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Study and Holiday
スタディ ホリデイ (Madō Benkyō to Ansoku Jitsu)
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Episode 08
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Premiere November 25, 2014
Opening Theme Seven Doors

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Study and Holiday is the eight episode of the Trinity Seven series, broadcasted on November 25, 2014 on TV Tokyo.



Arata is appointed to be the second in charge for the censorship committee. The whole gang is transported to the destroyed Royal Liber Magic Academy, and there he finds his long lost cousin, but...[1]


In the library, Arata requests Selina about a formula while Lilith observes from nearby.

Arata approaches Levi in a classroom for advice on focusing his mind as Lilith continues to spectate.

In a hallway, Arin explains to Arata about one of her runes in detail.

Inside of a room, Arata and Yui discuss the best course of recovering magic while Lilith listens from outside.


Upon Arata's departure, Lilith approaches him about his change of behavior, even suspecting that a doppelganger had replaced him much to his chagrin.

Inside of his room, Arata explains to Lilith that he is determined to quickly rescue Lieselotte by mastering her Logos Art magic. Sora reveals that he has already mastered two out of the three steps necessary to replicate, but Lilith is concerned that he could lose control of magic and become a Code D Shadow in a worst case scenario. Nevertheless, Arata remains determined to never lose anyone else again, especially when becoming stronger also brings him closer to finding Hijiri. Suddenly, both Lilith and Arata are suddenly called to the Headmaster 's office.

Destruction of Liber

Arata and Lilith, along with Sora, commute to the Headmaster's office until upon entering, the Demon Lord Candidate accidentally bumps into Mira and exposes her underwear, much to her embarrassment. Afterwards, Biblia announces his descision to appoint Arata as the assistant chief of Grimoire Security, along with Lilith supervising, for their next inspection. Despite Mira's strong protests, the Headmaster explains that is concerned of their assignment's location, the Royal Liber Magic Academy which had disappeared the other day. Biblia then orders the girls to ensure that Arata is sufficiently informed prior to the mission.

Returning to Arata's room, Lilith tries to begin their tutoring session, however, Levi, Selina, Arin and Yui arrive as well, much to Lilith's chagrin. Nonetheless, Arata begins a discussion of each of the Trinity Seven's Archives:

  • Levi: Invidia of Envy
  • Yui: Avaritia of Greed
  • Arin: Ira of Wrath
  • Lieselotte: Acedia of Sloth
  • Akio: Gula of Gluttony
  • Mira: Superbia of Pride

Upon her Archive, Lilith becomes hesitant in disclosing her affiliation, but after Arata's imploring, she reveals herself as Luxuria of Lust to her embarrassment. Following the group's teasing of their teacher, Arata next discusses each of their Themas reflect the opposite of their personalities. Afterwards, Lilith finally starts her tutoring session with Arata which continues until night.

Night Visit

With Lilith having falling asleep, Arata and Sora rests on his bed, but Akio and Mira suddenly arrive only to find the master and grimoire in a compromising position much to Mira's embarassment. Despite Mira's apprehension in being in his room, Arata questions the purpose of a Magical Academy which Akio explains that Biblia is one of the three powerful magic academies in existense. However, Liber Academy was destroyed around the time of Lieselotte's assault, which Sora confirms as well. Furthermore, the grimoire notes that the phenomenon was similar to Hijri's disappearance. Nontheless, their purpose is to investigate the Breakdown Phenomenon and eliminate the source. The party will travel to the Academy's location tomorrow through a magic teleporter, to Arata's excitement. Afterwards, the group teases Mira of her sleeping wear while in a boy's room until a cockroach appears and prompts Mira into a panic. The noise causes Lilith to awaken and find Mira and Arata in a risque situation, causing the alarmed teacher to retaliate against Arata.

On the next day, Lilith and Arata conclude their session, however the Trinity Seven reveals she has one more lesson.

Later, Arata finds himself relaxing in a hot spring with several of the girls, notably Yui who was not present during the previous excursion. Meanwhile, Lilith unexpectedly approaches him to accompany her.

Relaxing View

Subsequently, Lilith leads Arata to an area with an excellent view of the sun setting over the town as a method to recover his magic and mental strength, as well as a reward for his accomplishments. However, the Demon Lord Candidate embarrassingly admits that he is more thant content of the image of her in the setting, prompting the two to enjoy playing around in the water together while the remaining girls observe from afar. However, Sora throws a leaf which causes Lilith's bikini top to fall. Lilith reveals her bare breasts in front of Arata and retaliate once more to his chagrin.

On the next day, Master Biblia greets a dilapitated Arata along with the girls prior to their teleportation to Liber Academy. However, during the process, the party senses someone interfering as the machine begins to malfunction. Nontheless, they decide to continue despite the risks, relying on the Headmaster's ability before a bright light overwhelms them.

Unexpected Reunion

Upon regaining conscience, Arata finds himself along with Sora and an unconscious Mira in front of unknown buildings. Sora notes that while the teleporation appeared successful, she senses magic from their surrounding world resembling her World Creation magic. Subsequently, Mira also awakens and quickly recognizes their location as Liber Academy despite the area being supposedly destroyed. But shortly, the trio is then unexpectedly greeted by Hijiri much to Arata's surprise and joy. However, Mira immediately recognizes her as an imposter before casting an offensive spell towards the impersenator. Nontheless, the imitator easily defends herseilf while Arata attempts to intervene, but Sora assures him that Mira's deduction is correct. As such, the perpetrator decides to retreat before Arata can discover her true identity.




  • Spoilers
    Ilia as Hijiri Kasuga



  • Lilith's reaction towards Arata's change of diligence originally did not include the sign board of his face.
  • Arata and Lilith were not originally assigned to accompany Mira and Akio until after their second hot spring excursion.
    • Additionally, Lilith did not originally accompany Arata to the Headmaster's office when called upon.
    • Arata's accidental encounter with Mira occurred in the hallway instead of the Headmaster's office.
      • Mira's reaction in the original source was to bludgeon him instead of casting an explosion.
  • The tutoring session between Arata and Lilith never occurred; Lilith directly recommended the hot spring excursion after the Trinity Seven explanations.
  • Lilith never fell asleep prior to Arata's night meeting with Mira and Akio, arriving only during the moment when Mira found herself on top of Arata.
    • Instead of retaliating against Arata, the teacher's reaction was to misunderstand the situation promptly leaves the two alone much to Mira's chagrin. 
  • Sora was not initially present during the beginning of the groups excursion to the hot springs. The grimoire only revealed herself while observing Arata and Lilith's moment before the sunset.
  • After Sora causes Lilith's swimsuit top to fall, her reaction was to punch Arata instead of using a rocket launcher in the episode.
  • Prior to the tampered teleportation, an unknown individual clasped Arata's hand before the teleporting who is then revealed to be Mira. 
  • Following the teleportation, Arata awakened an bashful Mira only to assure her so that she would not scream.


Nao Akinari Illustration of Lilith

  • Several events from the previous episode referenced:
    • Arata reveals the reason for his sudden change of diligence is to rescue Lieselotte who had trapped herself in the Frozen World after using her Last Crest.
    • The sudden destruction of the Royal Liber Academy during Lieselotte's assault.
  • Mira's change of underwear after accidentally revealing them before in Labyrinth and Magic Gunner is mentioned numerous times.
  • While Lilith recounts the other Trinity Seven's Archives, flashbacks of each member are displayed:
  • When Sora confirms Liber's destruction, she also notes that the experience was similar to Hijiri's disappearance which was recalled in Administer and Third Selection. 
  • During the excursion to a hot spring, the group recalls that Yui was not present at their previous trip from Prison Lock and Grimoire Security.
  • On November 25, 2014, Nao Akinari released a second illustration of Lilith prior to broadcast in celebration.


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