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Ryuhime Kashin
Personal Info
Alias Golden Dragon Sorcerer
Gender Female
Status Alive
Race Human
Affiliation Wu Xing Shadow Ninja Force
Relatives Ryuki Kashin (Deceased)
Magic Abilities
Magic(s) Dragon Orb
Archive(s) Invidia
Thema(s) Perfectus
Manga Chapter 2Levi Story

Ryuhime Kashin is the leader of the Wu Xing Shadow Ninja Force, as well as a former candidate for the Trinity Seven of Invida and acquaintance from Levi's past. The two would reunite after coming into conflict over the Mythical Weapon Murasame.


Ryuhime has a confident and competitive demeanor, often finding opportunities to declare or display her capabilities, particularly towards Levi. Nevertheless, despite her self-assertiveness, Ryuhime will still acknowledge those with strong abilities, being aware of their strengths. However, her attitude can quickly become apprehensive or disturbed upon encountering an unexpected situation, although she usually recovers her composure.


Ryuhime is a young slender girl with long light hair adorned with a star hairclip on her right bang and a small dark garrison hat on the opposite side. Ryuhime's attire consists of a dark collared blouse with a cravat tie and short skirt with ruffles on the bottom held by a large belt, along with a dark cape. Additionally, she also wears dark thigh high socks and boots.

Notably, when she invokes her magic, a seal of a dragon appears on her right hand.



After capturing Charme, the Wu Xing Shadow Ninja Force ambush Levi who had tracked Charme to their location. While Levi barely manages to avoid the onslaught, she recognizes their identity due to the nature of their magic. Nevertheless, Ryuhime remains confident before introducing herself and declares that she will defeat Levi.

Trinity Seven: Dante's Gate arc[]

Ryuhime is seen sneaking inside the Demon King's castle. After Deus Trinity is awakened, she appeared, bringing Murasame, and give Arata a clue for Arata to be able to win against the True Demon King.


Dragon Orb[]

Dragon Orb

As a wielder of the Dragon Orb magic from the Invidia Archive, Ryuhime can interfere with the world by controlling the five elements of the dragon, becoming capable of even splitting dimensions. Possessing the element of gold, she can also utilize the remaining elements, wood, fire, earth, and water, through each of her subordinates whom she accesses through the talismans she maintains on her hat. 

Formerly a candidate for the Trinity Seven of Invidia, Ryuhime's strength has been noted to nearly equal against other Invidia mages such as Levi and Lugh. Furthermore, she is capable enough to single handily defeat a Code D Dragon.


  • Wind Dragon's Dimensional Slash - Generate a wave of energy through a slicing motion with her hand capable of decapitating a Code D dragon.
  • Barrier - Summon a barrier around her strong enough to protect her against an blast from a Code D Dragon.



Ryuhime possesses four talismans that she maintains on her person, usually on the brim of her headwear. Each talisman corresponds to one of the remaining members of the Wu Xing Shadow Ninja Force whom she can summon.

Element Subordinate
Wood Itsukihime
Fire Homurahime
Earth Sakaihime
Water Sumihime


Levi Kazama - As former acquaintances, Ryuhime would reunite with Levi during her pursuit for the Mythical Weapon Murasame. In particular, Ryuhime is competitive towards the Trinity Seven, often declaring that she will defeat the ninja. However, despite her confidence, the Gold Dragon Sorcerer respects Levi's strength, as well as being quite knowledgeable about her abilities and vice versa. Notably, they were both candidates for the position of the Trinity Seven of Invidia, although Levi would ultimately receive the title.

Ryuki Kashin - Ryuki is Ryuhime elder sister, and also seems to care for her in her life. However this was only on the surface, in truth Ryuki was only interested in Levi for her strength, and she doesn't care for Ryuhime at all. Although Ryuhime on the other hand does care for Ryuki despite her not being even human anymore. When she was killed by Levi prior learning what happened to Ryuki, she bore a deep grudge for Levi, and after learning what she became after her death, she still hated Levi, meaning that whatever the cost Ryuhime did care for her sister after what Ryuki has done all this time. In the end she accepted that her sister isn't human anymore and fought her. However even after her loss, Ryuki ignored Ryuhime till the very end.


  • The translation of Ryuhime is "Dragon Princess".