Top Security & Trickster
Levi ch13 cover MA
Volume 04
Chapter 13
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age February 2012
Release Date January 7, 2012

Dark Mage & Sub-Administer


Special Training & Big Event

Top Security & Trickster[1] is the fourteenth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on January 7, 2012 in Monthly Dragon Age February 2012, and later compiled in the fourth volume on September 6, 2012.


Mira Levi ch13 MA

Mira and Levi teaming up

With the rest of the group unable to fight, Levi informs Mira that she will substitute for Akio while Mira analyzes Lieselotte's magic. Lieselotte is excited to face against them before barely dodging a kunai thrown by Levi that nearly hits her eye. Although Lieselotte praises Levi, Levi notes that normally no one would be able to avoid that attack, especially one that is able to harm her, revealing that her arm has been injured. Lieselotte comments that she was still not quite able to restrain Levi with Selina's magic. Additionally, she also determines that she will be unable to sneak past the two to steal the other's magic as that would make her easier to become targeted. Nevertheless, Lieselotte suddenly appears behind Levi to anaylze her before restraining her arm. However, Levi easily escapes Lieselotte's entrapment, impressing her although she states that Levi cannot beat her. Levi agrees, however at the same moment Mira had also finished analysing Lieselotte's Thema, Stagna. Mira then unleashes a magical blast against a nervous Lieselotte. However, Lieselotte still manages to avoid the onslaught due to stealing Arata's magic. much to Mira's annoyance.

Meanwhile, a weakend Arata watches the battle as the group slowly tries to recover their magic. Arata comments that the fight is not going well for the two, as well as questions what magic is. Lilith explains magic is the power that people possess in order to stay in existense. As such, if one loses that power, he or she will dies or lose control of themselves. Arin concurs, stating that if Selina does not retrieve her magic, she may die or disappear. Yui also reveals to Arata the reason he can remain conscious is due to the Astil Manuscript. Arin remarks that she can use her magic to help breakdown the world to escape, however because her magic is currently unstable, she might also destroy everyone, to which Arata refuses her proposal. Akio proposes that she destroy the dimonension while Yui also suggests inviting them to her dream world. Unfortunately, as their magic is also volatile, they will either destroy or cause them to never wake up. Lilith concludes that the only way to leave the Eternal Library is to defeat Lieselotte.

Levi Lieselotte ch13 MA

Levi defeating Lieselotte for now

Lieselotte notices that they are planning to escape and taunts Arata that he doesn't care about saving Hijiri. Suddenly, Lieselotte's magic loses control for a moment which Akio and Levi notices. While she becomes confused at the unexpected occurence, Arata retorts that although he obviously cares for his cousin, Selina's life comes first and that they are leaving. Lieselotte asks him if he thinks she will allow them to withdraw, to which Levi interjects that that is her role and begins her attack again. A confident Lieselotte notes that she can already see through the ninja's move before, to her astonishment, finds Levi behind her after teleporting. Levi slashes one of her wings and Lieselotte attempts to retaliate, but finds herself striking the ninja's clothes as Levi severs the last wing. Mira explains that since Lieselotte created the wings for the first time, their movements were slower than hers as she is unable to fully control them. Lieselotte relents that she is under a disadvantage and states that she will return after she becomes able to control her magic before bidding them farewell. 

The group find themselves back at the library, however Mira is cautious as Lieselotte will return after learning to use Arata's magic. Despite her reluctance, she admits that he is necessary to fight against Lieselotte and, along with Akio, will train under them since he seems to have recoverd some of his magic. Arata affirms her statement while looking at an ailing Selina.



  • Arata and Selina's weakened states were the result of Lieselotte stealing their magic which occured in previous chapter.


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