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Trinity Form & Server Down
Akio mother cover ch37 MA.jpg
Volume 09
Chapter 37
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age February 2014
Release Date January 9, 2014

Aeshma & Marked


Manhunt & Party Eve

Trinity Form & Server Down[1] is the thirty-eigth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on January 9, 2014 in Monthly Dragon Age February 2014 and later compiled in the ninth volume on August 9, 2014.


Upon witnessing the Arata's transformation after rescuing Lilith, Mira and Arin are surprised by his attire, the Demon Lord Trinity Form. Master Biblia also remarks that Arata has finally reached that level.

Elsewhere, Master Liber, sensing Arata's growth as well, comments that her research is yielding while Hijiri, inside a crystal, cries tears of happiness. 

In Sky Library, Abyss is shocked that Arata has surpassed the Trinity, possessing access to four Themas and Archives:

  1. Gula "Fides"
  2. Acedia "Stagna"
  3. Luxuria "Abies"
  4. Superbia "Imperium"

Demon Lord & Trinity Seven

When Abyss demands an explanation of how Lilith was liberated, Arata explains that he gathered all of the magic from the Luxuria Archive within him into Lilith in order to gain control of the key. Additonally, Akio had strengthened him with Mantra Enchant while Lieselotte analyzed the magic, along with Sora and Ilia supporting their bodies. Arata then declares to Abyss that through the strength of his friends, he will use his magic to overcome his destiny. Abyss attempts to retaliate, however, Lugh disarms the Crimson Demon Lord in favor of her future husband. As Arata prepares to strike Abyss, he explains that the reason the Demon Lord was defeated is because he never made friends before slashing him. As he disintegrates, Abyss smiles while the Sky Library crumbles and falls apart. 

After awakening, Arata finds himself one more in the ruins of Akio's hometown, wondering if he is within her dream again. However, the former Spriggan reveals that they are in the real world while commenting that her homeland is as barren as ever. Relaxing, Arata then discovers himself touching Lilith's breast, although she remains asleep along with the rest of the girls. Akio explains that she had forced herself to awake first in order to embrace Arata, expressing her gratitude. Nevertheless, Arata insists that he should be grateful since he can bring her home to satisfy Mira and her mother. Suddenly, the Manta Enchant symbol within Arata activates, unveiling the spirit of Akio's mother. 

Akio begins to cry while Arata understands that her mother and the people from her hometown had lended Akio their strength. 

Final Reunion

As Arata witnesses Akio's childhood, Akio reunites with her mother for the last time, before the two bid farewell to each other. Afterwards, Akio, in her normal appearance, expresses her appreciation to Arata once more. Arata then wonders about the Sky Library, which Judecca, as a pendant, appears and reveals that the Library completely annihalated. Judecca reveals that she can change into any form of his desire, even as a "bouncy" female much to Arata's happiness. However, a displeased Lilith overhears their conversation and despite Arata's efforts to appease her, results in the teacher chasing after him. Lieselotte remarks that she is jealous that the two suit one one another, to Akio's surprise and embarrassment after learning she was awake the entire time. Regardless, the two agree that they enjoy being with Arata. While Lilith continues to pursue Arata, he delightedly notices a plant beginning to sprout, although an unknown mark has appeared on his hand. 

Within a crowd at an undisclosed location, a hooded female figure suddenly senses something in the atmosphere within.




  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Arata, after rescuing Lilith from Abyss' control with the support of his friends, attains his fourth Archive and the Trinity Form.
  • Mira and company witness Arata's transformation through her broken grimoire which shattered in Judecca & World System after Arata wielded Judecca for the first time.
  • When Master Liber detects Arata's power rise, Hijiri can be seen crying tears of happiness within a minature crystal. She originially was retrieved by Liber in this manner after being defeated by Arata in Criminal Girl & His World due to being unable to maintain her form in the real world.
  • While explaining to Abyss, Lilith mentions that her magic Outer Alchemic from her Abies Thema was the first magic Arata copies. This is a reference to the event in Hot Spring & Alchemist where Arata successfully transformed Sora into a gun.
  • When Lugh disarms Abyss, she remarks that her nature was to support her husband, referring to Arata. Lugh began addressing Arata as her husband after he contracted with Judecca, noting that as his wife, she would gain his possessions in Chapter 35.
  • After defeating Abyss, Arata finds himself within Akio's former hometown, wondering if he is one again in her dream. Arata initially witnessed her dream in Spell Succeed & Lost Technica and later enter again in Spriggan & Guardian.
  • Arata and Akio reunites with the spirit of her mother, as well as see a glimpse of her childhood. Akio's mother and her hometown, with the exception of Akio, was originally destroyed by Abyss which was first revealed in Record Quest & Semiramis Garden.


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