Return of Saint & Confusion
Anastasia Arata cover ch58 7M MA
Volume 13
Chapter 58
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age November 2015
Release Date October 9, 2015

Primary Decide & Save the World


Ready Champions and Fireworks

Return of Saint & Confusion is the fifty-ninth chapter of the Seven Magicians series, released on October 9, 2015 in Monthly Dragon Age November 2015 issue, and later compiled in the thirteenth volume on January 9, 2016.


Sora and Ilia arrive to confirm to Anastasia-L that Arata used his Demon Lord Element to stabilize her life.

Anastasia Arata rescue ch58 7M MA

A Rescued Anastasia-L

After defeating the creature, Arata reappears with an unharmed Ana in his arms, much to the relief of Lilith and Arsha . As Arata hands Ana to Arsha, he assures to the Paladin that Ana's existence is stable before falling unconscious. Upon examining him, the girls discover that his Element is almost gone, but Hijiri states that due to the Trinity Seven's support, his life was maintained as well. Immediately afterwards, the audience begins to cheer while the Trinity Seven discuss whether Arata will no longer become a Demon Lord. However, Levi notes that this was the outcome desired by the Headmaster.

Elsewhere, Master Liber dicusses the match with Master Biblia who decides to postpone the final for tomorrow. Subsequently, Liber notes that with the Demon Lord Element powerless, the next phase of Biblia's plan will begin. Biblia confirms her statement, declaring that Arata will become the greatest Demon Lord and rule over the world. In response, Liber remarks that Biblia is interesting since they are the judges, the successors to King Solomon. 

Arata Levi Akio Selina Yui Sora Selina Mira Lilith Ilia Arin Anastasia surprise ch58 7M MA


Upon finishing her recollection, Sora informs Ana that Arata's magic has been depleted, rendering the grimoires capable of only materializing in their human forms. Ana inquiries of Judecca which Ilia reveals that the Demon Lord Weapon was currently in the custody of Abyss. Subsequently, the grimoires decide to leave Ana and Arata alone, but the Saint of Resurrection first asks them if they still consider Arata their master, which the two confirm much to Ana's relief. Afterwards, Arata awakens where the two greet one another before Ana expresses her gratitude and confesses her feelings to him. Arata responds that he likes her as well, but Ana claries that his reactions to her was most likly the Demon Lord Element within him responding to her Terminus Thema. Nevertheless, Arata restates that he enjoys being with her, although not romantically. However, Arata admits that he does not understand romance, and requests that she wait until he has an answer which she happily agrees. Ana then questions Arata of his next goal, which Arata reveals that he will train as a proper mage before meeting the true Demon Lord. Finally Arata decides to go watch the final match before inviting Ana, but still desring to display her appreciation, she attempts to kiss him. However, the two are interrupted when the door suddenly breaks down, revealing the girls eavesdropping on their conversation. While Lilith and Mira bashedly try to explain their presense, Arata suggest that he and Ana continue which the girls greatly oppose. As the girls chase after Arata, Arsha and Ana state that the group has a lot of energy, but they nevertheless are work well together. 

Within a stormy and volcanic area, a woman resembling Sora awakens within a large gate.






  • In Monthly Dragon Age November 2015 issue, Levi Ninden was formerly announced with the first chapter to be released on November 9, 2015 in Monthly Dragon Age December 2015[1].
  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Anastasia-L found herself in the infirmary next to a sleeping Arata only to discover she can properly maintain her existence in the real world due to Arata's sacrifice of his Demon Lord Element. 
  • During the Paladin's meeting in the flashback, Master Liber complains about the lack of a match for the runner-ups in which Biblia accepts if Hijiri is available. This is a reference to the defeat of Liber's team to Yui and Arin in Lost Rune & Luxuria Girls.
  • Ilia reveals that Judecca is currently under the possession of Abyss Trinity. She also notes that the two get along due to the fact that they are both Demon Lord Weapons. This is a reference to the revelation in Forbidden Fruit & Top Quartet where Abyss returned after fusing with the Red Imperial Sword Caina due to Arata destroying his body in Sky Library.
  • After Ana confesses her love to Arata, he responds that he does as well and mentions that since meeting her, his heart always reacts to her; alluding to his reactions to her presence since School Festival & Sticks.


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