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New Face & School Life
Lilith cover 7M ch1 SP MA.png
Volume 15.5
Chapter 1
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Release Date December 19, 2014SP

January 7, 20177M




Chapter 2

New Face & School Life is the first special chapter of the Seven Magician series, initially released in Trinity Seven: 7-Nin no Mahoutsukai 1 volume on December 19, 2014 and later compiled into volume 15.5. on January 17, 2017.


While showering in the bath, Lilith contemplates her feelings for Arata when he announced that he would become a mage.

Becoming a Mage

On the roof of the school ruins, Arata requests Lilith help him become a mage, although the latter does not believe such an option will be allowed. Nevertheless, "Hijiri" notes that Arata has the talent since he was able to construct a world. Furthermore, simply possessing the Grimoire would have caused Arata's magic to lose control and ultimately die if he did not the capability. Nontheless, a still hestitant Lilith contacts the Headmaster who readily accepts Arata after learning of the situation, much to her shock.

After finishing her shower, Lilith encounters Arata waiting in the hall outside the baths when Arin reveals herself from the men's room. Arin explains to a flustered Lilith the reason for her presence was due to her duties as wife much to the teacher's chagrin. 

In the women's dressing room, Lilith laments Arin's lack of shyness, however Arin states that she does feel embarrassed but Arata is an exception. Although the two do not understand the reason for their feelings, they nevertheless are content.


Elsewhere, Selina rushes through the halls due to oversleeping when she accidentally runs into Arata before unintentionally revealing her panties. After discussing Selina's underwear much to her chagrin, Arata is relieved that she is unharmed, otherwise he would have to take responsibility, implying marriage to Selina's surprise. Unfortunately, overhearing their conversation, a furious Arin appears before transforming into her Magus Mode but quickly becomes calm after Selina strongly denies the notion. Afterwards, Lilith arrives to chatise the group for being late to class, but Arin insists on discussing their conversation regarding marriage. While Selina insists that nothing occurred between them, Levi suddenly reveals her presence and reminds them of their conversation with the Headmaster about dominating the Trinity Seven. As such, Arin becomes interested in rearing children, but Arata suggests that they confirm their feelings beforehand.

At night, a weary Lilith rests in her bed while recalling the strange circumstances revolving Arata when the actual person unexpectedly before her room to request help with lessons which she happily accepts. As the two study throughout the night, Lilith eventually falls asleep, prompting Arata to move her to the bed. Noting that she was quite defenseless, he nevertheless expresses his gratitude for her support.

In the morning, Lilith awakens to discover Arata sleeping next to her bed when Levi also unexpectedly reveals her presence as well. Subsequently, Arin and Selina also arrive while an embarrassed Lilith tries to explain the situation. During the commotion, as Arata rouses from his slumber, he accidentally gropes Lilith, causing her to punish him for his nonchalance.




  • Lilith recalls Arata's declaration to become a mage which occurred in Cracker & Third Selection.
  • When Lilith confronts Arin for using the men's bathroom, Arin claims that the cicumstances are different from the previous time, referring to the events in Administer & A Ring.
  • At the end of the day, during Lilith's reflection of Arata's arrival, several encounters of his encounters with the girls are invoked: