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Sagas Arms & Sisters
Levi cover ch26 MA.png
Volume 06
Chapter 26
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age March 2013
Release Date February 9, 2013

Chapter 25


Chapter 27

Sagas Arms & Sisters[1] is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Seven Magicians series, released on February 9, 2013 in Monthly Dragon Age March 2013 issue and later compiled in the sixth volume on May 9, 2013.


Defeating the "Final Crest"

After preparing her Final Crest of the Invidia Archive against Lugh who willingly accepts the challenge, Levi finally casts her Final Crest Leviathan, summoning four twisters to surround Lugh. Lugh quickly realizes Levi's intention to restrict her movements by blocking all directions even if she moves at the speed of light. However, despite the spell's destructive force of nature, Lugh notes that she was disappointed as the Final Crest did not meet her expectations. With a single strike, she is able to easily destroy the twisters, only to discover Levi and Master Biblia has disappeared. Her companion reveals that the ninja had tricked her, having pretended to use her Final Crest in order to escape.  

In the Academy, an injured Levi rests while the Headmaster comments that her plan was successful, but their opponents would eventually find them regarldess. Nevertheless, Levi's deception, along with Yui's Arch Symphony had bought them time. Yui then asks of their condition to which Levi replies that she is barely fine, although laments that having one more person to support her would be helpful. Yui and Master Biblia agree as Levi's Shamanic Spells and Yui's Arch Symphony cannot go against Lugh, a Demon Lord Candidate with three Themas. They nontheless understand Arin's decision to go to Arata's side as her duty as a wife.

Preparing to Repair

Meanwhile at the Royal Liber Academy, the group discovers the transfer station in ruins, most likely destroyed by Hijiri. Repairing the station would be difficult since the construction is complex and requires dozen specialists of the fields. As such, they would need to travel to the next closest transfer station which is a day away. However, Lilith insists they try and the girls begin fixing the station.

Lugh and Levi renew their fight after the latter attempts to ambush the thief. Lugh comments that the ninja has recovered a little as the Headmaster had healed Levi's arm. Next, Levi continues her onslaught before eventually ensnaring Lugh with threads, completely restricting her high speed movements unless she desires getting cut. However, as a result, her opponent then decides to summon her legendary treausres:

  • Virtus Arm: Light Piercer Brionac
  • Faith Arm: Light Slasher Fragarach
  • Sol Vorm: Light Wings Claiomh Solais

The Legendary Treasures

Levi and Master Biblia realize that Lugh had satisfied the Trinity requirements by possessing the treasures that are only available to those who have mastered a Thema. As Lugh comments that she also became a Demon Lord Candidate after gaining the Demon Lord Element, the thief suddenly appears behind Levi who is unexpectedly inflicted with numerous injuries, remarking that using a double-edged sword such as the Final Crest was unneccessary. 

After witnessing Levi's defeat in horror, Yui decides that she will fight as well, however Selina disagrees since the student population would be in trouble without her. However, Yui tearfully insists that she does not want to let Levi fight alone, and if there was even one more Trinity Seven would be helpful. Although Selina continues oppose her decision, she decides to volunteer herself as she is the young sister of one of the Trinity Seven. 

Trinity Seven of Acedia Returns

Suddenly bursting out of nowhere, Selina finds herself next to a surprised Lugh whom she immediately binds with her magic. While Lugh is unable to move, the reporter rushes to Levi's side in order to heal her injuries. Unfortunately, while recognizing Selina's skill, Lugh easily removes the spell before proceeding to attack the two. As the thief is about to strke them, Selina silently calls out to her older sister before Lugh seeminly decimates them, resulting in a large hole in the floor. Turning her attention to the Headmaster, Lugh states that she still has plenty of skills in store although the Headmaster suggests she refocus those skills on someone else. Suddenly, she hears a familiar voice from the hole who remarks that while she has returned to the real world, she might as well repay her debts. The voice is then revealed to belong to Lieselotte, having borrowed her sister's body while Selina's conscience resides in her camer. The Trinity Seven declares that since Lugh troubled her sister and Levi, she will not hold back for her.




  • Levi and Lugh continue their battle from the previous chapter which finished as Levi was about to perform her Final Crest.
  • Arata and the girls discover the transfer station to have been presumbly destroyed by Hijri. From the previous chapter, the group had decided to return to Biblia after assuming Hijiri also teleported to the Academy and were headed to the station.
  • Lieselotte returns to the real world after possessing Selina's, her younger twin sister, body. Lieselotte was originally imprisoned in the frozen world after using her Final Crest against Arata in Last Crest & Problem Solving.


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