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Trinity Seven: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl
劇場版 トリニティセブン -悠久図書館と錬金術少女(Gekijō-ban Toriniti Sebun: Yūkyū Toshokan to Renkinjutsu Shōjo)
Mira Akio Levi Arata Lilith Lieselotte Lilim Arin Yui poster MV.jpg
Studio Seven Arcs PicturesJP


Director Hiroshi Nishikiori
  • Kenji Saito
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino
Theme Song Last Proof
Release Date February 25, 2017

Trinity Seven: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl is a movie released on February 25, 2017 based on the Trinity Seven manga series by Kenji Saito and Nao Akinari.[1]



Arata inadvertently touches "Hermes Apocrypha," Lilith's Grimoire. Suddenly, he is enveloped by a bright white light, and a girl appears before him. She calls herself Lilim, and treats both Arata and Lilith as her parents. At the same time she appears, something changes in the world. The forbidden Eternal Library awakens.[2]


While losing control of his magic, Arata orders Lilith to escape however the teacher refuses to abandon him. In response, a mysterious person resembling a Demon Lord decides to eliminate them both, prompting Lilith to shield Arata with her body. Unable to convince Lilith to depart, Arata tries to determine a solution before accidentally groping her behind prior to retrieving the Trinity Seven's grimoire, Hermes Apocrypha. An unknown young girl in spirit form who addresses him as her father tells him to utilize her when the grimoire suddenly glows.

Papa and Mama

At the infirmary, Arata recounts his dream to Lieselotte, currently possessing her sister Selina's body, who offers her bottom to touch, much to Selina's distress and Lilith's refusal. Nevertheless, Lieselotte promises to grant him permission for her actual body although the girls again denounce such an action. Afterwards, the group discusses the signficance of his dream, as well as the reason for Lilith's grimoire, Hermes Apocrypha, shining. However, when Arata touches Hermes, the grimore illuminates before Arata suddenly patrially transforms into the Demon Lord which his grimoires quickly attempt to control. Meanwhile, Hermes continues to absorb his magic until a young girl unexpectedly appears. While the group is astonished by the grimoire's transformation, the young girl suddenly address Arata and Lilith as her parents to their surprise. Nevertheless, after recovering from the shock, Arata questions the girl of her identity, but she instead requests that he give her a name. In response, Arata suggests Lilim since she resembles Lilith which the child happily accepts. Arin then arrives upon hearing that Arata and Lilith beared a child, only to become enthralled by Lilim's appearance. The Trinity Seven offers to allow Lilim to address her as mother as well, although the grimoire refuses much to Arin's frustration. Arin then explains that because Lilim possesses both Arata and Lilith's magic, she had believed that the child was theirs but realizes her mistake. Yui next arrives after sensing a strong magic but upon witnessing Lilim becomes jealous that Arata created an offspring with Lilith. The teacher attempts to deny the misunderstanding but eventually concedes to the idea much to Lilim's excitement. Arata then asks Levi, who was hiding in the room, to explain the situation, which the ninja reveals that Hermes had absorbed his magic to transform into a human. Following her explanation, both Akio and Mira arrive to investigate the source of an impure magic when Mira also becomes captivated by Lilim while the misapprehensions continue. Subsequently, Lieselotte and Yui also attempt to use Arata to transform their grimoires as well with no success while the young grimoire is pampered by the remaining girls. However, Arata eventually faints since his magic had been assimilated into Lilim much to Lilith's concern.


In his office, the Headmaster discusses with Master Liber that her prophecy of the Eternal Library awakening had been fufilled. With the world in crisis, Biblia proposes an alliance with Iscariot which Hijiri and Lugh agree in order to protect Arata. However, Liber reveals that their opponent is an alchemist and product of Outer Alchemic sealed in the Library, the White Demon Lord.

Last Trinity

Elsewhere in a throne, Last Trinity converses with a female voice of a Magus who orders him to awaken, confirming that the Eternal Library has awakened when a Demon Lord Candidate touched Hermes Apocrypha. As such, in order to become a true Demon Lord, Last becomes determined to defeat the Candidate of the Trinity Seven.

After witnessing the scene, Arata awakens in the infimary upon recovering his magic before leaving to enjoy a bath. 

Leisurous Bath

Arriving at the hot baths, he encounters the girls bathing much to Mira and Selina's embarrassment, but the others simply accept his presence. While the group rests in the water, Sora and Ilia contemplate Lilim's sudden activation, noting that the original grimoires they decended from were already conscious. Nevertheless, the girls continue to enjoy themselves, which Arata expresses his gratitude towards Lilim. Afterwards, Arata reveals that he had another dream again, which Mira and Yui theorize that someone is manipulating them through magic similar to the latters. As Arata recalls the sequence in detail such as the female voice, his mention of Last Trinity causes a Breakdown Phenomenon from the Luxuria Archive to suddenly appear. In response, the party transforms into their respective Magus Modes before departing to handle the situation.

Code D Party

While running throught the halls, the grimoires return to their respective masters before demononic creatures appear to surround the group. Fortunately, Lugh and Hijiri arrive to help them dispatch the demons despite Mira's skepticism of their motive. Hijiri then reveals that they are currenly within the Eternal Library where the founder of Outer Alchemic, Hohenheim, was researching the method to create a Demon Lord. The master of the Library, the White Demon Lord's, Last Trinity, goal is to defeat Arata which was probably Hohenheim's plan, including Lilim's tranformation. As Arata is able to discern the Demon Lord's presence, a Code D dragon unexpectedly materializes, forcing them to divide into different parties as one battles the beast while the other confronts Last Trinity.

Absorbing the Demon Lord

As Arata and his group continues forward while eliminating the demons towards Last Trinity's location, a shot is suddently fired at him but both Arin and Hijiri manage to protect him. The culprit is revealed to be the White Demon Lord who introduces himself before disrupting Arata by absorbing his magic. Capable of using his magic, Last then attempts to dispose the Candidate, but the Ira mages barely manage to defend him again. In response, Hijiri transform into the Satan Mode while Arin summons her Demon Spear Gae Bulg prior to retaliating, seeminly incapacitating the Demon Lord. However, Last quickly regenerates himself, prompting Yui to also unleash a destructive spell onto him, but he again easily recovers. Hijiri once more tries to attack him, but the White Demon Lord simply reflects her magic onto them, excluding Arata and Lilith. Hijiri tries to convince her cousin to depart, but Last constructs a barrier around the academy to seal them within. With the group unable to escape, Last Trinity continues to absorb more of Arata's magic, intending to defeat him and his friends.

Grimoire Security

Meanwhile, Akio struggles to defend herself from the Code D dragon's onslaught, eventually exhausting her magic and transforming into her younger self. Nevertheless, Levi and Lugh work together to inflict significant damage while the members of Grimoire Security deal the final strike on the dragon. However, in spite of the victory, the girls wonder about Arata and the others' situation.

As Last Trinity taunts Lilith while the injured are unable to move, Arata orders her to escape but the Trinity Seven nontheless refuses. In response, Last prepares his next strike which prompts the alchemist to protect Arata with her body in spit eof his insistence. However, he realizes that he has encountered the situation before before recalling that Lilim possesses both Lilith and his magic. After groping Lilith's bottom, Arata retrieves Hermes to regain his magic but Last Trinity attempts to interfere by firing his spell. Regardless, the Demon Lord Candidate invokes the Luxuria magic through the grimoire, causing a blinding light to appear...


Both Arata and Lilith find themselves in an unknown space when Lilim revelas that they are currently inside her after the former invoked the latter's magic. Arata was able to connect to her because she possesses her magic despite the risks, but Sora warns that if he retrieves his magic, she will revert to her unconscious state. Nevertheless, Lilim is willing to accept her fate although she eventually admits that she wishes to remain together with everyone. As such, the group resolve to find a solution before continuing their next move.


Returning to the moment as Last Trinity's spell is about to strike, Arata manages to deflect the attack using his partially transformed arm. Although, Hijiri notes that his magic does not come from the Demon Lord before Arata and Lilith invoke their magic from the Luxuria Archive. As such, Arata transforms into a Paladin using the magic from Hermes Apocrypha, becoming capable of defeating Last using alchemy. However, he White Demon Lord refuses to accept the situation and once more unleashes his magic onto them, prompting Arata and Lilith to retaliate in return which overwhelmes Last Trinity and his barrier.

Observing from afar, Master Liber discusses with the Headmaster on Arata becoming a Paladin which the latter happily comments on his Demon Lord Candidate and the Trinity Seven's growth. Liber can only contemplate the extent of Biblia's plan and research.


Believing that the conflict has been concluded, the two parties reunite before planning to eliminate the Breakdown Phenomenon. However, Last Trinity begins to resurrect himself, refusing to surrender his ambitions to become the Demon Lord. Nontheless, Arata pities the White Demon Lord's state, requesting to the girls to support him in ending the Trinity's misery, which they all willingly accept. As each member unleashes their magic, Last Trinity is unable to prevent his destruction, disappearing after Arata assures him that he will become the Demon Lord so the homonculus can rest in peace. With the Breakdown Phenomenon vanquished, the party celebrates their victory as the sun rises, but Lilim unfortunately begins to disappear. Promising to reunite in the future, Lilim bids her parents farewell before reverting to her grimoire form. With the situation resolved, Arata releases his Paladin form but in the processes, causes everyone's clothes to fall apart, much to Lilith's chagrin. 


In an undisclosed location, two girls discusses the recent events, particularly Arata's strength as a Demon Lord Candidate. The one named Ana suggests to her friend Arsha that they meet with him next which the latter accepts, much to the former's happiness.


Character Voice Actor
Arata Kasuga Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Lilith Asami Yumi Hara
Arin Kannazuki Aya Uchida
Levi Kazama Ayane Sakura
Mira Yamana Yōko Hikasa
Akio Fudo Ryoka Yuzuki
Yui Kurata Rie Murakawa
Lieselotte Sherlock Nao Tōyama
Selina Sherlock Aya Suzaki
Sora Rie Kugimiya
Hijiri Kasuga Ayaka Suwa
Master Biblia Miki Shinichiro
Ilia Chinatsu Akasaki
Lugh Ayaka Fukuhara
Lilim Rina Hidaka
Last Trinity Nobunaga Shimazaki
Anastasia-L M.A.O
Master Akarsha Yoshino Nanjo


  • Director: Hiroshi Nishikiori[3]
  • Script:
    • Kenji Saito
    • Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Chief Animation Director: Shinpei Tomooka
  • Character Design: Shinpei Tomooka
  • Creature Design: Yasuhiro Moriki
  • Weapon Design: Akira Otsuka
  • Prop Design: Chikai Okado
  • Art Director: Kinichi Okubo/HIJIRI
  • Art Design: Hiroshi Izumi
  • Color Design: Kaoru Nishimura
  • Director of Photography: Megumi Enomoto
  • Special Effects: Naomasa Fukuda
  • 3D CG: Naoto Yamaguchi
  • Editing: Kazuhiko Seki
  • Sound Director: Yasunori Ebina
  • Sound Effects: Studio Mausu
  • Music Production:
    • Avex Pictures
    • TV Tokyo Music


On November 7, 2016, the official website announced that ZAQ would be performing the opening theme, Last Proof, with the single scheduled to be released on January 25, 2017.[4]

On February 25, 2017, the musical duo Polka Dots, consisting of i☆Ris member Himika Akaneya and Mimi Meme MIMI member Yuki Takao, was announced to perform their debut song "Lost Days -Piano ver.-" as insert, releasing on the same day as well. Notably, Akaneya provided the lyrics while Takao composed the music.[5]

  • Opening Theme: Last Proof by ZAQ
  • Character Single: THANKSGIVING ≡ LYRICS by LILIc's (Lilith & Lilim)[6]
  • Insert Song: Lost Days -Piano ver.- by Polka Dots (Himika Akaneya and Yuki Takao)


Album Artist Release Date
Last Proof ZAQ January 25, 2017
ZAQ Last Proof cover MU.jpg
Album Artist Release Date
THANKSGIVING ≡ LYRICS LILIc's (Lilith & Lilim) January 25, 2017
Lilith Lilim cover Thanksgiving Lyrics MU.jpg
Album Artist Release Date
MAGUS MUSIC LIBRARY Various September 27, 2017
Lilith Magus Music Library cover MS.jpg


Title Release Date ISBN
Trinity Seven: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl March 28, 2017 N\A
Akio Yui Levi Mira Lilith Arin Lilim Lieselotte collection cover MV.jpg Contents:

* Trinity Seven: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl

Character(s) Akio Fudo, Yui Kurata, Levi Kazama, Mira Yamana, Lilith Asami, Arin Kannazuki, Lilim & Lieselotte Sherlock


On March 16, 2017, Crunchyroll announced that the service would stream the movie the next day.[7]


Main article: Trinity Seven The Novel: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl

The film mainly adapts the plot of the second volume of the novel series that was released on December 29, 2014.


  • Illustration & Celebration

    The movie was formally announced in Monthly Dragon Age August 2016 issue on July 9, 2016[8].
  • All of the staff previously worked on the first season of the Trinity Seven anime[3].
  • ZAQ also perfomed the opening theme of the anime, Seven Doors.
  • On December 6, 2016, 777 limited seven-ticket set was announced to be on sale at the theaters starting December 17[6]
  • On March 5, 2017, Nao Akinari released an illustration of Lilim and Arata celebrating the film's release.[9]


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