Saint Terminus & Demon Knights
Anastasia cover ch48 MA
Volume 11
Chapter 48
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age January 2015
Release Date December 9, 2014

Logos Mystery & Lost Master


United Front & Terminus Library

Saint Terminus & Demon Knights is the forty-ninth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on December 9, 2014 in Monthly Dragon Age January 2015 issue, and later compiled in eleventh volume on March 25, 2015.


Anastasia-L aeshma deva ch48 MA

Aeshma Deva

Seventeen years ago at the Royal Akarsha Academy, Anastasia-L, alone in a room, activates her Magus Mode and invokes the Aeshma Deva spell. As a result, she finds herself in an empty world before being returned to the real world nude. Noticing her surroundings have changed, Ana remarks that she has finally completed her Last Crest, becoming one of the Trinity Seven.

The next day, Arsha greets Ana in a classroom before inquiring if she completed her Last Technica, which Ana confirms despite being minorly injured. Ana then wishes to repay her friend with a snack although Arsha insists that treat her instead.

While enjoying their snacks outside, Arsha discusses with Ana about avoiding the same fate as the founder of her Elemental Conductor magic who disappeared from the world. Ana comforts her friend, stating that she will probably never use the spell since there was no guarantee should would revive despite being the Saint of Resurrection. Relieved, Arsha then becomes more determined to succeed her mother as the next Paladin. Subsequently, the two converse about Ana's next goal which is to locate the Demon Lord Candidate, although Arsha's mother forewarned that the world will be annihilated if the Candidate meets the Trinity Seven. Nevertheless, Ana states that the Candidate is her "soulmate", while Arsha insists that he will fall madly in love with Ana to not destroy the world. As Ana wonders when she will meet the Demon Lord Candidate, a Breakdown Phenomenon has begun to appear.

Lilith Abyss Trinity farthest argol ch48 MA

The Last Key

In a ruined world, Abyss Trinity remarks that his world is over while he himself will be left behind. However, the Demon Lord refuses to do nothing and in spite sends his daughter, Lilith Azazel, through a portal to another dimension.

Sensing the spirits in turmoil, Anastasia suddenly awakens to discover the Luxuria Breakdown Phenomenon. Transforming into her Magus Mode, Ana rushes outside where she meets with a concerned Arsha. However, the two are shocked when they find Ana slowly fading away, although she quickly understands the situation. She explains to Arsha that another existense similar to her is arriving in their world. Therefore, since only one Trinity Seven from each Archive can co-exist, she is being forced away which Arsha refuses to accept. Likewise, Ana decides to escape her fate by vanishing into the World of Demise along with the Breakdown Phenomenon. Despite Arsha's reluctance, Ana promises her friend that she will return before the Demon Lord vanquishes the world. Accepting her decision, Arsha also promises to become a Paladin so that she may help Ana in the future. After bidding each other farewell, Ana invokes her magic, disappearing with the Breakdown Phenomenon.

Astral Trinity Anastasia-L ch48 MA

Astral Trinity the Knight

In the present, Ana is awakened by a figure worried that she may have been suffering from a nightmare. Ana assures her companion that she is fine before embracing Astral Trinity as her knight.



  • Lilith Monthly Dragon Age Jan 2015 cover MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age January 2015

    The issue cover of Monthly Dragon Age January 2015 featured Lilith alongside Sento from Amagi Brilliant Park.
  • Anastasia's role as the Saint of Resurrection, as well as her disappearance seventeen years ago, was first revealed by Levi in Vial Killer & Duel Start.
  • Ana first revealed herself as the former Trinity Seven of Luxuria in the previous chapter.
  • Abyss Trinity originally revealed that he sent his daughter, Lilith, from his world into Arata's in Spriggan & Guardian.
  • Astral Trinity is revealed to be under Ana's command as her knight. From the previous chapter, Arata was forcibly transformed by Ana due to her magic before falling under her control.
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