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Patricia Caesar is the leader of the Demon Lord Knights of the Superbia Archive. She was originally a human until going into a summoning ritual by a mysterious mage, who had given her the power equal to the Trinity Seven. She was given the goal along with three other Demon Lord Knights to bring back "Demise" to this world, as well as to eliminate Anastasia-L. However this backfired as they later become friends. Currently upon Arata arrival to the different world after being reincarnated, she is one of the teachers to look after him.


Although Patricia is the leader of the other three Demon Lord Knights, she thinks to herself that she is the weakest of them all. However she is the kind of person who can rely on others. However she has confident in herself as she is the first one to nominate that she will test Ana's and Lilith strength. Defeated quickly, she retreats. Even though she boasts about her strength at first. Patricia changed later upon becoming friends and after meeting Pandora as well. She does accept defeat in honor, as well prioritizes friends over herself. She is quite responsible of her position as the leader and later a teacher. She enjoys being around her friends and deeply cares for them. It should be noted that she extremely hates Arata perverted teasing, when he first saw her in the bath which made her fluster in anger. She even later warned him that should he do these attitudes to them, she would reincarnate him into a girl. Patricia is also a cheerful teacher, being an old acquaintances with Lilith.


Patricia is a young woman, whom she has a blond hair with a hairstyle that is branded around her overall hair rounded, with the right side ends unbranded. She ties the rest of her hair with a ribbon at the back.

Patricia main attire consists of the school main uniform despite being a teacher. similar to those of Royal Biblia Academy school uniforms. With the except the change of necktie with a chess design. She wears a dark jacket, and a plaid skirt, black thigh-high socks, with shirttails sticking out below, and a dark shoes.


Patricia makes her first appearance, when she was taking a bath with her other three knights. She and the others haven't noticed that Arata was transported into the bath and nearly drowns due to his childish appearance, which draws their attention. Altana then introduces him to Patricia and the other three knights who will be teaching him. Altana describes Patricia to Arata as the Knight of the Demon Kings and also called Demon King Knight of Crimson Crack Aradis. As well as the prideful knight. After the introduction, Arata immediately use his perverted attitude on Patricia, seeing her naked breasts. The same way he used to do to Lilith and the other Trinity Seven. This makes Patricia flustered and angered at him, promoting her to throw various things at him. Later Patricia enters his room and asks him if he know who they are, Arata answers that he does, as Lilith said she had a really good four students, as well as Ana did say that they are the nice friends Ana did talk about. Patricia becomes embarrassed for her to hear good rumors from two people. She asks him if he has calmed down, Arata says his lump still hurts, She says that this is their naked pain as it will hurts forever. She sympathizes with him as he is having a hard time with all his friends annihilated. Arata agrees with will honestly that it is still a little painful for him. Patricia remarks that it's not a substitute for her friends though. She also tells him since he's a student at the same school, he can rely on them, for moments. Patricia however warns him that if he tries any perverted attitude she will reincarnate him into a girl with her means, which gives him a scare. She tells him, the training will start tomorrow, and get some sleep, he obeys so. She then leaves the room.

Patricia later starts teaching Arata about the levels of the Magus Mode. As he tries hitting her or to reach her, to no avail, as Patricia deflects his attacks. She then flicks his forehead that his level is too weak. She flicks his forehead again after not calling her 'sensei'. Although Arata is hesitant at his abilities, Patricia says to him she will allow him to touch her breasts if he can land a hit on her. Arata suddenly on fire, feeling excitement from her comment. He charges carelessly at her, only for her to deflect his attack, as well flicking his forehead third time. She explains about his Magus Mode and how to increase his level, to improve his foundation. Arata asks her, should he increase his level would he be able to match the level of the goddess. Patricia, says that only Demon Lords class have the potential to reach the God's class. Giving him an example of levels, if his level is 5 then the goddess is 53,000. Patricia in thought thinks that even though he was defeated by the goddess and all his friends are dead, yet he still haven't given up, finding this must be a talent. After training days with her and the other Demon Lord Knights, Patricia is seen smiling from afar, having learned to train alone.

When one of the goddess underlings Harukage invade the place, Pandora summons the Demon Lord Knights to take care of Arata. Patricia accepts however Harukage is set on pursuing Arata, sending a sharp shadow thread, decapitating Arata. Though Yorun uses her powers to create multiple clones of Arata, saving him. But Harukage then uses a powerful shadow technique, cutting everything insight and all the clones. Luckily with the help of Pandora, the Demon Lord Knights managed to escape into a far away building. Arata is worried about Pandora, though Patricia says they have to do something. Arata apologizes, and the Demon Lord Knights learn of Arata progress during their training. Patricia and the others are worried, and his only option is to achieve a Demon Gift, much to his confusion. Patricia explains to Arata the Demon's Gift feature. As well as it takes hundred of years to achieve it, with Chris adding that their souls ends up cycling for thousand of years, and even so they can't acquire it that easily. Much to Arata's dismay as he can't wait that long. Patricia, Chris, Inori and Yorun deduces if Pandora is buying them time, it means she is telling them to awaken the Demon's Gift. Arata questions if there is a way, Patricia responds there is only one way, and which is to stimulate the Demon Lord's soul with them. The other Demon Lords Knights explain the technique, promoting Arata to ask if there would be any danger to them. Patricia explains that if they assimilate with the soul of the Demon Lord the soul it self will be erased. This reminds Arata of how all the Demon Lords he faced in the past have lost their personality, as Patricia continue to explain. Patricia informs him what will happen to them if they do so, since they are not Demon Lord vessels to begin with, and if they will make direct contact the Demon's Lord soul they would completely disappear. Arata angrily refuses for that to happen, when Yorun reminds him that Pandora is putting her life on the line, as well as all of them, and this is all to defeat the gods. Arata sadly states that he wants them all to live with a smile, all the Trinity Seven, even Aryan herself. Patricia calls him an idiot in a friendly manner and pinches both his cheeks. Reminding Arata, that he should hurry up and become stronger. Smiling, by saying "I am your teacher, that's why you should properly graduate, okay?" Arata finally gains his resolve. The Demon Lord Knight connect to their Archive, they prepare the technique to use on Arata, using Four Heavenly Demon technique.

Arata suddenly breaks a crack in space, accidently landing on her breasts. He shouts to stop as they won't win that way. Patricia is confused by his words. She then angrily slaps him when he leans on her breasts. Patricia tells him to explain himself. Shockingly he says to go to where Harukage is. Inori inquires if he acquired the Demon's Gift, which he did not. However he says he will do it his way, all the Demon Lord Knights are totally confused. Arata then apologizes and to believe in him. Patricia and the others then accompany him.

Altana, Pandora and all the Demon Lord Knights then simply observe as he begins to talk to Harukage who eventually agrees to. Though when Arata asks her about her panties, since she always wears kimono, everyone present is surprised by this comment, Patricia is nearly speechless, though she is shocked by Pandora expression who proceeds to hit him and calls him stupid multiple times. However it was effective against Harukage when Patricia notices this, commenting about her abnormal thinking process. Later when Arata dashes at Harukage, Patricia cheers on him to go on, the best Great Demon King they trained.


Patricia Thema is Regius from the Superbia Archive. which allows her to change to the knight Aradis, even though it is the body and personality of Patricia. In this form she wields a huge battle axe changing her personality to Demon Lord Knight Crimson Crack soul. She uses this axe to deal massive damage to the opponents. When she is not connected to her Superbia Archive, Aradis persona leaves her body, but the soul still remains. She later learns how to control her knight armor without losing control of her body.

Demon's Gift - As a Demon Lord Knight she has her own Demon gift which is Emperor Slaughter .

  • Emperor Slaughter - Runs a crack directly into the world beyond space and time. It ruptures in the world overcome space-time itself.

Patricia magic is self-supporting specialized type that becomes stronger enough to hurt. Since it can absorb not only itself but also the blood and magical power of the other party, it is possible to maximize the performance of the body.


  • Patricia is the leader of the Demon Lord Knights because she is the oldest member being 19 years old.
  • Even though Patricia is the leader because she is the oldest, she is not the strongest one and admits weakness in her heart.
  • She is nicknamed Patty by her fellow Demon Lord Knights.