronger than her parents, although Arata would still treat her kindly. During middle school, Arata would develop a perverted side and often encountered embarrassing situatons with Hijiri. Despite punishing him during those situations, she would become mostly used to them and him likewise. 

During high school, rumours of black shadows appearing throughout the town would reach Hijiri one day. Although she had exterminated monsters attracted to Arata since elementary school, the fact that normal people were seeing them would prompt her to investigate. After assigning Ilia to pose as her, Hijiri, along with Sora, leaves the school and begins searching for the black shadows while hiding herself with her Chaotic Rune magic. After performing a large scale spell, she detects a location with a large amount of fear and travels to a park. Although she does not encounter anything, she witnesses an ordinary person dissolve into black particles. Sora confirms this is due to a Breakdown Phenomenon, as well as several more people disappearing. 

Hijiri's "last request"

Afterwards, Hijiri and Sora continue to encounter the same event throughout the town as people disintegrate into black shadows. Sora also discovers that those disappearing had no resistance to magic. As such, she recommends that Hijiri leave the city as soon as possible or risk eventually being absorbed by the current black sun, although HIjiri remains reluctant to escape. Furthermore, she notes that Hijiri may have also helped caused the Breakdown Phenomenon as a result of her Thema and contact with Arata. Sora again encourages Hijiri to escape the city, however comples after Hijiri remains determined to save Arata at least. Hijiri searches for Ilia's presence, but hears the grimoire suddenly scream in pain. Suspecting that she may have been attacked, the two quickly rushes to her location under a highway where they find a drained Ilia in her book form, as well as a figure with great magical power. However, upon further inspection, Hijiri realizes that the figure is actually Arata, but his powers continue to strengthen the Breakdown Phenomenon. As a confused Arata regains his senses, Hijiri sadly hands him Sora while asking the grimoire to grant her wish and save Arata. Sora complies with her now former master, releasing her protection on Hijiri. Understanding that she will disappear, Hijiri leaves some last instructions to a perplexed Arata before kissing him, requesting that he never forget her. Subsequently, she vanishes into particles of light as a horrified Arata attempts to reach for her, beginning his tale...

Characters[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • Arata's habit of grabbing something upon waking up, most often a girl's chest if one is nearby, was previously demonstrated in Chapter 0 where he accidentally groped Hijiri (posed by Sora) after awakening.
  • Arata's comment of Arin and Yui previously sneaking into his bed nude occurred in Chapter 10.
  • As Arin begins to tell her story, she makes several references to previous events:
    • Her "recently obtaining her spear" refers to her Demon Spear Gae Bolg which she first gained in Chapter 24.
    • Her husband becoming an inspector alludes to Chapter 19 when Biblia's headmaster assigned him the second seat of Grimoire Security to help investigate the destruction of the Royal Liber Academy.
  • Lilith's speculation of Arin's origin being similar to hers is a reference to the revelation that Lilith was originally born in a different world and transported by her father, Abyss Trinity, to the current world. This was first revealed in Chapter 33.
  • Arata recalls that Lieselotte was also a part of Grimoire Security before her disappearance prior to his enrollment in the Royal Biblia Academy.
  • Akio's past as a Spriggan, as well as the destruction of her hometown, is mentioned during Mira's recollection of a past Grimoire Security assignment. 
  • Levi's relationship with Yui is described more in detail. Their friendship was first mentioned in Chapter 7.
  • Master Biblia makes several mentions of events that occurs in the future:
    • The Royal Biblia Academy's school festival, the Magic Research Presentation Festival, which occurs in Chapter 39.
    • The Saint of Resurrection or Anastasia-L, a recently resurrected student from the Royal Akasha Academy who meets Arata and the Trinity Seven during the Magic Research Presentation Festival.
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