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Paladin & Book of Astil
Master Biblia ch15 cover MA.jpg
Volume 04
Chapter 15
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age April 2012
Release Date March 9, 2012

Special Training & Big Event


Spell Succeed & Lost Technica

Paladin & Book of Astil[1] is the sixteenth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on March 9, 2012 in Monthly Dragon Age April 2012 issue, and later compiled in the fourth volume on September 6, 2012.



Lieselotte announces to Master Biblia that she will begin fighting to which he eagerly awaits. Commanding the demons, Lieselotte orders the horde to attack although the Headmaster easily destroys them. He then suddenly appears behind her before grabbing her and lecturing that against higher level magus, she should always equip her grimoire. Escaping from his grasp, she decides to bring out her wings, binding him with Ligare, Selina's spell. Despite being trapped, the Headmaster nontheless advises the Demon Lord Candidate that regardless the type of the opponent, she should first figure out what kind he is, casting a spell and surprising Lieselotte that he is able to use magic in his current situation. He reveals that he is capable of using magic as long as he is able to speak, before easily casting away the binding. Lieselotte is elated by the power of a Paladin, desiring to steal his magic and research. Although finding him and his strength incredible, she also begins to become nervous, recognizing him as someone who has reached the pinnacle of magic, a Paladin. Suddenly, Liselottes becomes frightened when she is able see his grimoire, Solomon's Gate. She assumes that only those with a certain amount of magic are able to witness it's form. Master Biblia affirms her assumption, but also warns her that she should avoid staring too long or she may lose her mind. Lieselotte complies with his recommendation and removes her wings, leaving her unable to fight against him. Nevertheless, she entices the Headmaster with her body, which causes him to accept her provocation before she strikes him out of a window. Afterwards, an unhappy Lieselotte decides to find the rest of the Trinity Seven.

Outside, an unharmed Master Biblia remarks that he is pleased to see her development, hoping the others will follow also grow as well. However, he also reflects to Lieseotte that evil lose the moment they receive the great powere they seek.


Elsewhere, Akio, Mira and a battered Arata sense a Breakdown Phenomenon, assuming that Lieselotte has returned. Mira tells Arata to hurry and learn Akio's magic before Akio strikes him once more. The Astil Manuscript awakens and asks if he wishes to learn Akio's magic, having already finished processing her magic a while ago, much to the surprise of three. While Akio and Mira are uncertain when the grimoire completed the process, the Astil Manuscript declares that since he is not transformin the grimoire, she will have to personally teach him herself. The grimoire promptly transforms into a human appearance, astonishing the group before re-introducing herself as Sora, the name Hijiri named her. 

Inside the infirmary, Lilith notices that Arin has sensed something, which Yui reveals that someone with great magic was defeated, affirmed by Arin. Lilith guesses that Master Biblia was defeated, although he had most likely lost on purpose. However, Arin also notes that there is someone else with strong magic heading to their location. Levi proposes setting several traps until Lieselotte abruptly destroyes the entrance and appears. Unexpectedly, she is immediately caught in one of Levi's traps, much to the confusion of Lilith as to when Levi placed them. Lieselotte jocularly remarks that she was caught; Lilith further analyzes that Lieselotte's magic is weak against direct attacks and traps. Regardless, Lieselotte easily escaps the trap before approaching Selina, sadly wishing that she could bring her sister to ther side. Lilith quickly notices Lieselotte's mention of a group but Lieselotte nontheless believes that her sister would never turn evil. Selina then awakens, greeting her sister despite feeling unwell, although Lieselotte states that she will not apologize. Selina understands, but wants to make a deal that if Arata defeats Lieselotte, her sister will rejoin them prior to falling asleep again. However, Lieselotte regrettably responds to her sleeping sister that in her current situation, she can no longer be with them. Subsequently, Lieselotte then prepares to fight against the group, creating her wings and declaring that in order to defeat the headmaster, she will steal their magics. But as she attempts to attack the group, she is startled by the appearance of a dragon creature that stops her onslaught. A stupified Lieselotte demands the identity of the perpetrator, to which Arata reveals himself, much to the joy of the girls. Arata announces that he has retrieved his magic.



  • The Astil Manuscript's human appearance is first revealed, as well as her alternative name, Sora.


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