Ready Champions and Fireworks
Lilith cover ch59 7M MA
Volume 14
Chapter 59
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age December 2015
Release Date November 9, 2015

Return of Saint & Confusion


Dante's Gate & Radix Grimore

Ready Champions and Fireworks is the sixtieth chapter of the Seven Magicians series, released on November 9, 2015 in Monthly Dragon Age December 2015 issue and later compiled in the fourteenth volume on April 9, 2016.


Yui Arin Mira Lilith ch59 7M MA

The Final Match

As the battle between Lilith and Mira against Arin and Yui begins, Yui announces that her team will claim victory, as well as the date Arata promised them, to her opponents, much to Mira's surprise. Subsequently, Yui launches her Meteor Symphony spell but Lilith and Mira both manages to avoid the onslaught. Mira notes that the unselfish Yui has become strong due to Arata's influence, but nevertheless resolves to fight. As such, Arin, Lilith and Mira both invoke their spells as the battle progresses.

While the crowd continues to cheer, Arata brings with Anastasia which she is able to taste flavors due to finally possessing a real body, much to her gratitude.

Meanwhile, Yui, Arin and Mira become jealous of Arata and Ana's interactions. Although Lilith tries to refocus the three, Yui and Arin discuss Lilith's developed relationship with Arata, much to the teacher's embarrassment. As such, Arin releases the seal on her spear despite Mira's ability to reflect magic. Nevertheless, Yui and Arin remain resolved to fight in order to remain by Arata's side. In response, both Mira and Lilith decide to use their full strength as well before the four members of Trinity Seven clash resulting in a large explosion.

Observing the match, Arata notes that he was not able to understand the flow of battle, which Ana believes is a result of him becoming a normal mage. Although she feels guilty, Arata assures the Saint of Resurrection that he is enjoying himself, much to her relief.

Dantes Gate ch59 7M MA

Dante's Gate

At nigh as the school festival continues, Master Liber and Arsha approaches Arata on the roof. Arsha comments that Arata is not afraid of them but he simply responds that while he did not understand the full circumstances, Arata realizes that he will need to defeat them in the future, especially to retrieve Hijiri. Additionally, he needs to support Ana and Arsha, surprising the latter that Arata still retains the memories of Astral Trinity. FInally, the former Demon Lord Candidate is determined to discover the truth about the wolrd and the Demon Lord. While Master Liber is amused by Arata's goals, Arsha worriedly confirms his intentions to enter Dante's Gate, the entrance to the spirit world where no one has ever returned, even Paladins. Nevertheless, Arata expresses his gratitude for Arsha's concerns, but remains determined to meet the true Demon Lord. Since according to Master Liber's prophecy, Dante's Gate will open in one year, Arata will need to train himself until then. Arsha states that as a Paladin, she is fine with Arata dying, but nevertheless wishes for him to return safely, much to her embarrassment. Afterwards, Yui, Arin, Lilith and Mira all arrive in yukatas with fireworks, prompting the Paladins to recall the final match.

Post the final clash, all of the competing Trinity Seven fall unconscious while Master Biblia is uncertain on his next course of action. However, Abyss Trinity suggests that all four are the champions which the Headmaster agrees. As a result, Selina declares the girls the winnors as the crowd cheers.

Arata Levi Yui Akio Arin Mira Selina Lieselotte Lilith strip 7M MA

Arata & the Trinity Seven

Despite being the victors, the Trinity Seven state that rather than recieve a reward from Akarsha or Liber Academy, they would rather see Arata's smile and safety, much to his happiness. Afterwards, the remaing girls all arrive in yukatas before lighting the fireworks. As the group enjoys themselves, Abyss Trinity and Master Biblia begins shooting additional fireworks in the sky. Sora then suggests that Arata cast his magic, and despite Ilia's warning, he inevitably causes most of the girls yukatas to disperse to his happiness and their anger. 

As the girls punish Arata, Master Biblia and Abyss Trinity discuss their anticipation of Arata and the Trinity Seven's growth.



  • Levi Anastasia Lieselotte Lilith Hijiri cover MDA Dec 2015 MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age December 2015

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age December 2015 featured Makoto Kiba from Triage X, as well as an advertisement for bookmarks of Anastasia-L, Lieselotte, Lilith, Levi and Hijiri.
  • Lilith and Mira battle against Arin and Yui in the final match of the Magical Research Showdown after each team won their earlier matches starting from Vial Killer & Duel Start
  • Yui and Arin mentions their promise with Arata to go on a date if they were victorious from Chapter 40.
  • As Yui is about to unleash Meteor Symphony, she recalls that the spell surprised Arata and the others. This is a reference to her initial casting in Fervent Girls & Somata Distortion.
  • Anastasia-L notes that she is capable of perceiving flavors after her body returns to normal. This is a reference to the events in Primary Decide & Save the World where Arata surrendered his Demon Lord Factor in order to rescue her. However, this action rendered him a normal mage in the process.
  • Arata states that he will support Ana and Arsha, surprising the Paladin that he retained his memory as Astral Trinity. Arata temporarily transformed into Astral while under Ana's control in Logos Mystery & Lost Master.
  • While observing Arata being punished by the girls in the roof, Abyss Trinity understands the reason why he was defeated, referring to his loss in Trinity Form & Saver Down.
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