The Common Front of the Mages
Ryuhime Charme Levi cover ch3 NIN MA
Volume 01
Chapter 03
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age February 2016
Release Date January 9, 2016

The Hostile Envy Magic


The Suppression of the Evil Threat

The Common Front of the Mages is the third chapter of the Levi Ninden series, released on January 9, 2016 in Monthly Dragon Age February 2016.


Under the Inividia Breakdown Phenomenon, Levi greets Ryuhime whom she recognizes while Ryuhime declares that she will defeat Levi before summoning her teammates from the Wu Xing Magic Shadow Ninja Force. As each member introduces themselves, they unleash their respective elemental spells on Levi who barely managers to avoid the onslaught. Ryuhime and Levi praises one another's strength, however the latter notes that she cannot match against them. However, a musical melody suddenly appears, allowing the ninja to retreat but Charme still remains under the Ninja Force's imprisonment. Nevertheless, Ryuhime remains resolute in settling with Levi on their next encounter.

Levi Yui reunion ch3 LS MA


Arriving in Yui's Room, the two Trinity Sevens reunite as Yui explains the Headmaster had requested that she inspect the situation before intervening. As Levi tends to her injuries, the ninja comments that she does not recognize the members of Shadow Ninja Force with the exception of the leader. While recovering, Levi reveals that Ryuhime was a candidate for the Trinity Seven of Invidia and possesses skills on par with hers. 

Elsewhere, Lugh relaxes in a bath while contemplating the current situation when Hijiri and Master Liber suddenly contacts her. Lugh discusses with the two regarding Charme who does not appear to possess the weapon, but Liber remains suspicious that the girl in question is still related. As such, Lugh then decides to interrogate her again before abruptly detecting strong magic and departs to investigate.

Lugh Levi Ryuhime dragon ch3 LS MA

Invidia Mages versus Dragon

In a hotel room, Charme awakens to discover herself bound when Ryuhime introduces herself who believes that Charme possesses something within her to yield Murasame. Howeve, before she can continue, the two notices the appearance of a dragon to their shock. The dragon then unleashes a blast towards them, but Ryuhime manages to escape with Charme, recognizing the creature as a Code D. Afterwards, Levi also reveals her presence from the shadows, having been hiding since Charme's arousal. Subsequently, Lugh arrives to attack Levi, however, the ninja requests that they focus on the dragon foremost. Agreeing to a temporary truce, the three mages of the Inividia Archive prepare to confront the creature.




  • Levi Lilith Arata Lieselotte Selina Anastasia cover MDA Feb 2016 MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age February 2016

    Continuing from the previous chapter, Charme is kidnapped by the enemy, which Levi tracks her location only to be ambushed by Ryuhime.
  • Lugh references Arata when she suggests that Hijiri has adapted her lover's peeping behavior in the bath.
  • The cover of Monthly Dragon Age February 2016 featured Levi and Lilith, as well as the cover of the Anthology, thirteenth volume, and poster of Anastasia-L.
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