Parallel Shift & Vanitas
Arata Abyss Trinity cover ch32 MA
Volume 08
Chapter 32
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age September 2013
Release Date August 9, 2013

Forbidden Element & Aeshma


Spriggan & Guardian

Parallel Shift & Vanitas[1] is the thirty-third chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on August 9, 2013 in the Monthly Dragon Age September 2013 issue and later compiled in the eigth volume on April 9, 2014.


Abyss Trinity Lilith dragon ch32 MA

Demon Lord & Daughter

An uncertain Arata questions Abyss Trinity if he is indeed the father of Lilith, as well as a Demon Lord, to which he confirms both statements before revealing his face. Upon seeing his face, the group becomes greatly surprised how similar Abyss resembles Arata. Lugh remarks that their appearance are nearly identical, which Abyss states that he and Arata are similar in several ways. Sora then verifies that Abyss' magic is real, but is still confused how that is possible. Akio reveals that the Sky Library contains weapons to defeat the Demon Lord and Candidates, the most powerful of them is Abyss.Suddenly, security crystals appear and surround the party while Abyss continues to explain that the easiest method to eliminate the Demon Lord is to destroy the Demon Lord Element within. As such, the best person to complete that task would be a Demon Lord from an alternate reality. Abyss was summoned years ago by the Spriggans for the sole purpose of destroying the Demon Lord of the current world, Arata. Regardless, Akio intejects, questioning Abyss if he annihilated her hometown, which he affirms. Akio next inquiries for his reason since the Spriggans had protected him, but Abyss simply responds that he was bored, desiring to assess the Demon Lord Weapons of this world. Upon learning his motive, Akio becomes angry however the Demon Lord states that experimenting with a powerful weapon was normal.
Akio vanitas ch32 MA


In response, Akio attempts to strike Abyss, although he easily defends himself from her attack before rendering the former Spriggan unconscious with his magic. Commenting that his magic is from one of the worst Themas, Sora immediately begins treating Akio and confirms that her life is stable. Sora explains to Arata that the Luxuria Archive possesses Themas related to life and souls. Abyss then reveals that his Thema is Vanitas or "nothing", being able to return everthing to nothing. While the group is overwhelmed by his power, Arata declares that he cannot allow Abyss to leave with Lilith, despite understanding that Abyss is much stronger than him. Although, he notes that Abyss could have already killed him with the surrounding crystals, which Abyss affirms but also continues to claim Lilith. As his daughter, Lilith is the "last key" that connects to the alternate worlds, allowing him to gain access to his original strength much to Sora's shock. Subsequently, Arata then reviews the current situtation:
  1. Rescue Lilith
  2. Avoid the crystals
  3. Defeat the dragon
  4. Handle Abyss Trinity
As a result, Arata concludes that the situation is impossible for him, but Lugh interrupts the conversation, claiming that since she is not involved with the situation, could she return home. Abyss recognizes her as the thief who visited Sky Library before to which Lugh expresses her gratittude for allowing her to steal the Mythical Armaments.
Abyss Trinity Arata Lilith rescue ch32 MA

A Desperate Situation

Seeing no reason to waste his time on anyone other than the Trinity Seven, Abyss allows her to do as she pleases. In gratitude, Lugh then summons her Mythical Armament and eliminates every security crystal to give Arata an opportunity. When the dragon begins to act, Lugh destroys seveal nearby buildings, causing them to fall on top of the creature. As Abyss attempts to retaliate, he suddenly realizes Arata trying to reach Lilith, but Abyss quickly summons his magic to strike his underclassman. However, Abyss unexpectedly finds himself binded by Lieselotte's magic and Arata again tries to retrieve Lilith. Unfortunately, Lieselotte has also restrained him as well, stating that they have to leave Lilith and retreat which Sora agrees. Abyss then releases himself from Lieselotte's magic and proceeds to shoot his magic towards the party. While Sora attempts to convince Arata to retreat and save Lilith later, Arata continues to insist retrieving her before Abyss' magic explodes at their location.



  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Abyss Trinity revealed himself to the party as the Crimson Demon Lord of the Luxuria Archive after recaling his daughter, Lilith. 
  • Akio confronts Abyss on the destruction of her hometown which she originally revealed as the reason she abadoned being a Spriggan in the previous chapter as well. 
  • When Lugh interrupts Arata and Abyss' conversation to leave, Abyss recognizes her as the thief who had stolen Mythical Armaments in the past, which Lugh mentioned in Record Quest & Semiramis Garden.


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