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Murakumo Amane
叢 雲 ア マ ナ (Murakumo Amana)

Murakumo Amane.png

Personal Info
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Status Alive (as Revana)
Race Female
Affiliation Arbitrator

Arbitrator Headquarters

Archive(s) Fortitude (Ark)
Thema(s) Power (Sacred Chest)
Weapon(s) Swords
Manga Chapter 112

Murakumo Amane is one of the Heavenly Arbitrators. Her Sacred Chest is "Power" and her Ark is "Fortiude". Her pillar symbol is "Leo". Murakumo can easily be described as combat fighting girl, she loves to fight strong opponents and be strong.


Murakumo is a cheerful, friendly, happy and very optimistic person. She is very eager to meet new people. Murakumo also loves fighting strong people, even the most powerful evil goddess which excites her since she is strong. She also became glad when Akio came and wants her to become an Arbitrator, since she wants to fight her. Despite her attitude for fighting, she still works as an arbitrator to stop the revival of the evil goddess and the dimensional merging. She and especially Akio enjoy fighting her. Murakumo as well is a polite person having introduced herself to Akio politely. Even though she loves fighting strong opponents, most of the time she is on her Arbitrator pillar.

Additionally Murakumo has never been rude to anyone she met, she also shares many similarities to Akio. It is yet unknown if she ever gets angry or irritated at any situation, she also obeys the orders of Aetheria just like all Arbitrators. Uniquely her Arbitrator Pillar have multiple swords drilled into it. In her Arbitrator pillar, she usually sits and chats with everyone. Murakumo becomes excited when someone brings any combat subject, she also have a habit of giving a comment from every now and then.

Murakumo refers to herself as "boku (僕 )" which is uncommon to be used by females. "Boku" is more commonly used by males.


Murakumo is always smiling, she has a short black hair. Her attire consists of a uniform very similar to school uniforms, with the only exception she wears a simple clothing that ends up as a cloak that has buttons. On her uniform, she only uses the first button on her breasts to tie her cloak on the other side of her uniform using a small wire so it doesn't fall off. Overall she has a boyish appearance.

She has three pair of long swords that is tied with a belt on her waist the bottom of her cloak with a ribbon.

Her combat attire is nearly the same clothes she wears but thicker and more durable, and wields her swords while in combat. Unlike her usual attire, she sheaths her swords on her back instead on her waist.

Under the goddess underling, Murakumo is trapped in Revana who resembles a Buddha with seven hands on both sides. Her face is completely covered in helmet. As well as a very thick black armour.


Murakumo excited for the new candidates.

Murakumo is first seen in Arbitrator Headquarters when Master Biblia informs the other Arbitrators about three other candidate to replace the missing Heavenly Arbitrator, since they are short on human resources. With a cheerful smile she couldn't wait to see them.

Murakumo explains about the revival of the evil goddess.

Murakumo along with Aries, Selina, and Akio later go outside and introduce each other respectively. They talk about the evil goddess revival and all of the possibility of all the dimensions are merging, and how they are going to stop it, whom Murakumo would say they must become one with all of time and space in order to continue existing

Murakumo excited to fight Akio.

Akio doesn't want to get involved in such dangerous situations as Aries and Selina will work it out and instead she and Murakumo wants to fight instead, much to Murakumo's excitement.

Murakumo comments to the Arbitrators to defeat the goddess.

Upon emergency summons, she is forced to leave Akio's training. In Arbitrator Headquarters whom Deus Trinity has somehow projected himself as an image there, unlike the others who were surprised, Murakumo smiles. Then Maris uses a sphere to show what is happening outside. All of the Arbitrators witness his power by defeating one of the three giant Nornil pillars surprising Aetheria. Murakumo comments to all the Arbitrators to simply defeat the goddess immediately. Though Aetheria feels that she is playing in the hands of Master Biblia as well as Deus Trinity, and she doesn't like it.

Aetheria then orders all the Arbitrators that they will also help subdue the other two remaining pillars of the Nornil giants, as well as to move to the Twilight Library.

She is later seen with her fellow Arbitrators in a combat uniform in the outside world divided into two groups, she along with Harukage and Aries are ready to fight the gods.

Murakumo takes the lead.

Murakumo along with Akio are seen fighting one of the Nornil Giant pillars monsters, she says if the main body is so close, then it is impossible for angel soldiers. Akio tells her if they get rid of it, they will be able to. Army of brainwashed soldiers comes crashing on close to them, Faunaria and Aries who are above them feel an impact caused by Arata destroying the brainwashed soldiers. Murakumo suddenly flies above them using a pair of wings, and hums that she will be going first, Faunaria shouts at her that she wants to go as well.

Later when the last Nornil Giant pillar is defeated by the combined attack of Arata and Deus Trinity, they evaporate in the air. The heavenly army celebrate their victory as everyone looks. Murakumo walks around and is disappointed that it's over already, and the goddess of darkness isn't yet shown herself. She notices Master Liber who mentioning according to the concubine's prophecy, there seems to be some time now. Seeing if that's the case, Aetheria tells the Arbitrators it's for them to take a break then.

The Arbitrators then stand together, with Aetheria announces that the goddess has appeared. They are then suddenly surrounded by a powerful magical torrent, whom they protect themselves. Murakumo along with the rest of the Arbitrators, as well as Master Liber transforms into her adult form. Faunaria shields both Maris and Aries. The goddess then suddenly appears in their location and confines both Aetheria and Harukage in a black crystal. Murakumo attacks her, using one of her swords. However she notices her sword was eroded, and figures out it was due she was connected to the Sacred Chest. Liber informs her, the higher the connection to an Archive, the stronger the erosion becomes, such as the case with Aetheria and Harukage.

Murakumo urges for Faunaria to escape.

Liber says to Faunaria to run away to the Great Demon King. Murakumo says as well as it is a line she wanted to say once, to leave it to her and run away. Though Faunaria refuses to let her fellow Arbitrators fight the goddess alone, they leave it to Aries to run away. As they take flight, Faunaria cries for them. Murakumo uses another way to fight the goddess, by utilizing a two sword-style, which manage to injure the goddess, whom is interested in her techniques, which according to the goddess it's a conceptual martial art to cut and kill.

Murakumo trapped.

However the goddess recovers and lifts up Murakumo, she shouts in pain as the goddess traps the Arbitrator's body in one of her underlings to use. Which is revealed, it's a trap she set to use on Murakumo.


Arbitrator abilities

Murakumo is the Arbitrator of Power, She loves to fight especially strong opponents or anyone strong. She has shown to enjoy fighting, she can't resist her love for fighting, to the point of mentioning she's eager to fight the goddess if she ever revived. Being the best combatant out of all the Arbitrator.

Akio was the first person to fight her and she was no match against her and had a hard time. Murakumo uses her magic on her swords when in battle. Murakumo has a very high physical strength, she is proficient in taijutsu and martial arts. She carries on her waist three long swords with different shape, to which she excels in swordsmanship as she is able to carry two swords in one hand and a sword on the other hand, or even carry all three in one hand. Murakumo can also infuse her magic on her swords, making them more powerful. She has as well high defense capabilities. Murakumo can fly as well, as she possess pair of wings.

  • Kusanagi Ichino Sword - A One-Sword style, and a long range attack it is used to swiftly cut the opponent. Murakumo channels her magic into the sword. to make it more powerful.
  • Tenso Unno Sword - A secret technique using Two-Sword style. Murakumo charges herself forward as fast as electricity and performs a circular swing, then combines it with her conceptual martial art to cut and kill. Using this technique Murakumo was able to injure Aryan.

Her Ark is Fortitude, she is very courageous, confident in her abilities as well as brave, strength in mind and high spirited girl.

Other abilities

Murakumo is a good tutor, she was able to make Akio to an Arbitrator level combat, and study her strategies and magic.


  • Although she appears to be in her youth, she has been an Arbitrator longer than Faunaria.
  • Murakumo designed her Arbitrator Pillar by many swords drilled into it, using unknown means. This could also means that Murakumo enjoy being sword fighter.