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Trinity Seven
トリニティセブン(Toriniti Sebun)
Trinity Seven Anime Poster.jpg
Director Hiroshi Nishikiori
Composer Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund
Studio Seven Arcs
Episodes 12+1 OVA
Duration 24 minutes per episode.
Network TV Tokyo
Original Run October 7, 2014 – December 23, 2014

Key Visuals[]

Character Designs[]




AnimeJam 2014[]

On September 3, 2014, the official anime website announced that Trinity Seven would be participating AnimeJam 2014 on December 14. Later, on October 2, the official anime and AnimeJam site announced the main cast would be performing a live talk show during the event. The members that will participate are:

On October 10, the official anime site further announced that ZAQ would be attending to perform "Seven Doors".


On September 27, 2014, a special event in celebration of the October broadcast premiere was held in Toho Cinema where a limited number of attendees could buy tickets to participate. The event consisted of a screening of the first episode, as well as a talk show with the cast. The members that participated were:

Christmas 2014[]

Valentines 2015[]

On February 13, 2015, a Valentines promotional collaboration with Highschool DxD featuring Lilith Asami and Rias Gremory was released.

School Festival[]

Main Visual

On February 13, 2015, the School Festival event was announced featuring the cast, as well as live musical performances from the series for May 31, 2015.[1] The following members particapted:

Cast Character
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Arata Kasuga
Yumi Hara Lilith Asami
Ayaka Suwa Hijiri Kasuga
Ayane Sakura Levi Kazama
Yoko Hikasa Mira Yamana
Ryouka Yuzuki Akio Fudo
Rie Murakawa Yui Kurata
Aya Suzaki Selina Sherlock
Nao Touyama Lieselotte Sherlock

Additionally, during the event, numerous limited item merchandise such as brochures, pin badges, tapestries and T-shirts, as well as a Staff Book that contains manuscripts and illustrations by the staff, including Kenji Saito.


First Trinity Seven Minigame

On September 27, 2014, the first of five minigames in celebration of the anime broadcast was revealed on the official anime website. The first game required clicking a certain section a certain number of times to fill up a gauge before ten seconds. Upon completion of the game, visitors could download a colored wallpaper of Lilith.

Trinity Seven Anime Game 2.png

On October 7, in celebration of the first episode airing, the second minigame was released on the official anime website. Similar to the first game, the player must click certain areas to fill up a gauge under twenty seconds with the difference being the sections the player must click changes. Upon completion, a colored wallpaper of Yui becomes available to download.

Trinity Seven Minigame 3.PNG

On October 17, the third minigame was released on the official anime website. Like the previous games, the player must perform a certain task a certain amount of times to fill a gauge under fifteen seconds. This game involved clicking a specific area and moving the mouse left and right. After completing the game, players could download a colored wallpaper of Lilith and Levi in a hotspring. 

Trinity Seven Minigame 4.png

On December 9, the fourth and last game was releads on the official anime site. Much like the previous games, players must click a specific part of the screen a certain number of times to fill the gauge. However, the area the player must click will randomly change. Upon filling the gauge, users may download a colored wallpaper of Lieselotte and Selina.

Popularity Poll[]

On September 30, 2014, Avex announced on the official anime site a character popularity poll featuring the Trinity Seven in different situations. The winner of the poll will be featured in a bonus illustration in the Blu-rays & DVDs. The poll officially ends on October 28, 2014.

On December 6, the results of the poll were released, revealing Lilith as the winner. A sample illustration of Lilith in her situation by Nao Akinari was released as well. 


  1. Lilith Asami
  2. Lieselotte Sherlock
  3. Yui Kurata
  4. Levi Kazama
  5. Mira Yamana
  6. Arin Kannazuki
  7. Akio Fudo


On October 7, 2014, illustrator of the manga, Nao Akinari, released a special illustration of Lieselotte on his official Twitter account in celebration of the anime premiering on the same day. Notably, in his next tweet he remarked "Why didn't I draw Lilith-sensei?" On October 14, Nao released an illustration of Lilith in celebration of the second episode airing the same day. And two weeks later, on October 28, Nao released another illustration on his Twitter, this time of Levi, prior to the broadcast of the fourth episode.

On the fifth episode broadcast date, November 4, he again released an illustration of Yui. Later, on November 11, Akinari released a second image of Lieselotte in anticipation of sixth episode broadcast. Next week, on November 18, Akinari again released another illustration of Akio for episode seven. Before the broadcast of the eigth episode on November 25, Nao posted a second image of Lilith wearing a swimsuit.

On December 9, Nao released a new illustration of Mira and Akio in celebration of the tenth episode broadcasting on the same day. Later, on December 16, an illustration of Lugh was released on Nao's Twitter for the eleventh episode broadcast. Lastly, on December 23, Nao released an illustration of Arin and Hijiri in celebration of the twelth and final episode broadcast.



On September 6, 2014, the official anime website announced a collaboration with seven different maid cafes in Akihabara in celebration of the anime. Starting from September 29 to October 29, each of these maid cafes would serve a specific Trinity Seven character themed meals and drinks.

Store Character Drink Meal
はいすくーるアキバ組 Lilith Asami アビエス リリス特製 ナポリタンスパゲッティ
チャチャチャ Arin Kannazuki ラグナ・ユグドラシル アリン特製 崩壊パンケーキ
もののぷ 本丸御殿 Levi Kazama 疾風招来 レヴィ特製 忍者飯っす
カフェ メイリッシュ Mira Yamana スペルビア ミラ特製 ピリカラピラフ
JAM akihabara Akio Fudo グラ・フィディス アキオ特製 黒シーフードカレー
フィーユ 本校 Yui Kurata スターリーナイト・セレナーデ ユイ特製 クリームスパゲッティ
Little BSD ~小悪魔の宴~ Lieselotte Sherlock バアル・ペオル リーゼロッテ特製7つの野菜サラダスパゲティ
All Stores None メテオパニッシャー 王立ビブリア学園 特製オムライス

Furthermore, guests who visit all seven stores and get their stamp card stamped can receivie a limited edition maid Lilith keychain. Also, the receipt can be used to enter a lottery to win Trinity Seven related products.


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