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The Hostile Envy Magic
Charme cover ch2 NIN MA.jpg
Volume 01
Chapter 02
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age January 2016
Release Date December 9, 2015

The Girl of the Stealth Magic


The Common Front of the Mages

The Hostile Envy Magic is the second chapter of the Levi Ninden manga series, released on December 9, 2015 in Monthly Dragon Age January 2016, and later compiled in the first volume on April 9, 2016.


An Assassin Strikes

In the morning, Charme awakens only to discover Levi inside her futon much to her embarrassment. However, Levi warns her that if she continues to remain nonchalant, an assassin could strike when suddenly Lugh appears before clashing with Levi. After greeting one another, Levi manages to erotically ensnare the ambusher with her special ninja threads before introducing Charme to Lugh of Iscariot. Lugh then reveals that her target was Charme but sarcastically surrenders her search for Murasame. Nevertheless, Levi perversely interrogates Lugh using the threads to forcibly relinquish her information.

Afterwards, Lugh calmly explains her mission to retrieve Murasame to Levi over breakfast while Charme remains confused about the peaceful situation within the artificial world. Nontheless, Levi and Lugh assure her that they should be able to live normally until the enemy attacks. Subsequently, Levi then questions Lugh for targeting which Charme which the thief explains that Master Liber instructed her to steal the weapon from Charme. However, Charme insists that she does not have the weapon is her possession, but the group suspects the Paladins intentions. Suddenly, they sense an enemy before Charme is captured by a snake creature to Lugh's jealousy. Levi and Lugh are then surrounded by a crowd of creatures, implying that a Breakdown Phenomenon has appeared. While Lugh tries to rescue Charme, Levi dispatches several of the monsters before discovering Lugh happily entangled by snakes as well and Charme missing. After liberating Lugh, Levi instructs Lugh to handle the beasts while she follows the thread planted on Charme during Lugh's ambush. Lugh creates a path through the mass of creatures to allow Levi to escape while she remains behind. 

The Enemy Appears

As the ninja traverses through town following the thread while easily dispatching creatures, Levi arrives at a building before she is ambushed by several magic spells, barely avoiding the onslaught before a group of individuals reveal their presence. Noting the types of magic utilized, Levi deduces the culprits as the Wu Xing Ninja Forces. Standing above an unconscious Charme, the leader introduces herself as Ryuhime Kashin before declaring that she will defeat Levi.





  • Monthly Dragon Age January 2016

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age January 2016 featured Lilith & Eda from Demonizer Zilch.
    • Chapter 60 was also published in the same issue as well.
  • Levi recalls the ambush in the hot spring from the previous chapter.