Purely Emotion & Return King
Arata cover ch56 7M MA
Volume 13
Chapter 56
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age September 2015
Release Date August 8, 2015

Aeshma Slave & Fourth Gate


Primary Decide & Save the World

Purely Emotion & Return King is the fifty-seventh chapter of the Seven Magicians series, released on August 8, 2015 in the Monthly Dragon Age September 2015 issue, and later compiled in the thirteenth volume on January 9, 2016.


Mira white universe aria ch56 7M MA

Hero Candidate

As Arsha and Lilith focus their attacks on one another, Anastasia-L orders Astral to launch a surprise strike against the unsuspecting teacher. Meanwhile, a weary Mira contemplates Hijiri and Arin risking their lives in order to rescue Arata while Lilith's body begins to break down. Once more recalling Hijiri's commitment, Mira resolves to continue fighting, directing Ana and Astral's attention towards her. However, as Mira prepares to counter, she reminds Astral that even though he praised her as a genius, she is unable to grasp a new Thema as adept as the other Trinity Seven. Nevertheless, the Head of Grimoire Security will instead focus on her Justicia to defeat him, utilizing multiple Arias to launch a powerful magical blast towards her opponents. Due to protecting Ana, Astral becomes heavily injured, noting that she indeed is a genius while Lilith cares for a weakened Mira.

Meanwhile, Abyss is astonished by Mira's capability, commentating that the Trinity Seven was also a Hero Candidate. The Demon Lord and Headmaster then explain that a Hero Candidate is an existence opposite of the Demon Lord, one who protects the world. However, Abyss becomes suspicious of the Paladin for assembling the Trinity Seven of special background, although Master Biblia nontheless remains nonchalant. 

Arata Anastasia save ch56 7M MA

Rescuing Anastasia-L

At the Eternal Library, Arata releases Akio and Levi's bodies from their seal, although Akio is embarrassed that her body is nude while Levi's is counterfeit. Afterwards, the group discuss their plan on escaping the World of Demise, noting that they cannot use the same method when leaving Ilia's world. Hijiri suggests they create another Breakdown Phenomenon, but Arata declines due to her condition. But, Levi and Sora worry that their remaining friends will be in trouble, especially due to Astral Trinity's presense. This prompts Arata to suggest that since he and Astral are connected, particularly their desire to protect Ana, which he may be able to utilize to return them to the real world. However, Hijiri reminds him that Ana's goal to to seal him for eternity, but Arata remembers her kindness and love, refusing to abandon her and his cousin which the Fallen Saint accepts. Invoking his Demon Lord Mark, Arata summons Judecca and begins connecting with Astral as the world begins to crumble.

Around the same moment, Astral suddenly loses control of his magic before realizing that Arata's spirit has been freed. Mira senses a powerful magic, but is unable to see due to losing her vision as compensation for her last spell. Lilith explains that Astra's magc has become chaotic, assuming that Arin and Hijiri have successfully completed their mission. Meanwhile, Arsha is still shocked that the Chaotic Runes magus was able to reach Demise and locate Arata while Astral pledges his loyalty to Ana, the two understanding their situation. However, Arsha refuses to accept the outcome as Ana and her dreams will disappear. 

From the sidelines, Lieselotte notes that when Astral lost control of his magic, Ana's magic also vanished as well. Abyss and the Paladins explains that after sending Lilith to this world, Ana no longer possesses a physical body and requires the support of her spirits to maintain her existense. Because she strengthened Astral all of her magic, Ana will disappear the moment her knight is defeated. However, Lieselotte and Yui do not believe this is the final outcome, preparing themselves for the moment much to Selina's confusion. 

Levi Arin Hijiri Ilia Judecca Arata Sora Akio return ch56 7M MA

Return of Arata

As Astral continues to worsen, Ana also begins to disappear before reminiscing her past as a Trinity Seven in order to encounter her love, the Demon Lord. However, because she was forced to disappear due to Lilith's arrival, the Saint of Resurrection casted her Final Crest to seal herself in the Realm of Demise. But she still desired to meet the Demon Lord, so when Arsha became a Paladin and liberated her, Ana requested her friend to support her love. As such, Ana resolves to use her Final Crest to seal Arata and the Trinity Seven in order to save the world, as well as allow them to live peacefully. Although, upon invoking Aeshma Deva, Mira states that Ana will be erased from existence, causing Arsha to use her magic and risking herself being sealed as well. As Ana becomes worried of the situation,  Arata consoles her to not surrender before using his magic to eliminate all magic on the stadium and stating that he has returned.



  • Arsha Lieselotte Lilith cover MDA sept 2015 MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age September 2015

    The cover of Monthly Dragon September 2015 issue featured Lilith, along with Arsha on the cover of twelfth volume as well as a poster of Lieselotte.
  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Lilith and Mira continue their match against Anastsia-L and Arsha. 
  • During the match, Mira recalls that Hijiri and Arin resolve to endanger their lives in order to rescue Arata, referring to their disappearance in Lost Rune & Luxuria Girls.
  • As Mira is about to unleash her attack, the Head of Grimoire Security states that unlike Lilith, Arin or Levi, she is unable to quickly recieve another Thema. This is a reference to the events when each mentioned Trinity Seven revealed possessing new Themas:
  • While discussing their plan to escape the Demise realm, the group offers several suggestions alluding to previous events:
    • Arata suggests using the same method to escape from Ilia's world from Game Master & Exodus.
    • Hijiri proposes she and Arin create a Breakdown Phenomenon, the same method the two used in Chapter 52.
  • During his explanation for saving Ana, Arata reminises several of the encounters from Vial Killer & Duel Start, Luxuria Magus & Heaven's Gift, and Logos Mystery & Lost Master.
  • Lieselotte reminds Abyss of his defeat by Arata in Trinity Form & Server Down due to underestimating his abilities.
  • Anastasia-L recalls her failed love in the past due to the arrival of Lilith which forced her to disappear, revealed in Saint Terminus & Demon Knight.
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