Offense Type & Pure Breed
Levi cover ch44 MA
Volume 11
Chapter 44
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age September 2014
Release Date August 9, 2014

Forbidden Fruit & Top Quartet


Luxuria Magus & Heaven's Gift

Offense Type & Pure Breed is the forty-fifth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on August 9, 2014 in Monthly Dragon Age September 2014 issue and later compiled in the eleventh volume on March 25, 2015.


Levi moon ch44 MA


Jumping through a forst at night, Levi encounters several demonic creatures but easily dispatches them before gazing at the moon. 

While Mira and Lilith are surprised that the ninja has transformed into her Magus Mode, Levi and Akio prepare for their next attack. 

Meanwhle, Arata notes that he has never seen Levi and Akio's Magus Mode, having assumed that they were already in ther Modes. The Headmaster and Abyss Trinity both confirm Arata's assumption, stating that those who focus on fighting are always on managing their magic constantly. As such, Levi's current form is called Sorcerer Mode, the opposite of the Magus Mode. 

As Levi is about to launch her attack, Mira is startled to learn that her grimoire is unable to analyze Levi's magic, revealing the ninja had already mastered a second Thema, which she confirms. Levi then vanishes into her shadows while Lilith and Mira prepare themselves within their barrier. However, Akio remarks that the barrier is useless as Levi appears from Mira's shadow and grazes her. The ninja states that her incorpreal blade does not have a physical form, meaning the barrier is powerless against her current state. Subsequently, Levi commands the shadows to erotically entangle the girls, much to their embarrassment and the commentator's pleasure. 

Observing the match, Lugh notes that the ninja did not use that skill during their fight. Hijiri surmise that Levi perhaps obtained the second Thema in order to oppose Lugh or she simply conceals many hidden cards regardless if her life is on the line. The two can only speculate how the hardships and difficulties Levi experienced in her past.

Lilith eventually attempts to retaliate against Levi, however the ninja reminds her that she is currently immune to physical attacks. Nevertheless, Lilith warns her not to underestimate an instructor before shooting a flare into the sky. Levi quickly understands Lilith's intentions to disappitate the shadows through light, although the flare only strengthens the shadows instead. But Lilith next transforms the flare into multiple crystals, causing the shadows to dwindle.

Meanwhile, Lugh discusses with Hijiri about Lilith's plan to hinder Levi's ninjutsu by creating half-shadows.

Arata Levi Mira exploit ch44 MA

Exploiting the Gap

Forced out of the shadows, Levi is then attacked by Mira who finished analyzing her second Thema, Spero, however Akio manages to protect her partner. Regardless, Lilith next summons countless of different guns in the air, surrounding her opponents. While Akio and Levi comment on Lilith's genious, Mira then casts an anti-spell to remove their magic defenses. Finally, Lilith unleashes a barrage of shots on the two, however the duo manages to avoid the onslaught using only only their martial arts and physicality. Nevertheless, the Trinity Seven of Invidia and Gula note that they are in a difficult situation and must resort to use cheap tricks. As Mira is about to respond, she suddenly finds herself being hugged by Arata  much to her embarrassment. Using the chance, Akio then prepares to launch her next strike, apologizing to her superior. Meanwhile, "Arata" reminds Mira that she would exploit her weakness, which the Trinity Seven of Superbia expected before ensnaring the imposter. As Levi returns to her true appearance, Mira explains that she anticapted the ninja's action, much to Levi's chagrin. With Levi incapacitated, Akio ponders her next move before noticing Master Akarsha. As a result, Akio announces her team's defeat and surrenders the match. Lilith questions Akio if she is certain, but their opponents nevertheless assure them that they are content before the teams express their gratitude to one another. 
Garm underground tournament ch44 MA

Underground Magical Research Showdown

As the match concludes, Master Akarsha discusses with Master Liber that Akio noticed their presense and decided to withhold her trump card. Nevertheless, Anastasia-L states the Trinity Seven is dangerous, which Liber assumes is a sign that they will begin their next move. Anna confirms her conclusions as they will start their own tournament, the Underground Magic Research Tournament.



  • Mira Lilith cover Monthly Dragon Age September 2014 MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age September 2014

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age September 2014 issue, the issue this chapter was published in, featured Mira and Lilith. Additionally, the issue also previewed character designs, voice actor/actresses, and concept art for the anime.
  • Continuing from the previous chapter, the second match of the Magical Research Showdown between Lilith and Mira versus Akio and Levi progessed during which Levi transformed into her supposed Magus Mode.
  • Mira and Lilith attempt to defend themselves against Levi using their anti-physical barrier which was used in the previous chapter.
  • During the match, Lugh comments that Levi did not use her shadow skills against her during their skirmish. This is a reference to their fight when Iscariot invaded the Royal Biblia Academy which began in Fianna Knights & Invidia Magus.
  • While masquerading as Arata, Levi reminds Mira that she would use any advantage which she mentioned in the previous chapter.
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