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If one wants to follow the path of magic, he or she needs a Thema (theme, topic, subject, or matter). Everything starts there and also comes together there. Superbia , Ira, Acedia, Invidia, Avaritia, Gula, Luxuria. These seven deadly sins act as Archives, and within them, you find a thema associated with that archive. Your thema is the thing that's farthest from yourself. So the things further from one's own common sense is what makes true "magic". Most people will choose an Archive and Thema that is opposite of what their personality is, as that appears to be the easiest for them to use since magic is irrational by nature, in other words, they must think in a way contrary to themselves.


Superbia, "Pride"[]

Superbia's Archive is shown to possess magics which can reflect other magics or magics which can dominate or erase them. This is because this Archive represents "Pride" and inherently shows traits of domination.

  • Imperium, "Rule/Control": Arata's main Thema, this thema gives Arata the ability to copy and erase other magics. Users:
  • Justitia, "Justice": This Thema allows access to the magic called Gehenna Scope, which primarily focuses upon reflecting other magics, as well as scanning them to counter them. Users:
  • Verum, "Truth": The details of this Thema and the magic it can produce are unknown. It was used by a mage defeated by Mira Yamana, who lost control and caused a Breakdown Phenomenon, summoning specters in her wake.
  • Arbiter, "Judge"
    • Master Akarsha/Arsha
  • Missionis, "Mission": Another theme of Mira after she is awakened as Hero.
  • "Affection"
    • Deus Trinity - his original theme. He also suspect Radix Astille have feeling or love towards him because she is his grimoire who helped him in his research on this thema.
  • Amore "Love": The first Thema written with one character, whereas other Thema are written with two characters.
    • Deus Trinity - After nearly killed by his subordinates, he split his Compassion (愛情) into Love (愛) which he holds and Feeling (情) that is born as Arata. His expression of this thema is to want to love and take everything in the world, practically consuming the world.

Ira, "Wrath"[]

Thus far, users of this Archive display abilities relating to causing significant destruction to their surroundings, such that Arin's abilities are considered one of the most destructive of her peers, however, it is not limited to mere destruction, permitting barriers and such spells.

  • Ruina, "Ruin": This Thema centers around the use of Chaotic Runes spellcraft, which is a spellcraft allowing the user to conjure the powers of the gods, specifically Norse ones, through use of runes. The user can use this power both offensively and defensively. Users:
  • Victoria (Victory)- When Arin's Demon Spear Gae Bolg is transformed into God King's (Odin's) Spear Gungnir using Limit Release, she will gain this extra thema with the support Yui's Arc Symphony.
  • Partum, "Creation": Is one of Hijiri's additional Thema.
    • Hijiri Kasuga
  • Analysis, "Disassembly": Is one of Hijiri's additional Thema.
    • Hijiri Kasuga
  • Cultura, "Culture": Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Ira Archive.
  • Concordia, "Tuning"
    • Master Biblia
  • Tenebris "Darkness"
    • Rubine

Acedia, "Sloth"[]

All three users of Acedia shown thus far have used powers which appear to focus upon magics that can manipulate space, such as teleportation and "Binding", it also seems it might have influence over time itself. Both users, though with different Thema, use the Logos Arts, implying that this is the dominant form of magic in Acedia. Its "Last Crest" is Baal Peor, "Time Fissure" which allows the user to slow time to almost a stop, giving them an undeniable advantage in battle, but in exchange, they are imprisoned in that ultra-high speed world forever, barring outside help.

  • Stagna, "Stagnation": This Thema allows the use of the Magic "Chrono Calculation" of the "Logos Arts" which primarily seems to allow the user to teleport themselves, in other words calculating positions in space-time. It also appears it can be used to absorb other people's magic and research, thus taking a "shortcut" towards improving their own. Users:
    • Lieselotte Sherlock (Main) - When they are young, Liese is described by her sister as "can't stay still", always on the move to look for something.
    • Arata Kasuga
  • Ligare, "Bind"/ "Tie": This Thema allows the use of "Secret Numbers Art" of the "Logos Arts" which primarily allows its user to bind other targets.
    • Selina Sherlock (Main) - Just like her sister, Selina is described by her sister as "can't be bound". Although seems more reserved, she is just as unstoppable as Liese.
    • Lieselotte Sherlock (Stolen)
  • Infrequentia "Emptiness": Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Acedia Archive.
    • Aries Chaldea - Although at first look Aries is empty with robotic style of speech, inside her she is "full of emotion".

Invidia, "Envy"[]

The Magics of this Archive appear to be centered around shaman magics and spells, thus techniques such as Ninjutsu belong in this Archive. The "Last Crest" of Invidia is "Leviathan", however the only time its name is mentioned is when Levi only pretended to use it, thus its true abilities and consequences are unknown.

  • Expectation: This Thema allows the use of Shamanic Spell magic. This magic allows its user to cast illusions and/or manipulate the wind, which compliments Levi's ninjutsu very practically, to such a point where it can become unclear whether she's using her magic or natural skills as a Ninja. Users:
    • Levi Kazama (Main) - Levi "never have expectation" on others. To fit that personality, she choose ninjutsu that allow her to move alone without needing to rely on other people.
    • Charme Kirigakure
  • "Sincerity" - Thema of Lugh, allows her to move at light speed, called High Speed Luminescence Magic. Users:
  • Spero ,"Hope" - Thema of Levi
  • Perfectus, "Perfect"
    • Ryuhime - Ryuuhime has a complex when comparing herself to her sister and Levi, seeing herself as being "Imperfect".

Avaritia, "Greed"[]

So far, this Archive's magic appears to center around bringing others into one's own territory or the world, which they can manipulate at will, alternatively, it might revolve around use of illusions.

  • Amicitia, "Friendship": This Thema allows the use of Yui's Arch symphony. This brand of magic specifically allows Yui to manipulate others through song, casting illusions or putting others to sleep, thus taking them into her dream world. She is capable of bringing people's physical bodies into the dream world, thus saving them from threats in the physical world. Users:
    • Yui Kurata (Main) - Yui is sleeping inside her dream and she doesn't know whether the thing she see are real or just a dream. This is an allusion to the poem of Zuangzi, about questioning if he is a man dreaming to be a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming to be a man. Yui "can't feel friendship" because she herself can't feel that the people she met are real or just a figment of her dream.
  • Sapientia, "Wisdom": Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Avaritia Archive.
  • Frux: Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Avaritia Archive.

Gula, "Gluttony"[]

The Magics of this Archive seem centered around one's emotions, and primarily focusing them into manifesting external entities or empowering one's physical body.

  • Fides, "Faith": This Thema allows the use of Mantra Enchantment, a spellcraft involving the use of runes over the user's body, strengthening them and/or manifesting their power into external forms, such as Arata's dragon. Its power is directly tied in with the user's emotions, the stronger they are, the more powerful the user. Users:
  • Felicitas (Happiness)
  • Sanctus, "Holy"
    • Master Liber

Luxuria, "Lust"[]

Luxuria's Archive apparently possesses a large number of Thema centered around life and souls, specifically, Alchemy, the rules of equivalent exchange, and powers which consume everything in their path without relent are covered here.

  • Vanitas, "Nothingness": A Thema which symbolizes darkness and nothingness, able to consume and return all of creation to nothing. The essence of Magic, as well as all seven archives, can be utterly erased by this power. Users:
  • Abies, "Creation"/ "Fir": This Thema allows the use of a Magic known as Outer Alchemic, which allows the user, via rules of equivalent exchange, to create weapons for his/her own use. Users:
  • Everlasting: Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Luxuria Archive.
  • Terminus, "Terminal"/ "Limit": Noted by Hijiri to be a very dangerous and ancient "Lost Thema", which would cause the user to end up in the World of Demise, capable of even devouring Arata and his allies.


  • The term Baltan in the manga is a wrong translation of a fan. Because of the very small characters beside the larger complex characters (Kanji) that is found in Volume 2 Chapter 20, they mistook the word. There's a "ha character" in Japan where you can translate it into "Ba" or "Pa" when you add a specific symbol. Same goes with "Ru/R" and "Lu/L" too. The translation is not now fanmade, it has an original source, a teacher of Japanese language. So Baltan in manga does not really exist, that's why it was stated in the anime that it's Partum (even without using subtitles).