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パンドーラ (Pandōra)
Personal Info
Alias Mirror Silver Pandora
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Yellow
Status Alive
Race Demon Lord Knight
Affiliation Demon Lord Knights
Location Demise world
Archive(s) Acedia
Thema(s) Unknown
Manga Chapter 126

Pandora is one of the Demon Lord Knights and was a very good friends with Ana until they were separated, which she held a grudge on that. Upon learning of Ana status after she reincarnated Arata into other world, she changed from the happy smiling girl to a more serious one and is a cold-hearted person. Ana's status and decision completely changed who she is.


Pandora used to be a happy and a cheerful person, and she loved Ana more than anything. She would even go as far as risk her life to a near death situation to save a friend (Ana) whom was demonized. Pandora is a strong willed person and in combat she doesn't hesitate in the least. However she can be very emotional when it comes to friendship. Even when she was trapped with her comrades in a different world, she shows no fear. Upon Ana and her four knights left her to the original world, she stayed behind having been very patient. She loved being around her friends more than anything else.

However this all changed when Ana didn't return whom she decided to wait for, whom unbeknown to her, that she sealed the "End" and was called the Saint of Betrayal. This intensified even more when she later learned that she reincarnated Arata and was trapped in the Garden of Souls for eternity. Even though she doesn't blame Arata since it was Ana's decision to begin with, but she has hatred for him stealing Ana's love, whom even promised her years before who will win their love first. She became a cold-hearted person and decided to become strict to never make the same mistake again. Now her smile and cheerfulness has gone, and even hates long conversations. Arata felt her demeanor is similar to Ana but is cold.

Pandora addresses Ana with honorifics such as Ana-sama (さま) showing great respect towards her.


Pandora resembles Ana a lot to the point that Arata has mistaken her for Ana. She has a long light-blue hair which resembles Ana's style. Her attire consists of a robe that reaches till the bottom of her outfit, only revealing her shoes.


Pandora introduces herself to Arata.

Pandora first appears after Arata woke up from his bed, she enters the room whom Arata firstly mistakes her for Ana. She denies she's Ana and informs him that Ana is in the Garden of souls. Pandora proceeds to tell him her name, that she is Pandora, the knight of the Demon Lord. Pandora then tells him if he's done waking up to follow her. When following her, she informs him more that he has been reincarnated by Ana's spell. Arata then understands why he is a child and his body getting smaller due to reincarnation. However she corrects him that it was Ana's carelessness that she got smaller. This surprises Arata as it was by mistake. She tells him what happened is that Pandora made a mistake in setting the age of the body as the vessel of the soul, moreover that even Ana can't help but make mistakes, and it can't be helped. Arata wants to know what happened and asks her a series of questions, wanting to know what is currently going on. This irritates Pandora and tells she doesn't want to talk. She gets to her point that in all honestly she hates him for being liked by Ana. But Arata apologizes that it was for her she made this sacrifice. Pandora tells him he doesn't have to apologize since Ana made her decision herself.

Pandora shows Arata what happened to the world.

They finally arrive at a place that has a huge crystal, and images starts showing up a disasters and destroyed world, which Arata believes that this was what Ana talking about, a world dominated by the gods, as he quires if it's true. She coldly says to him that it's his fault, and that due to his loss, everything in the world became what can he see, to which Ana continued to pray in the garden of the soul. Otherwise Ana wouldn't have used the reincarnation secret method. Arata redeems himself that it was mistake to challenge Aryan absolute power. Even though Pandora says there were other ways to fight. He then asks Pandora what should he do, as what did Ana expect from him, wanting to know what should he do as Pandora being his only hope. As she is about to talk, she is interrupted by someone who is floating above them. Laughing, and commenting that the whole scenery is rather cute.

Pandora treats Arata injuries.

Pandora would later treat Arata's injuries after his training with the other Demon Lord Knights. Having noticed he woke up, she would tell him if he's fine he could leave. When asked if she did this to him, she explains that Demise world is different from the original world as the flow of time is exponentially slower compared to other world. She wonders if he can stand a year of training which is yet to come. Arata questions her if she is worried for him, which she denies so. But in fact she would be fine if he dies in the middle of the training in the Demise world. Arata thinks to himself that she definitely hate him, though he still thinks that she has a great care for him for him for treating his wounds, as he finds it warm healing magic. Pandora is ready to leave, but Arata tells her they'll spend a long time together to be in her care. Only for Pandora to brush off his comment and tell him to change his clothes, and return to training. Pandora then leaves the room.

Pandora after measuring Arata's magic power.

After days of training, she finds Arata in a bath and comes completely naked. Whom Arata is completely flustered and surprised. She informs him of how much time he spent here as two years in Demise of world which would be days on earth. She reminds him that they haven't even reached half of his training schedule. Pandora informs him, that the magic in his body now is sufficient as he is now able to use his spells without transforming into Magus Mode. She uses her magic on Arata by licking him, which she silence him upon commenting that it tickles. Remembering that Liese did the same to him before, Arata wonders if her Archive is Acedia as well. Having finished measuring his body magic, she sees there's no problem. She notices that Arata is very embarrassed, questioning him that he already did the same previously (knowing full well that he did bath with the other Trinity Seven). Arata answers seeing her as a pretty girl, he is happy so. but still makes him embarrassed. Pandora says that the the other half of his training is yet to be completed, and informing the latter that after few years, having reached the highest level of training, he will finally attain the ability to defeat a God. The two notice Altana sudden arrival, which Pandora notices that she has mysterious injuries, asking the Arbitrator what has happened to her. Altana informs her that they are in the worst situation ever.

Pandora battling Harukage.

Upon the arrival of the assassin sent to eliminate Arata and the four Demon Lord Knights, Pandora prepares to fight Harukage. She tells Arata to run away as he will get in her way. Refusing to do, as she might die, all will be ruined. However Harukage won't let them escape. Pandora summons knights and the four Demon Lord Knights, and because of Arata stubbornness to leave, she leaves it to them to take him away. However before they could so Harukage uses a shadow, forming a deadly spear, attacking at high speed. But Yorun intervenes, uses her ability to create multiple shadow clones of Arata. Only for Harukage to use a powerful shadow technique, which not only destroys all the clones but the all the knights Pandora summoned earlier. Harukage notices that they have escaped to safety except for Pandora and Altana. Harukage also notices that Pandora is unharmed along with Altana. Pandora mentions She has a Liberation technique which nullifies all calamity that would harm her, including even an attack from an assassin sent by the goddess. Pandora then prepares to fight the assassin and unleashes her power as a Demon Lord Knight. She uses beams of lights, piercing Harukage simultaneously. Knowing full well she can't defeat her and she's only buying time. Meanwhile Altana comments that she must be a tsundere to fight Harukage and allow Arata to escape. Pandora merely answers her it would be the same with Anna as she believed in the boy, so will she. Harukage uses her shadows to defend her self from the rays of light, and says to Pandora if that's her intention, her original goal was bringing demise to both the Demon Lord Knights and Arata, but dealing with Pandora comes first since she will get in her way.

Arata arrives next to Pandora.

However their battle is off-screen but later it is shown that Pandora is seriously injured. As she smiles in desperation, accepting her death, in her thinking that Arata will surely come back with the strongest Demon's Gift. As Pandora is about to collapse in her final thought that she will join her friends now apologizing. In that instant however, Arata arrives next to her informing her that he failed to receive the Demon's Gift. Pandora chides him, as he needs to escape and won't allow him to fight. However Arata shouts at her that he received permission from Anna to stay. Upon hearing this, Pandora is shocked and reluctantly allow him to stay since Anna accepted it so will she. Now Arata wishes to speak to Harukage, Pandora and the Demon Lord Knights, and Altana watch in silence.

Pandora thinks beating Harukage who is one of the highest Arbitrators level, that there is no way without a Demon's Gift. Pandora also in thought that the fate of the world rests in their conversation. Even though Arata is in deep trouble, Pandora finds him smiling which confuses her. Chris tells her they don't need to interfere and Patricia furthermore informs her leaving everything to him would also be what Anna wanted. Everyone watch in silence as their conversation continue, and Pandora still in deep thought after he abandoned all his powers, managed to speak to a god, wondering if he has an ace up his sleeve which would even beat the very existence of a god. A god who took the body of one of the strongest Arbitrator. As this is their last hope of preventing the world disaster that has been unleashed.

Pandora flusters, and angered at Arata question.

She prays for Anna to protect him. Everyone is shocked upon hearing Arata's question to her if she wears any panties, since Harukage always dons a kimono. A flustered Pandora however calls him names with stupid, an idiot, lewd and pervert, as she punish him. As well a little angered that, he is resurrected by Anna which now does nothing and nearly cries, furthermore she berates him, with a question that would do nothing as the fate of the world was at a stake. Though when Arata tells her to calm down and look at Harukage, much to her surprise that the goddess has entered a state of shock and started to lose her mind as her thoughts become jumbled up. Arata informs Pandora that if this is his world where he can ask stupid questions and be embarrassed which would be punished for, he'd rather live in a world like that that of which it is his "rule".

After Harukage is saved from the evil god Skade, Pandora couldn't believe such a feat could be done. Pandora also finds out that they were fused with Harukage Shadow, figuring out that Altana is the same whom admits Altana was an ally but tried her best to hide it, much to her dismay. Now that Altana announces he has proven he is able to beat a god, they should depart. Which Arata questions how so. Pandora mentions they have already prepared for a method to leave Demise world. Pandora proceeds to open a hidden gate, revealing a hidden castle named the Demon Lord's Castle Noah which is under Arata's control, much to his happiness. Pandora along with the rest of the Demon Lord Knights and numerous Knights, Harukage and Altana then sit in respect for all of them to obey him. Arata announces that he will to "rule" Aryan first and everyone else. However firstly he wants to meet a certain girl, and he moves his castle.


Pandora has an unknown Thema but it's from the Acedia Archive, hence she has practiced Logos Arts. Similar to Liese she can measure a person mage power by making physical contact. Having been taught and educated by Anna how to use her magic, she can even enter another person conciousness.

She was able to wield a fake and forbidden sword weapon Antenora, a powerful weapon which boosts her abilities and power, and fight on par with Anna. She can also summon anti-knights that has powers equal to the Demon Lord Knights and techniques.

Demon's Gift - Being a Demon Lord Knight she has her own Demon Gift called Emperor Slave.

  • Emperor Slave - Allows her to summons all the Demon Lord Knights at will, as well summon infinite numbers of Knights.

Liberation Technique - A defensive type technique, which protects her from any calamity that may harm her. It is powerful enough to defend against an attack from one of Harukage shadows one of the goddess assassins.

Spirit of All Evil - Pandora forms light wires, which she holds them in her hand, then she fires them at the enemy which creates multiple light beams, she is able to manipulate them as long as she is holding the wires, and can fire them at the target, that can pierce any target aimed at.


  • The Pandora myth is a kind of theodicy, addressing the question of why there is evil in the world, according to which, Pandora opened a jar (pithos) (commonly referred to as "Pandora's box") releasing all the evils of humanity.
  • Pandora has many meanings, in many ways.
  • Pandora is the only other friend to Ana other than Ayesha who is her best friend. Ana wished for her to someday have her own best friend other than Ana too.