Study & Holiday
Trinity Seven ch18 cover Lilith MA
Volume 05
Chapter 18
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age July 2012
Release Date June 8, 2012

Last Crest & Problem Solving


Second Security & Dimension Trouble

Study & Holiday[1] is the nineteenth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on June 8, 2012 in Monthly Dragon July 2012 issue and later compiled in the fifth volume on January 7, 2013.


In the Biblia Academy Library, Arata asks Selina a question about a magic formula; as Selina explains to him, Lilith puzzledly watches them from afar.

Later in a classroom, Arata approaches Levi on improving his mental concentration. Levi offers him advice similar to when she licked his fingers. She offers to lick him again, although Arata declines in favor as a reward as Lilith continues to watch them while becoming more puzzled.

In a hallway, Arata questions Arin on how to draw one of her runes.

Afterwards, Yui is approached by Arata on how to recover his magic. She suggests that the best way to relax would be to touch breasts, although Arata states that that would make him more tense. At the same time, a shocked Lilith watches over them from afar. She then approaches him, inquiring of his behavior as she has begun to suspect that he is an imposter, much to his discontent.

Lilith Arata request ch18 MA

An Earnest Request

Some time later in Arata's room, Lilith learns that he is simply determined to save Lieselotte. Arata explains that he has already completed two out of three processes necessary to use Logos Art, which Sora confirms. Nevertheless, Lilith cautions him that using magic too often is dangerous since the chances of him losing control will increase. Sora also mentions that she has already warned him, but he had refused to listen. However, Arata continues to remain determined, refusing to allow another preson to disappear from him. Furthermore, he believes that the situation is also related to Hijiri as well. Seeing his determination, Lilith decides to become his private instructor, although Sora assumes that she will perform perverted acts with Arata, much to Lilith's denial and exasperation. Suddenly, Levi reveals herself from the ceiling after listening to their conversation before Selina, Arin and Yui unveil themselves as well, much to Lilith's surprise. The group praises Lilith for her retorts to their sudden appearance, despite her chagrin. Regardless, Arata continues their conversation about the Trinity Seven, recounting the members with their respective Archives: Levi (Invidia), Yui (Avaritia), Arin (Ira), Lieselotte (Acedia), Akio (Gula), and Mira (Superbia). As Arata recounts the members, Lilith begins to become nervous until Arata finally asks about her's. Lilith insists that he does not need to know since he has already gained her alchemy. Nevertheless, Arata earnestly requests that she tell him, to which to she finally relents. Lilith shyly reveals that she is Lust, much to her embarassment, especially having to reiterate after Arata did not fully comprehend her initially. Arata and the other girls then proceed to comment and tease Lilith, before Sora comments that as Arata's private tutor, they can perform perverted acts to his joy until Lilith insista that they will not with a bazooka. Next, Arata reconfirms that an individual's Thema is the furthest concept from that person; Levi verifies his statement using herself as an example. She does not become envious of anyone, which allows her to become independent from having expectations of others. Arata quickly understands, noting that the other girls are also the opposite of their Thema's in one way or another. Levi then inquires Lilith of the lesson she was planning on giving to Arata; Lilith notes that Arata has become familiar with the basics, but continues to warn against using magic too many times. As such, she recommends that the group relax together to recover their magic.
Arata Lilith view ch18 MA

A Relaxing View

Afterwards, Arata and the girls in their swimsuits are relaxing in a hot spring, especially Yui as she playfully enjoys the water. Arata and Selina recalls that Yui was not with them the last time the group went to a spring, prior to returning and discovering the school body had fallen asleep. Lilith comments that the spring has magical restoration effects before calling Arata over to show him a view of the town. She explains that the bath was created by the Academy as a way for one to rest their body and mind. Lilith also reveals that she had brought him along as a reward for studying hard, as well as dealing with Yui and Lieselotte's situations. Arata thanks her for the consideration before remarking that he is enjoying the sight of Lilith in the scenary. Embarrased, the two enjoy a playful water fight while the other girls watch from afar, noting that Lilith has also been under stress as well. Sora then causes Lilith's top to fall, revealing her breasts in front of Arata before punching him out of anger.



  • Lilith learns of the reason for Arata's diligence is to save Lieselotte. In the Last Crest & Problem Solving chapter, Lieselotte had used her Final Crest spell which resulted in leaving her trapped in the stagnant world. Arata was resolved to master Lieselotte's magic, Logos Art, in order to rescue her from her fate.
  • In the hot springs, Arata recall that Yui was not among them when the group first bathed in a hot spring for the first time. This is a reference to the event in Hot Spring & Alchemist where he and the group enjoyed the spring at the inn they were lodged in.
    • Additionally, Selina also mentions the incident caused by Yui's Breakdown Phenomenon that resulted in the majority of the student body to fall alseep after returning in Labyrinth and Magic Gunner .


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