ミリオーネ (Miriōne)


Personal Info
  • Shore of Torment by Scouring Seaweed
  • Code D
  • Phantasm of Water
Gender Female
Age 2000 years+
Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Race Demon
Manga Chapter 65

Miglione, or, "Shore of Torment by Scouring Seaweed", is part of Malebranche. First appeared in Chapter 65 "Malebranche & Prisoner Girl," she appears to be a serpent-like monster. According to Rubine, Miglione likes to feast on girls and had kidnapped Selina while Arata is recuperating after draining out all of his magic during the short battle against Rubina. In Chapter 66 "Full Burst & Waterside," it appears Miglione is a female member of the Malebranche and use snakes as tools.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

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