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Astil Manuscript "Sora"
アスティルの写本 "ラディックス・アスティル" (Asutiru no shahon "Radikkusu Asutiru")
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Race Grimoire
Relatives Sora (Daughter)

Radix Astil is a grimoire of the Demon Lord, as well as the "mother" of Sora who seeks to revive her master. Upon deeming Arata Kasuga of being no longer worthy of her "daughter" after losing his Demon Lord Element, Radix comes into conflict with Trinity Seven.


As a grimoire, Radix normally behaves in a rational and straightforward manner, causing her to appear emotionless and open when interacting with others. However, she possesses a strong sense of devotion towards her master, the Demon Lord Deus Trinity, obediently following his orders and even willing to ruthlessly eliminate any obstacles preventing their ambitions. Furthermore, because of her regenerative ability, Radix rarely becomes flustered during intense situations, but nevertheless quickly recover even if she loses her composure.

Her loyalty is completely dedicated to the Demon King in person. She is very offended when Albalisha said Radix can serve her when she became the True Demon King.

According to Deus Trinity after his resurrection, this could be because Radix had accompanied him in researching his Thema, which is Love. Ironically, he dumped her because she can't throw away her feeling like him and instead got interested to Sora who actually shown unexpected growth after being with Arata and the humans.


Radix is a mature woman with long hair and a large busom with a large black bow tied on her head, resembling an older version of Sora.

The girmoire's attire consists of dark corset fastened to a choker and a long skirt, along with arm sleeves and black loafers.



Some time after Arata rescues Anastasia-L from her fate, Radix begins to awaken within a gate at a fiery and stormy unknown location.

In Hell Bathtime & Demon Talk, she mentioned that the Trinity Seven are:



As a grimoire, Radix contains knowledge of almost every magic in existence. Furthermore, she possesses a large amount of magic, which she can utilize for both offensive and defensive purposes due to her nature as a grimoire. She has currently displayed the following:

  • Teleportation - Radix is capable of teleporting to a specific coordinate.
  • Regeneration - Allows her to heal any wounds almost instantaneously, from the loss of a limb to even her own head. 
  • Analysis - Radix is quite adept at analyzing the nature of her opponent's magic.
  • Anti-Magic - Dispels any magic such as barriers.
  • Barrier - Constructs a denfensive barrier that can block both magical and physical attacks.


  • Infernity Purgatoria - Engulfs her target in flames.
  • Aurum Tiphereth - Summons a large seal that causes a large explosion. 


Arata Kasuga - Arata is the current master of her " daughter '' Sora, but Radix wanted him to be more suited to Sora, after having abandoned his element of demon lord. However, Radix has allowed the two to stay together for the time being as she rates Arata as a vessel worthy of her own master, the true Demon Lord. After being rescued by Arata Kasuga, Radix seem to be developing romantic feelings for him.


Sora - As the other half of the Astil Manuscript, Radix is the original or "mother" of Sora. After Arata forfeits his Demon Lord Element, Radix travels to Biblia in order to retrieve her, considering him no longer worthy of the grimoire regardless of her copy's will. Additionally, in order to revive her master, the true Demon Lord, Sora is also necessary in order to achieve that goal, but Radix has allowed her daughter to remain with Arata temporarily. Although Sora does not quite agree with her mother's methods of judging her master, Sora is nonetheless confident that Arata will prove himself to her.


  • Radix's Aurum Tiphereth spell is a reference to Tiphereth, the sixth sphere of the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah.[1]


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