Spriggan & Guardian
Akio cover ch33 MA
Volume 08
Chapter 33
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age October 2013
Release Date September 9, 2013

Parallel Shift & Vanitas


Impel Arm & Trinity Process

Spriggan & Guardian[1] is the thirty-fourth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on September 9, 2013 on Monthly Dragon Age October 2013 and later compiled in the eighth volume on April 9, 2014.


Observing the enormous hole his previous spell left from above, Abyss Trinity remarks he is surprised that the group was strong enough to escape his magic. Nevertheless, along with his daughter Lilith, Abyss states that he finds the situation interesting and will continue to enjoy himself as the Demon Lord returns to his castle. 

Arata Akio dream ch33 MA

Akio's Dream

Elsewhere, Arata finds himself in deserted area and wonders if he is outside the Sky Library. However, Akio reveals that he are inside her dream, as a result of their minds being linked together again. Arata recalls the first time he witnessed her child form was when she transferred her magic to him. Akio also notes the "character" he possesses was passed from her, as such they are able to connect easier. Additionally, Akio teasingly remarks that their bodies are also compatible with one another, although Arata remains nonchalant as he desires to become friends with all girls, to her surprise. Afterwards, the two begin discussing their plans on handling Abyss Trinity, but can only conclude that their current state is no match against the Demon Lord. Nevertheless, the duo resolve to continue to work together to find a way. Arata next comments that he was shocked to discover the area was once Akio's hometown, which Akio recalls that she also thought that as well when the incident occurred. Similar to the other Trinity Seven, Akio also lived a difficult life, her father passed from an illness and her mother died from the incident. However, despite being the only survivor, Akio remembers the feeling she had when her mother chose to protect her from the destruction at the cost of her mother's life. Arata then understands the source of Akio's strength, having inherited her mother's magic. Akio is surprised that Arata is able to remain normal despite discussing her upleasant past, but Arata states that the past is not the present. Because of her painful experience, he is grateful for the chance to be able to become friends with her, much to Akio's amazement. Arata declares that in spite of her sadness and regrets, he will protect and help her continue forward, causing to Akio suddenly hug Arata in gratitude. However, Arata understands that in order to get revenge for Akio or even save Lilith, he will need to become stronger than Abyss.

In a dark room, Lilith finally awakens only to be confused by her surroundings. Abyss Trinity then enters the room, greeting Lilith as his daughter, much to her shock. Abyss states that he is unsurprised that she does not remember him, since traveling between dimensions would have altered her memories. Lilith next demands the whereabouts of Arata and her friends; Abyss reveals that despite planning on eliminating them, the group still managed to escape to Lilith's relief. Noticing her response, Abyss comments that she worries about Arata more than herself, to her embarrassment, but he does not care until his preparations are complete. Using her as the "Last Key", he will open the gate to his original dimension and regain his original strength to rule the current world. Refusing to support his plan, Lilith attempts to shoot a beam towards her father, although he happily stops the blast quite easily. However, after the explosion, Abyss realizes that she had used her magic as a distraction in order to escape, but nevertheless decides to enjoy the game. 

Outside the Sky Library, Lugh reveals the entrance of Abyss' castle to the party, but tries to confirm their decision as they will only be defeated again. Arata consults with Sora and Ilia who both agree that their current strength is futile against the Demon Lord. However, Akio suggests that Arata may have a chance if he uses one of two Demon Lord weapons in the Library, While Lugh becomes excited by the information, Akio states that only those of the Demon Lord class can utilize the weapons' massive amount of destructive magic. Futhermore, the group is unsure if Arata can wield the Demon Lord weapon since they release the wielder's strength residing in hell which allows Demon Lord to destroy the world. If Arata possesses one, he will never become a normal Magus again. Regadless, since Arata was never normal, the party decides to retrieve the Demon Lord weapon as Akio guides them, much to Lugh's surprise.

Judecca Arata Akio demon lord weapon ch33 MA

Black Imperial Sword Judecca

Later, Akio recalls that there is one more issue beforethe group is confronted by a giant golem. When the golem suddenly attempts to attack them, Arata and Akio manage to protect themselves from his stike. While Lugh observes from afar, the golem again strikes with more strength, forcing Arata and Akio into the next room. Inside, the two managed to avoid major injuries, but Lieselotte warns them that there is something sinister in the room. Upon surveying their location, they discover one of the Demon Lord weapons sealed above them, the Black Imperial Sword Judecca.




  • Abyss Trinity comments that the party was able to escape his magic while observing the destruction from his last spell. At the end of the previous chapter, Arata and the group was about to be struck by Abyss' spell while attempting to rescue Lilith before escaping.
  • Upon returing to Akio's dream, Arata recalls the first time he witnessed Akio as Spriggan. This event initially occurred in Spell Succeed & Lost Technica.
  • Akio recounts her past as Spriggan protecting the Sky Library and the sudden destruction of her hometown. She initially revealed her past in Forbidden Element & Aeshma.
    • Arata mentions that he is determined to get revenge against Abyss for Akio and the people of her hometown. In the previous chapter, the Demon Lord revealed that he had destroyed the town in order to evaluate his Demon Lord Weapon.
  • During Akio and Arata's discussion about her past, Akio notes that everyone from the Trinity Seven had experienced a difficult life and Arata recalls Mira mentioning having one as well. This is a reference to the event in Bible Battle & Sweet Memory where she explained her history to Arata while climbing a building.
  • Lilith learns that she is the daughter of Abyss Trinity who sent her from his original world as the "Last Key" which was initially revealed in the previous chapter.


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