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Spell Succeed & Lost Technica
Sora cover ch16 MA.jpg
Volume 04
Chapter 16
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age May 2012
Release Date April 9, 2012

Paladin & Book of Astil


Last Crest & Problem Solving

Spell Succeed & Lost Technica[1] is the seventeenth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on April 9, 2012 in Monthly Dragon Age May 2012 issue and later compiled in the fourth volume on September 6, 2012.


The girls are shocked as Arata declares that his magic has returned. An unknown girl arrives behind Arata, addressing him as master and praising his skills. Lilith quickly recognizes the girl's magic, identifying her as the Astil Manuscript. The girl confirms Lilith's suspicion, asking her to call her Sora instead. 

Arata's Vision

Sora successfully demonstrates to Arata on using one of Akio's Mantra Enchantment spells, explaining that he will need to charge his magic with "significance" in order to use the technique. Akio, while feeling unsure of Sora's easiness in using her magic, reveals that "significance" is the most important factor. The strength of feelings will determine the power of his attacks and if his resolve wavers, he will receive great damage as a result. Akio questions Mira if entrusting her magic to Arata is alright. Mira responds that while she finds his magic dangerous, if he can master a magic from the Gula archive, he should be able to handle Lieselotte, which Sora affirms her statement. Akio then passes her invocation technique, Conception, to Arata, where he abruptly sees a vision of a young Akio admist ruins praying before smiling. After the vision ends, Arata is confused but Akio suddenly faints in front of him. Mira states that Arata was successfully able to copy Akio's magic, while Sora calms a concerned Arata that Akio will recover after resting. While still reluctant to using a friend's magic, Arata is resolved to accomplish his task since Akio entrusted her magic to him. He and Sora then leave while initiating the magic.

Baal Peor

Arata finishes recounting the reason he is able to use Akio's magic. Next, he attempts to use his magic on Lieselotte, but instead causes her top to fall, revealing her bosom, much to Lilith's chagrin. Lieselotte accuses Arata of intentionally desiring to see her chest. Arata insists his actions was a mistake, although Levi states that Arata's goal is to witness the Trinity Seven nude, despite his denial. However, he does admit that he actually does want to, much to Lilith's exasperation. Lieselotte comments that Levi is the only one left, to which Levi replies that she will need to be more careful. However, Sora notes that Lieselotte has finished recovering her magic as Lieselotte intends to steal Arata's magic again. The girls are concerned for Arata since Lieselotte is still stronger than him even though he improved his magic. Nontheless, Arata assures them that he will be fine before summoning a dragon using his Gula magic. Arata then tries to grab Lieselotte but she easily teleports away until Sora is able to predict her location. Unfortunately, Lieselotte is still too fast even with Sora's help and Arata is unable to catch her. Soon, Lieselotte appears behind Arata and strikes him, but to her surprise, his body is protected by the Mantra Enchantment magic. As such, she is unable to steal his magic while he simply needs to take her Demon King element, which Sora states as grabbing her breasts. Amused, Lieselotte decides the Final Crest of her Acedia archive, the requirement to become a Trinity Seven despite Lilith's insistense to stop. The surrounding area becomes dark as Lieselotte reveals her Last Crest, Baal Peor.




  • Akio's past as a Spriggan is first revealed in Arata's vision after Akio passes her technique to him. Her past would later be further explored when the two, along with Lilith, Lugh, Sora, Ilia and Lieselotte, visits her hometown under the Sky Library, staring from Record Quest & Semiramis Garden.


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