School Festival & Sticks
Mira cover ch39 MA
Volume 09
Chapter 39
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age April 2014
Release Date March 8, 2014

Manhunt & Party Eve


Vial Killer & Duel Start

School Festival & Sticks[1] is the fortieth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on March 8, 2014 in Monthly Dragon Age April 2014 issue and later compiled in ninth volume on August 9, 2014.


Anastasia Arata encounter ch39 MA

Fateful Encounter

While the Royal Biblia Academy celebrates the Magical Research Presentation Festival, Lilith and Mira are curious of the whereabouts of Arata before encountering one another. Subsequently, the two are then greeted by Arata and Master Biblia cosplaying as butlers, captivating the girls. Lieselotte and Selina, also in maid attire, remark that their reaction was perfect, much to Lilith and Mira's embarrrassment. After Arata notes that he finds cosplaying fun, Lieselotte suggests he try different costumes and offers to help change him in spite of Mira and Lilith's chagrin. Afterwards, Arata comments that he was surprised the large number of people particapting in the festival, which Lieselotte explains that the magic presentation are important for different schools, particularly Biblia because of the Trinity Seven. As such, Arata states that rescuing her was the right action to take, causing the former enemy to express her gratitude to him again. The Headmaster nexts asks Mira if she is prepared, although Mira is nervously surprised by his question. Lilith explains to Arata that Mira will present her research on the Breakdown Pheneomon to every school. However, Mira remains anxious but quickly recovers upon learning that Arata will also be present as well. Arata then reminds Lilith her purpose to inform him of the main event, which Arata and Master Biblia assumes the Miss Biblia pageant to Lilith's denial. As the group discusses Lilith's potential to win a swimsuit contest, the teacher begins to chatise and chase after Arata. However, while running, Arata suddenly recieves an unknown feeling when he passes an unfamiliar female student while running. But when he tries to appraoch the girl, Lilith and Mira reprimand him for being capricious with attractive girls. The student eventually continues on, although Arata is still confused by the event. Witnessing the incident, the Headmaster and Lieselotte recognizes the student's uniform from the Royal Akarasha Academy, as well as sensing the strange feeling as well. Realizing the situation, Master Biblia discerns that the festival will not progress smoothly, especially for Arata.

Later, Mira presents and explains her research on Breakdown Phenomenon to an audience. Arata discusses with an affectionate Arin and Yui about Mira's genius, noting that she was the most talented of the Trinity Seven. Arata then asks them about the main event Lilith mentioned before, which the girls describe the Magic Research Showdown as as a tournament between the three Royal Academies, much to Arata's surprise. Joining their conversation, Levi explains the Academies, Biblia, Liber, and Akarksha, select their best students to compete against one another through displaying their research. The girls further reveal that the research with the most showmanship wins the contest without needing to defeat the opponent. Additionally, the battles are fought in pairs, with one from Liber and Akarsha each. Despite Liber Academy being destroyed, the group can already assume the identities of Liber's representatives. Arata next inquires about Akarasha Academy and Levi recounts the school specialized in enchantments, such as magic weapons and armor. Lastly, Arata questions if Biblia Academy will also select two individuals, but Arin states that sine they are the host school, the Trinity Seven, including Arata, will particapte as well. Subsequently, after Mira bashedly reacts to Arata's presense, the girls comment that Mira has mellowed while also wondering who Arata will partner with.

After the presentation concludes, Arata navigates through the festival crowd in search of his grimoires before finding them at a stall. Sora attempts to extort another meal from Ilia although the latter refuses. As Arata tries to approach them, his Demon Lord mark activates, causing his surroundings to freeze in time. Arata notes the situation is different when Lieselotte froze time, until realizing his arm begun to transform into the Demon Lord. Suddenly, the environment turns dark and a voice begins speaking to Arata, revealing that this world in the future the Demon Lord will create. 

Mira Arata Levi love ch39 MA


Arata abruptly awakens in the normal world, finding himself resting on a bench next to the student he encountered in the halls. After Arata expresses his appreciation for her care, the girl recalls being shocked when he suddenly collapsed. Arata apologizes for the inconvenience, but his benefactor states that she did not mind while revealing that the spirits told her that he was a good person. Arata is surprised that she can control spirits, although the she clarifies that her magic is simply borrowing their powers. Furthermore, the girl notes that Arata must be special to the world, especially since only those chosen can see their appearance, especially the Demon Lord. Already recognizing his identity, the student introduces herself as Anastasia-L with the two already calling each other by their first names. Arata then becomes conscious of Anna, causing her to recommend that he visit the infirmary before leaving. After Anna departs, Arata is confused by his reaction to her until Levi unexpectedly appears and declares that he is love. While he still remains uncertain, Arata nevertheless continues to be entralled by Anastasia-L.

Hiding nearby, Mira is shocked by the relationship between Arata and Anastasia-L.




  • Lilith cover Monthly Dragon Age April 2014

    Monthly Dragon Age April 2014

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age April 2014 issue partially featured Lilith along with Haruko and Kodama from Maken-ki, and Mitsuki from Recently, My Sister is Unusual.
  • After Lieselotte boasts about the Trinity Seven, Arata comments that rescuing her was the right course of action. This is a reference to Lieselotte's imprisonment in the Frozen World after using her Final Crest which occurred in Last Crest & Problem Solving. Arata would later save Lieselotte upon mastering her Logos Art magic in Impel Arm & Trinity Process.
  • Arin Arata tournament ch39 MA

    A Familiar Tournament

    During Arin's explanation about the Magical Research Showdown, Arata mentions the setup sounds similar to a to the World Martial Arts Tournament from the Dragon Ball series while displaying the original arena[2]
  • While discussing the possible teams for each Academy, Levi and Arata assumes that two certain individuals, Lugh and Hijiri, will represent Liber.
  • When Arata tries to approach his grimoires and time suddenly freezes, he notes that the experience was different from Lieselotte's, a reference to her Final Crest from Last Crest & Problem Solving.


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