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Sword Magus & Dark Castle
Arata cover ch62 7M MA.jpg
Volume 14
Chapter 62
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age March 2016
Release Date February 9, 2016

Grimore Battle & Departure


Inferno World & Fragments Girl

Sword Magus & Dark Castle is the sixty-third chapter of the Seven Magicians series, released on February 9, 2016 in Monthly Dragon Age March 2016, and later compiled in the fourteenth volume on April 9, 2016.


Around an alpine covered in snow, the local wildlife is suddenly startled by the sudden sound of an explosion in the far distance.

Completion of Training

Elsewhere, Arata while wielding Judecca comments that he is no longer causing as many mistakes as before. Anastasia-L and Arsha compliment him on his success; likewise Arata is grateful for their support as well. Subsequently, Ana and Ilia note that they both benefited from his training, particularly the revelation that he is capable of replicating the magic of the Trinity Seven. However, he is unfortunately unable to copy other individual's magic such as Ana's Spirit magic or Arsha's Weapon Mastery. Nevertheless, the girls believe that his level of magic is strong enough to battle at Dante's Gate. Afterwards, Arata once more expresses his appreciation to the members of Akarsha before bidding them farewell.

Inside the Headmaster's office, Master Biblia comments on Arata's extroardinary amount of magic which Sora then suggests that her master lower the level. As such, Arata orders Judecca to decrease the amount, revealing that the Demon Lord Candidate has half-merged with the Weapon, similar to Abyss Trinity. Suddenly, Lilith, Yui, Mira, Akio and Selina arrive to happily welcome him on his return. However, the remaining members of Trinity Seven are then revealed to be  away from the Academy at the momemt, much to Arata's surprise. Levi is currently completing her mission to protect a legendary armament while Arin is training with Hijiri at Liber Academy. Unfortunately, only Lieselotte's location is unknown, suddenly disappearing after his departure to Selina's sadness. Nontheless, the reporter reveals to Arata that she will accompany him to Dante's Gate in her sister's place. Although the others are reluctant, they nevertheless awknowledge her growth and accept her proposal on the condition that she escape if the situation becomes dangerous. Afterwards, Arata requests Akio with training which the former Spriggan eagerly agrees.

Mock Training

Outside the Academy, Akio and Arata prepare themselves for the mock battle with Mira refereeing the match. After recalling their past training session, the two begin to clash although their initial strikes is a stalemate. Nontheless, Arata next orders Judecca to connect the Fides from the Gula Archive, changing the weapon's form to the surprise of the girls. Subsequently, the Demon Lord Candidate then performs a powerful slash that forces Akio backwards, even causing the former Spriggan to her child form in spite of her defense. The group discusses Arata's ability to load spells into Judecca which he learned from Akarsha Academy, essentially classifying him as a Sword Magus. Master Biblia, in particular, concludes that Arata is capable enough of surpassing the Twelve Demon Commanders or even become the true Demon Lord.

Within an unknown location, Radix enters a chamber consisting a large chair with chains surrounded by several tablets. Along with Melacoda, the groups announce the pending opening of Dante's Gate and the revival of the Demon Lord before they invade the outside world. Furthermore, Radix also reveals that Astil, along with Arata and the Trinity Seven, will arrive at the Gate as well. However, she receives no response from her master which the grimoire concludes is still slumbering. Nevertheless, Radix and Malebranch then prepares to sacrifice the Demon Lord Candidate and the Trinity Seven in order to revive their master.





  • Monthly Dragon Age March 2016

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age March 2016 issue featured Rias Gremory from High School DxD along with a poster of Lieselotte.

Levi's Story

  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Arata appeared at the Headmaster's office after being away from Biblia for three hundred days. Master Biblia, in particular, was surprised by the intensity of Arata's magic upon his arrival.
  • While discussing Arata's newfound strength, Arata reveals that he partially merged with Judecca, similar to Abyss Trinity. In Forbidden Fruit & Top Quartet, Abyss revealed that he had merged with Caina in order to survive after his body had been destroyed.
  • Master Biblia's mention of Levi's mission to guard a Legendary Armament is a reference to the events of Trinity Seven: Levi Ninden, which Charme Kirigakure also has a cameo appearance alongside Levi.
  • Prior to the beginning their mock battle, Akio and Arata reminisce about their training in the past, which occurred from Special Training & Big Event to Spell Succeed & Lost Technica.