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Primary Decide & Save the World
Anastasia cover ch57 7M MA.jpg
Volume 13
Chapter 57
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age October 2015
Release Date September 9, 2015

Purely Emotion & Return King


Return of Saint & Confusion

Primary Decide & Save the World is the fifty-eigth chapter of the Seven Magicians series, released on September 9, 2015 in Monthly Dragon Age October 2015 issue, and later compiled in thirteenth volume on January 9, 2016.



Arsha remains shocked and frightened by Arata's display of power, dispelling her Paldin spell and Anastasia-L's Last Crest, before recalling her mother's description of the Demon Lord as the one who leads thousands of worlds to their demise. Meanwhile, Yui and the Sherlock sisters happily reunite with Arata and the others while Ana remains astonished at the scene. Nontheless, Arata expresses his gratitude to the Saint of Resurection for attempting to save him instead of eliminating him, but Ana continues to feel guilt. However, Arata states that he has forgiven her, noting that he will forgive any girl if she is beautiful. Subsequently, Arata discusses with Judecca for a method to remedy Ana's situation, which the Demon Lord Weapon reveals that transferring all of his magic will stabilize her existence. Although, Judecca also warns that unexpect events may occur due to her Terminus Thema, as well as the loss of his Demon Lord Element. Arata readily accepts but Lilith is concerned about him if he yields his Element. Sora and Ilia predict that he will lose his magic or even disappear in a worst case scenario. Ana attempts to dissuade him from the course of action, but Arata chatises the Saint of Resurrection for surrendering to her fate and promises that he will survive. As such, she decides to believe in him and the Trinity Seven which Arata then orders Judecca to begin the process with support from his grimoires and the Trinity Seven.

During the process, as the crowd becomes amazed observing the scene, the Abyss and the Paladins note the level of complexity in returning the existince of a person.


However, the atmosphere then begins to crumble, revealing the presence of two Breakdown Phenomenons. Suddenly, lightning attempts to strike Hijiri but Lugh manages to protect her before being shielded by Arsha. The group notes that a Luxuria and Superbia Phenomenon are occurring simultaneously. Fortunately, the Headmasters have protected the audience from the Phenomenons' effects, but Ana begins to transform into a grotesque creature due to Terminus using her body as a gateway to teh world. A horrified Arsha tries to intervene, but Hijiri convinces her to yield the situation to Arata and the others. Meanwhile, Arata becomes furious at the unfairness of Anastasia-L's fate, resolving to rescue her. Arata continues towards Ana while his grimoires and the other girls support him by opening a path. However, Judecca states that she can eliminate only one of the Breakdown Phenomenons, but Abyss loans Caina to him out of responsibility for being the one to cause the current situation. Assuch, Arata manages to defeat the creature using the combined power of both Demon Lord Weapons.


Sleeping in a world of darkness, Ana is approached by Arata who has come to retrieve her, much to her gratitude.

Awakening in the infirmary, Ana discovers Arata resting next to her but more importantly, her existense has stabilized so that she may remain in the world.



  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Anastasia-L attempted to seal the Trinity Seven into the World of Demise using her Last Crest, but Arsha's refusal to allow Ana to disappear caused her to be potentially sealed as well. However, Arata returned and dispelled both Ana's Last Crest and Arsha's Paladin magic.
  • During Arata's criticism of Ana's acceptance of her fate, the Demon Lord Candidate states that he is tired of seeing people's hopeless smiles, which Hijiri and Lieselotte particularly react to. This is a reference to their respective situations where each one were forced to disappear. 
  • When Abyss Trinity loans Caina to Arata out of responsibility for causing the situation, referring to his act of sending Lilith to the world which caused Ana to disappear from Saint Terminus & Demon Knight.