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Ruin Walker & Rage Walls
Hijiri cover ch51 7M MA.jpg
Volume 12
Chapter 51
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age April 2015
Release Date March 9, 2015

Arc Light & Soul Gemini


Lost Rune & Luxuria Girls

Ruin Walker & Rage Walls is the fifty-second chapter of the Seven Magicians manga series released on March 9, 2015 in the Monthly Dragon Age April 2015 issue, and later compiled in the twelfth volume on August 8, 2015.


After Hijiri and Arin's initial clash results in a draw, their respective partners decide to join the fight as well. Yui summons a barrier, however Lugh easily breaks the shield and attempts to attack Yui. But to her surprise, Arin blocks her strike using her spear despite the thief's speed. Although unharmed, Yui and Arin note that they are at a disadvantage since their focus is defense. Nevertheless, Hijiri transforms into her Satan form while Arin releases the seal on Gungir. 

Next Level

Meanwhile, Master Biblia and Selina continue to commentate before introducing Lieselotte and Abyss Trinity as guest commentators. Despite the Headmaster's excitement, Selina questions the missing Levi and Akio, but he assures her the situation is fine. 

Returning to the match, Arin again defends herself against another of Lugh's strike before Yui summons musical notes to erotically entangle the thief. However, Hijiri ambushes the two, destorying Arin's barrier and spear before Arin can retaliate. As a result, Arin is severly injured by Hijiri's magic but the Trinity Seven insists that she must continue. Therefore, Hijiri and Arin state that they must raise their magic level higher to rescue Arata .



  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Arin and Yui continue their match against Hijiri and Lugh.
  • Hijiri and Arin continuously mention that they must rescue Arata. Arata originally fell under Anastasia-L's control in Logos Mystery & Lost Master.
  • While introducing her sister Lieselotte as a guest commentator, Selina mentions her defeat in the first match. This is a reference to Lieselotte and Arata's defeat to Arin and Yui in Limit Release & Abyss Returns.
  • Selina questions the Headmaster about the missing whereabouts of Akio and Levi, referring to their capture by the Ayesha in Backstage & Chrono Gemini.