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Suiten Inori is one of the Demon Lord Knights of the Ira Archive. She was originally a human mage until going into a summoning ritual by a mysterious mage, who had given her the power equal to the Trinity Seven. She was given the goal along with three other Demon Lord Knights to bring back Demise to this world, as well as to eliminate Anastasia-L, the traitorous saint. However it backfired since Inori later became friends with the latter along with Lilith Asami. She is the youngest one of the Demon Lord Knights. Currently she is a teacher in Demise World for Arata Kasuga training.


Inori is the only one who is different from the other Demon Lord Knights. Even though she is a Demon Lord Knight, she used to be an ordinary girl until she became a mage. She quickly became friends with Chris, Patricia and Yorun. She still felt an "ordinary" person due to this she had a fluctuate personality, such an apathy and had a hard time of knowing the feelings of others, therefore she was the only one who was able to keep her Demon Lord Knight armor in check, with her consciousness intact, without being overtaken by it. When petrifying Chris, she even almost broke the statue, despite her being her friend. Inori is also very sarcastic, and enjoys playing with the feeling of Patricia after half petrifying her. Even after doing such horrible action towards her friends, she still finds the time she spent with them was calm and enjoyable. Ana found her ironic, since when she was fighting her, her petrified friends looked like it protected her. Inori then realizes she did have friends, but she didn't notice, she cried and cared for Yorun, the only friend she didn't petrify, wanting to at least save her from Astral Trinity. She told her to run away, After Ana resolved to wake Inori up, she tried to slash her but only for Yorun to take the hit. This action surprised Inori greatly. After her defeat, Inori realizes her mistakes, and that despite having the feeling that she's alone in total solitude, she still had friends who support her. From then on she worked alongside her Demon Lord Knights and Pandora. Her personality greatly changed afterwards having the feeling the warmth of friendship. She can become easily flustered when she is around them. Years later she became a teacher to the reincarnated Arata who is in Demise World. Although she still retains some of her old personality, this is shown when she smirked, as she tried to break Arata's mind with harsh studying.


Inori is a young woman whom most of the times have her eyes closed. She has long black hair, on the right side she has a similar aquarius zodiac sign. Her attire is the school uniform consisting of a dark blazer jacket and a plaid ribbon tied in a cravat knot around her neck. Additionally, she wears a plaid mini-skirt, and a dark penny loafers.

Years later, in Demise World. Her clothes haven't changed despite now being a teacher.

Her Demon Lord Knight armor, is similar to the other Demon Lord Knights. However hers is sleeved, with a similar two wings closed, and has a tape surrounding her. Wearing sandals at her feet.



Prior to becoming a Demon Lord Knight, Inori was an ordinary girl until she discovered she was a mage, three years before entering Royal Biblia Academy. As a child, her house was neither wealthy nor financially ill, and lived a rich and branching life. At that time she was leaving kinder garden normally. She would then enter elementary school and later at Royal Biblia Academy which she awoken as a mage and when she was scouted by a teacher at the Academy. There she studied very hard, even though she didn't believe she has a remarkable talent, her magic was quite strong. She would read books, and spend her days just like any ordinary girl everywhere. One day Patricia, Chris and Yorun found her alone, who shown interest in the girl that was taking classes very seriously.

Patricia expressed surprise when she knew their names, Inori says that who wouldn't know the girls who's power equal to Trinity Seven. Though Chris denies that, hence the Trinity Seven are much better. Yorun found potential in her, mentioning to the girl that she was looking for another high-level summoning ritual experiment that had to be done with four people. They invite her, Inori however has doubts in herself if she is suited since she is only a newcomer. Eventually they accept her, and become her friends from then on. Inori then was forced to spend a new school life after meeting those three people. She would then steadily raise her magic abilities. As the youngest member she was watching over them. However as time went on, nobody noticed her and she felt alone. Inori personality then transformed, she awoke as another mage with a conscious of it's on, and then remove her "ordinary" life and her human self. Due to her personality change, she was able to control her Demon Lord Knight armor without it taking control of her, this surprised Patricia. Inori would then proceed to petrify the entire school along with her friends. It is revealed in the end she only wanted attention.

Demise World

Inori along with her other Demon Lord Knights were taking a bath, when suddenly a child reincarnated Arata shows up who almost drowns due to his child appearance, Altana then takes him to her arms. Inori wasn't paying much attention. Altana then introduces him to the Demon Lord Knights and their abilities. Whom he will be studying under them.

The Demon Lord Knights start teaching Arata, when it is Inori's turn she starts by bringing him a lot of books teaching him about various knowledge about mages. As knowledge is a foundation for a mage strength. Arata then opens a book and his eye turns blurry mentioning that he loves studying. Inori smirks, and informs him that in order to memorize this much information in such a short of period of time, she is sending a large amount of magic particles directly into his brain to stimulate it. She wonders if he will gain all the knowledge from these books or his mind will collapse first, excited to find out. After days of training with the other Demon Lord Knights and hers, Arata has shown to easily read and memorize them, however this tires him him and he falls asleep, which she notices and puts a blanket. He continues to study hard.


Inori's Thema is from the Ira Archive and her branch magic is Polaris Order. Unlike the other Demon Lord Knights who lose control when they use their Demon Lord Knight armor, Inori retains her consciousness and is capable of using the other persona Demon Lord Knight Ischuria of Green Sky without losing control. Thanks to that she is able to use the armor abilities to the fullest. She is also noted by Patricia her magic is very strong and it can be said she is the strongest out of all the Demon Lord Knights, despite being the youngest one.

Demon's Gift - Being a Demon Lord Knight, she has her own Demon Gift called Emperor Dust.

  • Emperor Dust - sprays fine-grained magical power and fixes and completely petrifies even opponents with high magical power resistance as long as it takes time.

Her ability to petrify others to stone is so powerful that she petrified every student in the Royal Biblia Academy, the petrification doesn't wear off unless she is defeated. If the opponent isn't fully petrified, the petrification will continue overtime.

Inori has also the ability to shower multiple meteors into a wide area by opening her grimoire, seven magical circles appear connected by a light of the stars. It also has a technique for strafing from the sky, but in reality it is a close-range shooting type, and it is not good at attacking wide areas and distant places.

Mage Knowledge - Inori has a deep understanding of how a magic works, and how should it be used. She can send magic particles into someone's brain to stimulate it.

Inori's abilities are far too dangerous for training. Whom unlike the other Demon Lord Knights used their magic to do so. So Inori resorted to only using textbooks about mages to train Arata.


  • Inori is the youngest member of the Demon Lord Knights, thus she refer to each one with "Senpai".
  • Inori is the only Demon Lord Knight who is able to synchronize with her armor due to her multiple personalities, since the armor feature takes over the user's body and use it which the other Knight fell under it's victim.
  • Inori is younger than Arata, who is currently teaching him by 2 years.