Trinity Seven is a group of seven female mages that mastered their respective Archives of magic, destined to meet the Demon Lord and influence the fate of their world.


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In every reality, seven female mages that have mastered each one of the Archives of magic gather to form the group Trinity Seven before encountering the Demon Lord. Although, the relationship between the Lord and Seven can differ between each universe, such as elimination, domination or recruitment, their meeting will always begin the destruction of the world and creation of another afterwards. 


Archive Crest
Superbia Unknown
Luxuria Aeshma Deva
Ira Unknown
Invidia Leviathan
Acedia Baal Peor
Avaritia Unknown
Gula Unknown

In order to become a Trinity Seven, one must master the Lost Techniqa or Last Crest, the ultimate spell of an Archive developed by the founder to possess immense power but with costly consequences. 

Originally, the seven greatest mages used their Last Crest to defeat the true Demon Lord and seal his soul into furthest part of the world. Afterwards, concerned over the overwhelming strength of the spell, the founders decided that only one mage should be able to use each of the Crest, thus establishing the system of the Trinity Seven. As a result, no one other than the Seven can understand the spell regardless of the amount of research.


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Maintaining Equilibrium

Unfortunately, since only a single individual can wield the Last Crest, only one Trinity Seven of each of each Archive can exist in a world. Thus, if the equilibrium is broken, the original will be removed from existence in order to maintain the balance of the system. However, methods to circumvent the requirement exists, but only receiving magic from a Demon Lord Factor has been proven to successfully maintain subsistence.


Archive Member Status
α β
Luxuria Lilith Asami Confirm option icon Reject option icon
Anastasia-L Reject option icon Confirm option icon
Ira Arin Kannazuki Confirm option icon Unavailable option icon
Invidia Levi Kazama Confirm option icon Confirm option icon
Superbia Mira Yamana Confirm option icon Unavailable option icon
Gula Akio Fudo Confirm option icon Unavailable option icon
Avaritia Yui Kurata Confirm option icon Unavailable option icon
Acedia Lieselotte Sherlock Confirm option icon Reject option icon
Aries Chaldea Reject option icon Confirm option icon
α Seven Magicians Universe
β Lieselotte Chronicle Universe
Confirm option icon Active
Reject option icon Inactive
Unavailable option icon Unknown


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