The Girl of the Stealth Magic
Levi Master Biblia cover ch1 L N MA
Volume 01
Chapter 01
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age December 2015
Release Date November 9, 2015



The Hostile Envy Magic

The Girl of the Stealth Magic is the first chapter of the Levi Ninden manga series, released on November 9, 2015 in Monthly Dragon Age December 2015 and later compiled in the first volume on April 9, 2016.


Standing on water during the night, a mysterious figure ominously raises a sword at an unknown location. 

Levi Charme meeting ch1 NIN MA

First Meeting

While resting on a church roof cross, Levi is approached by Master Biblia who struggles to remain on the roof. After congratulating the Headmaster on reaching her, the Headmaster notes that he could not find her anywhere before inquiring what she expected to see. The ninja explains that her magic, Shamanic Spell, allows her to be one with nature, as such, her current location enabled her to feel the wind. Although, she then admits that was an excuse to skip class which the Headmaster accepts much to her concern. Afterwards, the Paladin reveals that he has a job for her to retrieve the mythical weapon, Murasame, which uses the soul and life energy of it's wielder to battle against demons. Since the weapon will be necessary soon, Levi accepts the mission, however, Master Biblia also request that she bring along another companion, Kirigakure Charme. Charme attempts to introduce herself but nearly falls off the roof until Levi rescues her. Levi already recognizes Charme while the latter is an admirer of the Trinity Seven. As both users of the Invidia Archive, two agree to work together on the mission. 

Upon arriving in a town where Murasame is suspected to be sealed, Charme is surprised to learn they are still uncertain of the exact location in such a large population. Nevertheless, Levi remains relaxed since she believes that "nature" will eventually guide them to the sword.

The two subsequently decide to check in to their hotel where they are impressed by the quality of inn's features, especially the onsen which Charme particularly enjoys. Upon settling down, Levi then questions Charme for the reason the Headmaster assigned her to the mission. However, Charme does not know the answer which Levi finds suspicious since she has always worked alone. Noticing Levi in deep thought, Charme asks the ninja if there is something wrong with her body, which Levi notes that her breasts are quite large. Levi then teasingly suggests that they socialize together nude in the baths which Charme embarrassedly declines and promptly leaves. Subsequently, Levi suddenly senses a suspicious feeling outside the inn, realizing the mission will note be quite simple.

Charme Levi breakdown phenomenon ch1 NIN MA

Invidia Breakdown Phenomenon

While relaxing in the hot spring, Charme is surprised by Levi's lecherousness despite her reputation. Futhermore, she contemplates not informing Levi the reason she was assigned to the mission, a birthmark on her chest. But to her surprise, she discovers Levi who secretly overheard her comments. Examing the birthmark, the Trinity Seven notes that the mark resembles the Demon Lord symbol, recognzing the mark from a previous experience. Recalling that those with the mark will lose their magic before eventually disappearing, Levi informs Charme that since she possessed from birth, she will most likely to disappear. However, the ninja notes that Charme may become devoured by the power instead, before the girl in question realizes an Invidia Breakdown Phenomenon has appeared. Now sensing the presense, Levi reveals that a Breakdown Phenomenon had appeared in the past, but the town's population were created by a World Construction spell. Suddenly, the two are ambushed by a group of demonic samurais, much to Charme's horror. Nevertheless, Levi instructs her to wait as she battles against the enemies, until she is apparently crushed by a large creature. Howver, the ninja skillfuly uses a log as a decoy before promptly eliminating the being. In the aftermath, Levi notes that she defeated the origin of the Breakdown Phenomenon, but when Charme wonders if the situation is resolved, the ninja states that they must confront the one who cause the Phenomenon. 

Elsewhere, a mysterious figure obseving from afar remarks that Levi, a Trinity Seven, defeating the spirit was not unexpected. 

At another location, a familiar figure states that multiple Invidia mages have appeared, but she nevertheless is excited to be in the town where the greatest treasure is stored.





  • Levi Anastasia Lieselotte Lilith Hijiri cover MDA Dec 2015 MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age December 2015

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age December 2015 issue featured Arashi and Mikoto from Triage X, as well as Levi in celebration of the first chapter. Additionally, several bookmarks featuring Anastasia-LLieselotte Sherlock, Levi Kazama, Lilith Asami and Hijiri Kasuga was included in the issue.
    • Chapter 59 was also released along in the same issue.
  • Levi Selina demon lord seach ch1 NIN MA

    Demon Lord Seal

    Upon verifying the Demon Lord Seal on Charme's chest, Levi recalls witnessing the mark on Selina's neck, which occurred in Dark Mage & Sub-Administer when Lieselotte stole her younger sister's magic.
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