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Minamoto Harukage
Personal Info
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Race Human
Affiliation Arbitrator
Relatives Master Biblia (Brother-in law)
Occupation Arbitrator Headquarters
Archive(s) Shadow Arbitrator
Thema(s) Greed (Sacred Chest)
Manga Chapter 112

Minamoto Harukage is one of the Heavenly Arbitrators. She is the Arbitrator of "Shadow" and her Sacred Chest is "Greed". Her pillar symbol is a "Scorpio". Among the Arbitrators, she is friendly to all of them, and enjoys their company. She is also Master Biblia sister-in law


Harukaga is an easygoing person, she accepts everything and keeps her promises always. She's an Arbitrator who enjoy talking about any subject they bring up and doesn't care a missing Arbitrator. She doesn't show hostility to anyone. She is always happy and is friendly. She is very talkative, especially to Aetheria Akasha, as well as repeated jokes that sometimes annoys Aetheria. She does show a serious side however (when she doesn't smile). She doesn't pay much attention to her brother Biblia but only gets information from him. When she met Arata, she has shown new signs of emotions that she has never shown before, such as blushing, and laughing happily, this is probably he is the one who saved her from being overwhelmed by Skade the goddess underling.


Harukage has a nice expression, she never opens her eyes. She has a long black hair, with two closed-shaped like circles on the top back of her hair. Her attire consists of a simple Japanese kimono robe style. She also always has a fan, which she oftenly opens it when she laughs around.

On her Arbitrator pillar she hangs an umbrella as well as a kettle on the side. She also holds a small plate with water in it.

As the goddess Skade, her appearance changes. She now has eyes embedded in her body, a mask-like is worn that has a horrific smile. She has a pair of small horns from her hair. Her kimono style changes as it has leaves markings. Black tentacles are manifested from inside her kimono till her shoes. The fan she has now has eight eyes markings when she opens it and from each eye there is a slender line connected to it.


Harukage past is largely unknown, however she was born in a world covered in shadows, and she was the sole survivor, and for years she lived in an isolated house. As she continued living alone, eventually the sun disappeared, enveloping everything into shadows as the world was meeting it's demise. Black rain continuously started to fell from the sky, and eventually the ground became covered into black water. As the people who lived turned into black ghost creatures, and started to wander aimlessly. Random shadows kept on pouring from everywhere endlessly, and as the sole survivor was waiting for her death. Just when the world was about to be engulfed in shadows, Master Biblia appeared before her. Stating that it is quite and gentle world, as well saying that even if this world is engulfed in gentle shadow she is living still living as a person, worthy of becoming an Arbitrator. Harukage quires if he will be the person to save her, to which he denies whom he could have been a god who consumed the world, but rather states it could also be an evil Great Demon Lord who needs her. Harukage continues to wonder who will it be, after Biblia informed her that he will not only save her, but embrace her very existence and her own Thema. Harukage later became an Arbitrator at some point, but she still couldn't believe Biblia's words at that time.


Harukage greets Master Biblia upon his return, since she haven't heard of him. The rest of the Arbitrators greets him as well. When Master Biblia notices one of the Arbitrators is missing, Aetheria is displeased by his question, since he should be the one to know, hence playing in the outside world. Harukage then mentions that a long time ago she left a letter to them, that she would go to the "end". He then mentions that he only came today to bring three Arbitrator candidates, to become Heavenly Arbitrators. Aetheria then is grateful of him. Master Biblia then mentions that he is angry with her. Harukage then smiles at him, giving him a ten mark flag.

She later drinks tea along with Maris and Faunaria in a small room. When Aries shouts in the sky for a "shortcut" to the Arbitrator Headquarters, Harukage portals her with Selina besides Aries to her Arbitrator Pillar. Harukage apologizes for the forcible summoning but informing her that it's an emergency meeting. Due to the awaking of the Goddess of Darkness as well as Nornil Gates appearing. Aetheria orders Maris to explain the situation of the survivors of the last war. Maris uses her ability to summon a projection sphere, showing the events by images, and explains that one of the Nornil Giant Pillars has reaffirmed in their dimension. As well as the completed guidance to the Twilight Library against God by the maiden of the world tree. Aetheria then summarizes it, that at the same time as re-recognition more than 90% of the flora and fauna in the Twilight Library became a universal genus of Versand. It's a tradition that makes creatures of the predatory world into their own army. When Faunaria was arguing with Maris if she can beat one of the Pillars, Harukage mentions that there is no choice, since during the Great Magic War, there was almost no strong human resources. Harukage says if Aetheria is sure about that, since there was a consultation for cooperation regarding the shortage of human resources in the heavenly world. Asking her to connect it. Aetheria does have a bad feeling but agree's anyway. Harukage then glances at Maris happily, to project it. However suddenly Deus Trinity appears in the projection instead. Greeting the Heavenly Arbitrators who haven't known him yet.

After a long conversation between Deus Trinity and Aetheria, whom she refuses his help against the Giant Nornil Pillars, but when Aries gives her opinion that their chance of winning are 0% without Deus Trinity's help. Aetheria then is confused, and glances at Harukage, but she simply opens her fan and give a small laugh. Ultimately Aetheria accepts his help. As all the Arbitrator witness his power via the projection sphere by destroying one of the Giant Nornil Pillars with such ease, surprising Aetheria. Harukage then mentions that Nornil Giant Pillars does not seem to have a station state "conceptual mechanism" yet. Informing them that due to the research reports, it is possible to subdue one of the three pillars by attacking on the contrary. Aetheria then orders all the Arbitrators to start moving to the Twilight Library, as well as informing them that the heavens will also do their best to subdue the remaining two pillars of Nornil Giants.

Harukage later appears before Arata, as he notices leaves falling around him. Whom she greets him, while Arata is clueless who she is, he is informed by Hijri's memory whom Harukage is. Arata greets her back as well, and quires what business she has with him. She tells Arata that he has a dimension of memory that even the Arbitrators themselves doesn't know. That she heard from her brother. Arata is surprised upon hearing that Master Biblia is her brother, but she corrects him that they aren't blood connected, and only relative. Arata wants to ask her a question, but she ignores his question and uses her leaves to cast mantra words on the leaves, showing him all the Arbitrators. She tells him there is a traitor among them before burning the leaves. She asks if there is someone there, betraying the Arbitrators, for the resurrection of the Goddess of Darkness. Arata wonders about the betrayal, he furthermore says at the decisive battle with the Goddess of Darkness, and all the Arbitrators. One of them will become a goddess and fight them, while questioning if all the Arbitrators are traitors. Harukage responds, as to why he thinks like that, Arata simply says there was no reason in Hijri's memories.

She is later seen with her fellow Arbitrators in the outside world divided into two groups. She along with Murakumo and Aries ready to fight the gods.

Harukage along with Aetheria is seen together killing Nornil Giant pillar monsters at a quick speed. After the battle is over she is later seen talking with Aetheria. As Aetheria mentions that it is thanks to the Great Demon King's army Trinity Seven activities along with Deus Trinity. Harukage tells Aetheria without them they wouldn't have won this victory. Aetheria admits that the heavenly army alone couldn't subdue the three pillars of the goddess. though she hates it but she's going to thank them. Which Harukage responds by teasing her by calling her this is her tsundere attitude, which annoys Aetheria as she glares at her.

Harukage later is seen standing next to Aetheria along with the other Arbitrator. Aetheria announces that the goddess has finally appeared. All the Arbitrators are then surrounded by a powerful magical torrent which attacks them. Harukage with Aetheria defend themselves, Maris and Aries are knocked, receiving damage, whom Faunaria shields them, and Master Liber transforms into her adult form, protecting herself, Murakumo protects herself as well. When Aetheria says, this isn't like the Nornil Giants, Harukage jokes in a manner, as to when they will be captured, Aetheria simply sighs at her. Aetheria decides to get serious and use her most powerful magic to manifest a massive number of Artillery weapons, Harukage combines her attack by connecting to Greed Sacred Chest, forming an invisible black world. Faunaria is stunned at their combined attacks. However the goddess suddenly appear at their location and both Harukage and Aetheria notice they are being confined in a black crystal.

Harukage later becomes possessed by one of the evil gods who works under Aryan naming herself "Skade of the Evergrowing Darkness" taking control of her and possessed her body in order to use her ability to find Arata who was in Demise World. Having found out that he is still alive. Announcing that she came to swallow him, as well as the Demon Lord Knights. When Pandora prompts Arata to escape, Harukage won't let him escape. Pandora summons the Demon Lord Knights to take the stubborn Arata and run away. Even so Harukage is on the chase, and uses her shadow to sharpen it, extending it, decapitating Arata. But soon finds out that Yorun has intervened in the last second, using her ability to create multiple shadow clones of Arata. Annoying Harukage, but she figures out her technique. Yorun informs her that she may have the upper hand, but they have done their research. Harukage then praises her, and uses a powerful shadow technique that crushes, and destroys all of Arata clones as well as all the Demon Lord Knights. Since there was no resistance she figures that they managed to escape save for Pandora and Altana who are unharmed. Pandora explains about her Liberation technique which protects her from attacks. Pandora then proceed to attack her, using rays of light. Harukage smiles, mentioning such a futile and weak attack won't reach her. Pandora, tells her she is fully aware she can't defeat her, she multiplies the rays of light, and uses her full power, as well as she is willing to risk her life in order to buy time. Harukage uses tentacles to defend herself, and upon hearing that she is only buying time, she mentions her previous intentions is to bring demise to the Demon Lord Knight, as well as Arata. She will deal with Pandora first since she is getting in her way.

Much later their battle was off screen, however Pandora has shown bleeding, and heavily injured. When Arata comes back next to Pandora who scolds him for not activating the Demon's Gift. Harukage notices his return and welcomes him back, noting he is the same without having gained any power at all. Which Arata admits so. Harukage states that she has come to destroy him along with everyone else. Arata, knowing she could do that anytime, so he proposes to have a time to speak with her to persuade her. As he really doesn't want to fight without knowing anything about her. Harukage in thought wondering what he is up to, as even when she was Harukage she couldn't fully understand him, confusing her more now. Arata confidently says if she is going to dislike the conversation he mentioned, she could just destroy everything, as she is a god after all. He wants a bit of time for talk. Harukage smirks while in thought, what he is saying it is true, she could end him anytime. She thinks to herself if it's the correct thing to understand human body and mind. Harukage also finds it that there is a chance to get the Demon Lord soul, which will make her master happy. She accepts his proposal for a conversation if he is going to bet his Great Demon soul on it. Which Arata happily accepts. Harukage retracts her tentacles. Pandora, and all the Demon Lord Knights are surprised by this as they watch in silence, while Altana thinks that something has started or something is about to start.

Harukage questions what does he want to talk about, Arata at first start a bluff by using a spell and use a thema. but Harukage smiles, knowing he can't even run a thema. Harukage asks if he want to talk about something that include the gods in every dimensions, and Arata conforms as he wants to converse with her about his dominance. Though at first she tells him that it's okay, however telling him first that they are already in the concept of creating infinite magical powers. Harukage then starts sending shadows to attack him, informing him that gods don't need to for research on thema of mages. Before the shadow can swallow Arata, he asks her if she would answer one question for her. In thought, Harukage thinks about how her shadows show fear, and even a Great Demon King like Arata should have fear as well, yet he looks confident. She agrees to his question but mentions she will accept only one question. As well after answering it, he will be swallowed by the shadow and his soul will become one under her lord (Aryan).

Refusing that won't happen, as he keeps his confidence, Arata adds that he want to get along her and Aryan which is his thema. Smiling, Harukage informs him that is absolutely impossible. She tells him to ask his question that will determines the fate of the world. To everyone surprise he asks her "That outfit...are you wearing panties?". Arata smartly targeted Harukage's mind instead of the goddess, as he knew her original personality she has. He further says, this is due to her always wearing a kimiono underwear, even if she is an Arbitrator. This leaves Harukage in a state of shock, as even her thoughts are jumbled up. After some time, she starts to calm down, she theorize it is possible due to sharing the same body and thought, and as a god she suffers as well because she can't understand. Arata then dashes forward at her, she sends shadows to attack, but he dodges all of them, thanks to his training. As he closes on her, he says that both Aryan and the goddess want to be his. Which she becomes confused at his statement. Arata touches her face and uses "Domination Territory". Creating a circular space between them.

In a pocket dimension, Arata managed to reach the real Harukage consciousness, which she reveals her past and show him her past images. She notices that Arata is not in his child state but his original appearance, Harukage notes that it is has to do with his 'Rule' magic. After remembering Master Biblia from the past, who has told her an evil Great Demon Lord will save her, she questions Arata if he is the evil Great Demon Lord who will save her. Arata reveals it is different as he want to save her and the evil goddess who was with her Skade, she resurfaces briefly, seemingly shocked of her existence. She reveals he can easily get rid of her as well in the space between them and save Harukage. But Arata disagree with her idea as he doesn't like it. Arata explains Skade that Harukage already accepted the Thema of her Shadow, meaning she has already accepted the god who is the principle of shadows. Arata happily says she can enjoy it, which is his Thema. Skade and Harukage are both surprised, She remembers Master Biblia words, as the evil Great Demon Lord who will save her.

Eventually Harukage and Skade accepts Arata, takes his hand. Both of them return to Demise world, with Harukage now purified, having accepted Skade. Though she returns naked, which Arata does immoral actions, much to Patricia anger who hits him. Altana covers her similar clothes, and welcomes her back. Harukage notices the conceptional fusion with the god and Biblia that was orchestrated by both Altana and Biblia. She admits that it took them a lot of time but is thankful to him since they succeeded in the end. Harukage blushes, agreeing with Altana that due to Arata actions her own Shadow Thema ended up completely under his "Rule". Later after Pandora separates Demise World, revealing a hidden Castle named the Demon Lord's Castle Noah which is under Arata's control. Harukage, Altana, the Demon Lord Knights and numerous knights, Sitting in respect before Arata, as all of them obey him. Harukage states this is a ritual, and Arata is their last hope. Arata names them all, and then decides he will Rule over Aryan, but firstly meet a certain girl and he moves the Noah Castle, with everyone under his command.


Arbitrator abilities

Harukage is the Arbitrator of Shadow, she is able to sprout shadows and can form them similar to sharp weapons, and launch them at enemies at a tremendous speed, making it deadly weapon. However she needs to use her fan to redirect them. Harukage can also teleport inside her own shadow to appear somewhere else.

Harukage has the ability to open portals and send other Arbitrators to their headquarters.

  • Invisible Black World - Harukage positions her fan north, and a small plate is summoned with a very tiny hands inside. She opens her eye, and calls it 'Forbidden curse trial'. The hands enlarge in a very fast rate, and march forward in a quick speed, which stomps on anything in their path. This attack can be combined with Aetheria's Eternal Sword Conquest, forming a very devastating attack.

Harukage can cause leaves to fall out of no where whenever she's around, with these leaves she can manifest Mantra words out of them, these letters can show others what Harukage uses the letters on the leaves.

Her Sacred Chest is Greed

As the goddess's Skade. Harukage has shown a new level of power. She now gained black tentacles, which she can sprout them thought her whole body. If these tentacles make physical contact with others, they burn the skin of the body, they are also sticky. Harukage can utilize them with her shadows, for offensive and defensive technique. For defensive, she can manipulate the tentacles into a circular shape, protecting her from any attacks aimed at her. She can also sprout them from her feat in order for flight.

  • Although not the same Harukage, she can still use shadows the original Harukage uses. She can form a sharp shadow with the level of spear, that can extend into a far distance in mere seconds. As well teleporting between shadows, hasn't changed.
  • The Wounded Hug of the Shadow God - Shadows form under each target, then followed up by tentacles under the shadow individual. The tentacles sprout quickly, destroying each target who has a shadow underneath them.

Other Abilities

Harukage seems to sense if someone has gained a new power or not.



Aetheria Akasha - Her pillar is next to her, she likes to joke around her, which sometimes annoys Aetheria, even though she's the leader of the Arbitrators. Harukage however does give advices and come to emergency meetings and summons. She also obeys her orders. She also likes to smile opening her fan, when sometimes Aetheria glances on her. When Aetheria found out, that she blurted out that there is a traitor among the Arbitrator, Aetheria became angry at her, finding it such thing would never happen.

Master Biblia - He considers her as someone he can count on for his tasks. She trusts him, even when he is angry, and vice versa he trusts her. This sharing mutual trust. They are both in good terms. It is revealed later that she is his sister-in law, and he's been updating her on Arata's situation. They are not connected by blood, but she has known Master Biblia for years, ever since he visited her hometown. He is also the reason Harukage became an Arbitrator in the first place.


  • Her last name is Harukage, the "Kage" part means Shadow (影) in Japanese kanji, which is what she represents.
  • Harukage pillar is very designed (or probably she designed it herself) as it has an umbrella, which drops flower petals, as well as a kettle besides it, and a small chair to sit on instead of standing like all the Arbitrators do.