Special Training & Big Event
Akio ch14 cover MA
Volume 04
Chapter 14
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age March 2012
Release Date February 9, 2012

Top Security & Trickster


Paladin & Book of Astil

Special Training & Big Event[1] is the fifteenth chapter of Trinity Seven manga series, released on February 9, 2012 in Monthly Dragon Age March 2012 issue, and later compiled in the fourth volume on September 6, 2012.


Arata Mira Akio gym clothes training ch14 MA

The Start of Training

On the Royal Biblia Academy's outer grounds, Arata stares at Mira and Akio, wearing gym clothes, in disbelief and confusion. Mira begrudgingly admits to Arata that his strength is required in order to defeat Lieselotte. However, due to their limited time,  she will have him fight against Arata so that he may copy her magic, Mantra Enchantment. Unfortunately, Arata is still unfamiliar with the process, although Akio nevertheless begins attacking, nearly destroying him before accidentally sending him through the air. Unluckily for Mira, Arata lands on her and fortuitously gropes mistakenly, causing her to pummel him after he expresses gratitutde. 

Afterwards, Arata finds himself covered in blood and greeted by Akio. He is unable to remember any recent events, but is able to recall experiencing a pleasant event. Although Mira warns him to avoid remebering while holding her bloodied grimoire, causing a frightened Arata to comply. Nontheless, Akio compliments Arata for defending against her attacks despite not having fully recovered her magic, revealing that her goal is to achieve the same level as Saeki Namao, the founder of her magic, Mantra Enchant. Mira instructs Arata to stop avoiding the attack, much to his exasperation. Akio tells him that unless Arata enhances his body, he will not be able to defeat Lieselotte. Arata agrees, but comments that he will not be able to perform the same during Levi 's battle against Lieselotte. Akio assures him that no one expects him to move like Levi, however, states that a magic battle is not about using one's full strength. Instead, she recommends that he focus on magic that belongs only to him. Thereafter, they decide to continue his training due to their limited time since Arata has never properly used magic. Mira explains that she will analyze Arata's magic, although she requests Akio to make him suffer. Irregardless, Arata becomes determined to continue his training.

Arin window shatter ch14 MA

Lieselotte Attacks

Meanwhile, Yui finishes playing her violin to restrain a weak Selina's magic in the academy infirmary. Lilith thanks Yui for her assistance, however Yui is fine with helping since this was for Arata's sake. Arin remarks that he is currently being beaten by Grimoire Security, causing Lilith to become worried for him to which Yui teases her. Arin further comments that the fact those two are helping is surprising, although this is because the magic Lieselotte stole from him was incomplete. Lilith explains to Yui that despite Lieselotte stealing Arata and Selina's magic, the magic was unstable which allowed Levi and Mira to exploit the weakness during their fight and easily destroy her wings. Unfortunately, Lieselotte's magic will stabilize in time and they have no way to acess the Eternal Library, causing the group to become troubled. Levi also suddenly arrives, adding that due to Lieselotte's personality they may not have much time left. After Levi confirms that she is alright despite her injured arm, she continues and points out that the Thema of Magus is furthest from their morals and principles, such as her Exspecto and Yui's Amicitia. Since Lieselotte's Thema is Stagna, she is the type to stand and wait. Without warning, the room begins to shake and demons start to appear. Levi announces that Lieselotte has come while Lilith suspects the cause is a Breakdown Phenomenon. Immediately, the windows in the infirmary shatters, causing the group to realize the event was caused by Lieselotte's experiments with the Breakdown Phenomenon and transfroms to their Magus Mode.
Master Biblia Lieselotte battle ch14 MA

Master Biblia & Lieselotte face off

Elsewhere, inside the academy, the demons begin appearing befores terrified students. Two female students are attacked and their magic is being taken while their clothes are destroyed. Master Biblia arrives and saves the students, allowing them to escape. His assitant informs him that most of the staff are ready and Lilith is in the infirmary. He becomes excited of their situation as the Trinity Seven are low on magic while Grimire Security is focusd on training Arata. As they are surrounded by the demons, the Headmaster casually asks Arata, Mira and Akio to hurry or the academy will be overrun the school. Lieselotte suddenly arrives and challenges him to which he happly complies in an intimidating fashion. The Headmaster decides to help her past the time until Arata arrives as the two prepare to fight one another.




  • The Headmaster's assistant speaks for the first time.


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