Record Quest & Semiramis Garden
Royal Biblia Academy cover ch30 MA
Volume 07
Chapter 30
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age July 2013
Release Date June 7, 2013

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Record Quest & Semiramis Garden[1] is the thirty-first chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on June 7, 2013 in Monthly Dragon Age July 2013 issue and later compiled in the seventh volume on December 9, 2013. 


Arata acedia ch30 MA

Accessing the Acedia Archive

Inside the infirmary, Arata attempts to connect the Acedia Archive and execute the Stagna Thema, however nothing happens. Lieselotte, possessing Selina's body, remarks that he was almost successful until the last part. Lilith then arrives and inquiries the two of their activity, to which Lieselotte explains that Arata is attempting to replicate her magic. Furthermore, Arata reveals that his grimoires have recovered and introduces Lilith to his newest addition, Ilia. While the two greet each other, Sora comments that they have been unable to master the last process to duplicate the magic. Ilia divulges that Arata has already realized the "concept" and "understanding" of the magic, although he states that he nevertheless does not understand overall. Arata next recalls hearing that the last process involved touching breasts, however Lieselotte refuses since she is using Selina's body, despite Selina and Lilith's objection that he still cannot touch her real body as well. Later, Sora also questions a surprised Ilia about the third process in spite of performing the process before. But Sora, including Arata, declares that as genius, they do not need need to fully knowledgable to be able to work. Resigned, Ilia then reveals that the third process is "reasoning"; Lieselotte suggests the meaining indicates  being calm under perverse situations, much to Lilith's chagrin. Afterwards, Lieselotte then asks Lilith the reason for her visit,  to which the teacher requests Arata to join an investigative mission. Lieselotte explains that investigative type missions only involve searching and reporting any abnormalities unlike the assignments from Grimoire Security. Additonally, Lilith reveals that she was also investigating when she first encountered Arata and Sora in the Reconstructed World. Likewise, Sora remembers Arata's perverted encounters as Hijiri as well to Ilia's exasperation but Sora notes that Ilia also displayed Hijiri in a naked apron. While Arata comments that the two are good friends, Lilith happily and contently watches the scene of the three bantering. Thereafter, Lilith and Lieselotte both agree the mission would be an excellent learning experience, although the former is initially hesitant due to Lieselotte's situation. Nevertheless, the entrapped Trinity Seven insists the two proceed with the mission and Arata promises that he will liberate her in the future before leaving. However, after being left alone, Lieselotte requests Selina to perform a task as she feels uneasy about the misssion. 

Outside the Academy, Arata instructs his grimoires to remain in their true form since the warping device was damaged. He is then greeted by Lugh wearing a collar, although he initially does not remember her until recalling that he touched her breasts, much to the thief's amazement. Lilith next arrives, explaining that Lugh is joining the mission, along with Akio. Akio also discloses their destination has connections to the Demon Lord Candidates, as well as her hometown. Upon learning Akio's connection to their mission, Arata comments that his lack of knowledge of her past, although the they still manage to be quite friendly with one another, in which Lugh praises his speaking skills. Subsequently, Arata finally questions Lugh of presence as she was their enemy, but the thief reveals after her defeat, she was captured after being abandoned by Master LIber. Additionally, she cannot use her magic due to the neck collar that can only be unlocked by a key in Lilith's possession. Arata remarks that was the consequence for defeating their ninja, although Lugh states that she is simply quite strong in the end. As the group begins heading towards their destination, Arata hopes that they will not become separated again, however Lilith promises to stay next to him. In response to her suggestive words, Akio asks Arata if the two's relationship has become more affection, to which Arata confirms, in addition to being confident enough to confess, much to the teacher's denial. Afterwards, Arata questions Akio about her hometown, but as she begins to reminisce , the group reaches a desolate area where Akio announces they have arrived to Arata's surprise. He then recognizes the location as the place where his vision of Akio as a young nun occurred, which Akio confirms as her past. While Arata is suprised by the difference between the current and younger self, Akio notes while she has not returned for a long time, her hometown is still as empty as ever. Lilith mentions that according to Master Biblia, there exists several ruins that are connected to the Demon Lord. Lugh also confirms her statement, divulging that she had stolen her Mythical Weapons from them as well before pointing upwards the sky. Akio verifies the ruin, Sky Library, has existed in the atmosphere for years while continuing while holding the world's knowledge within. 

In the distant past, a young Akio as nun greets the inhabitants of her lively hometown when suddenly an explosion occurs and she finds herself as the sole survivor within the ruins of her former home.

After reminiscing her earlier years, Akio asks Arata if he wishes to enter the Sky Library, which he confirms since there is nothing else around. Although Akio agrees to help him, Arata remakrs that he is unable to actually see the Library; both Akio and Lugh reveal that a barrier hides the ruin to protect the stored ancient weapons within from raiders. His grimoires suggest that he use his magic to dispell the barrier, but upon activating his magic, the group suddenly detects an abnormality. Lugh notes the Library is reacting to his Demon Lord Element, and Lilith senses a huge amount of energy heading towards them. Arata then attempts to counter the blast with his magic which causes an explosion to engulf the group as they quickly try to protect themselves. 

Arata Lilith sky libary ch30 MA

The Sky Library

Upon regaining his senses, Arata discovers himself within an unknown ruin, pondering if he is inside the Sky Library. He also finds Lilith holding him who in an attempt to protect him from the earlier explosion, but the two embarrassedly separate themselves quickly. Afterwards, the two realize Akio has reverted to her child appaearance as a nun as a result of overusing her Gula magic, much to their shock.  However, upon inquiring of Lugh's conditon, the group is suddenly ambushed by the thief herself who has fallen under control of a floating crystal. Arata and Lilith attempt to hide behind a pillar, but Lugh's beams proves to be quite powerful after easily melting their cover. Lilith deduces that Lugh is being manipulated by the Library's security, which is providing her with magic desite being sealed. Since the crystals seem to be targeting Arata due to his Demon Lord Element, he decides to act as a distraction while the girls destroy the crystal. However, when Arata reveals himself, the mind controlled Lugh instead strikes at Lilith, rendering her unconscious to Arata's distress. While Akio still manages to defeat the crystal and liberate Lugh, Arata rushes to Lilith's side and Sora orders Ilia to treat her. Arata is confused on the reason the crystal targeted Lilith, which Akio thought would focus on the Demon Lord Element. Lugh confirms the crystal was indeed concentrating on the Element, however that would mean that Lilith also possesses the Demon Lord Element as well.



  • Arata attempts to use Logos Art with guidance from Lieselotte & Selina in an effort to save the former from her imprisonment. This is a reference Lieselotte's entrapment in the Stagnant World andArata's promise to liberate her in Last Crest & Problem Solving.
    • Additionally, Lieselotte has been able to partially return to the real world while possessing Selina's body, which first occurred in Chapter 26
  • Lilith and Ilia formerly meet in the infirmary after the grimoire had recoverd her magic. In Chapter 23, Ilia defected from her former master, Hijiri, to join Arata as his grimoire, however, she had depleted her magic upon escaping Liber's barrier. 
  • Ilia is surprised that Sora is not aware of the last step to copy another person's magic despite having successfully complete the process numerous times. Arata first duplicated Lilith's Outer Alchemic in Marine Time & Error Code and later Akio's Mantra Enchant in Paladin & Book of Astil.
  • Lilith recalls that she was conducting an investigation when she first encountered Arata and Sora which occurred in Cracker & Third Selection.
    • Sora also reminisces Arata touching her breast while she was masquerading as Hijiri, much to Ilia's annoyance.
      • Futhermore, in response to Ilia's reaction, Sora mentions that Ilia also displayed a vison of herself as Hijiri in a nake apron in Critical & Demon Lord
  • Lugh reveals that she was captured after being defeated and later abadoned by Master Liber. The thief was originally overcome by Akio and Yui's combo in Chapter 28 before Liber retreated with Hijiri.
    • Arata remarks that Lugh's situation was a result for hurting Levi during their battle which transpired in Chapter 25.
  • Akio teasingly asks Arata if Lilith's affection increased after their data, referring to the events in previous chapter.
  • Upon arriving at Akio's hometown, Arata recognizes the location from his vision after Akio passed her knowledge of her magic to him in Spell Succeed & Lost Technica.


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