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Master Liber
マスターリベル (Masutā Riberu)
Personal Info
Alias Liber
Gender Female
Age Unknown (Appears 10)
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Red
Measurements B74 W56 H77
Height 146 cm
Status Unknown (stated to be alive)
Occupation Headmaster
Magic Abilities
Magic(s) Summon Astrology
Archive(s) Holy (Sacred Chest)


  • Sanctus
  • Overeating (Ark)
School Royal Liber Academy
Manga Chapter 28
Anime Episode 12
Anime Nanami Yamashita (JP)

Chaney Moore (EN)

Master Liber is the Paladin Class Headmaster of the now destroyed Liber Academy. She is presently a member of Iscariot and is the closest thing seen to the group's leader thus far.

Her true identity is she is one of the Heavenly Arbitrators of "Holy", and her Ark is "Overeating". Her pillar symbol is "Cancer". She is one of the oldest active Arbitrator. She has the title of "Archbishop". Due to her arrogance, and being one of the longest Arbitrators, she is treated higher than others making her the leader instead of Aetheria.


She appears to be very respectful and even playful, perhaps even as much so as Biblia's headmaster. Despite being a member of a group openly opposed to the Magic King, she praises Arata's development as one and even seems happy to see him growing more powerful, or at the very least acknowledges that his improvement is their failure rather than anything else. She even appears to be supportive of Arata's desire to take Hijiri back from her, openly edging him on despite stating that Hijiri is a weapon they're using against him, she appears to respect him as a person who'd even fight for the very woman whose purpose it is to kill him.

She gets along quite well with her colleague, Biblia's headmaster, and even engages in playful discussion with him while their respective students are fighting to the death right in front of them.

She can show signs of anger, however this is unusual for her and rarely. When she was insulted by Faunaria and Maris, she has shown anger behavior.

Master Liber speaks in a very old ancient manner despite her youthful appearance. She is one of the oldest Arbitrators to ever live, meaning she has been alive for a very long time.


Master Liber is short and slender, with pink hair that ends in curls. Her eyes are a darker shade of pink, or even red.


She was formerly the headmaster at Royal Liber Academy, but has since joined Iscariot, it is not known whether she played any part in destroying her former school, or if she joined Iscariot before or after becoming the headmaster there. Master Liber ordered Hijri to eliminate Arata if he shows any signs of awakening as the Demon King.

She has lived for a very long time ever since the Great Magic War. Master Liber used to become a good friend with the previous Ceres who sealed the Great Demon King. At some point She became one of the oldest Heavenly Arbitrators. Master Liber spent an uncountable amount of time researching, and she arrived at a fragment of the truth after travelling through countless dimensions, and space-times. Those that are able to catch a glimpse of the truth are honored, and are summoned. Master Liber, being one of the oldest Heavenly Arbitrators, she has changed her mortal body multiple times. Thus her title as "Archbishop" was granted to her after she was able to summon the Evil God Army, her title is not hereditary amongst the Arbitrators.


Master Liber with Lugh invade Biblia Academy. She doesn't participate, and only observes with Biblia Headmaster questioning him what should they do, the Headmaster tells her that if they would fought the latter would result in the collapse of the whole world. She agrees as well and suggests to watch the fight between Arata with the Trinity Seven against Hijri. The Headmaster tells her, that she doesn't even know how interesting Arata is. She then wagers with him, who would be the winner.

After Hijri's lost, she turns into a crystal-like shape, then Master Liber retrieves it. An angered Arata quires her goals, Master Liber answers him that losing Hijri individual to Iscariot is not an option. Arata asks her if Hijri won't die, Master Liber assures so, as she is their trump card to take him down. Arata tells her to take care of her as he will surely come and save her. Master Liber laughs at his statement as he is saying in shortly that he will save the girl who will be his death. She agrees so in amusement, informing him that she will forge her into the perfect anti-demon weapon.

Master Liber is absent until she senses Arata growth, commenting that he has finally become a "real" king, as well as her research has paid off while holding the Hijri who smiles in the crystal-shaped object. Liber then makes a second appearance before the competition. She suddenly appears when the Headmaster and Arata are in a conversation. Revealing that they have several elite students within Iscariot despite it being destroyed much to Arata's surprise. Liber tells him how she is glad to see his transition into becoming a Magic King smoothly. Arata eagerly asks Liber if he wins he can retrieve Hijri to which she confirms. The Headmaster further reveals if he wins the first round he will face Liber reprehensive, Lugh and Hijri. Although both Arata and Lieselotte recall that Lugh was under their custody, but Liber informs him that she has escaped after the Sky Library. After Arata and Liese leave, both Biblia and Liber discuss that Arata lack of control over his Demon Lord Element. Furthermore Liber quires him why would he still let him inter the tournament, the Headmaster answers since Akasha has the Saint of Resurrection, Arata will need to master his magic otherwise the Saint will take everything. Liber finds it quite bad situation.

When the match concludes between Levi and Akio against Mira with Lilith. She is seen talking with Master Akasha from afar, that Akio has noticed their presence, and held of her trump card. When Anastasia-L states that the Trinity Seven are dangerous, Liber assumes that they are plotting something, which Ana confirms it, as they will start their own tournament, the Underground Magic Research Tournament.

Afterwards Liber with Hijri observing a battle from afar with Master Akasha against Levi and Akio. They discuss the strength of Master Akasha also known as "Heaven's Gift" despite her youth. Much later, outside Biblia Academy, Liber wonders when the sun will rise again before addressing Anna, much to her surprise as she was using spirits to hide her presence. She answers Liber previous question, as for her desire to protect the world. Liber, in contrast with Iscariot's goal of eliminating the Demon Lord. Therefore, she requests that Iscariot remain neutral, which Liber complies with the exception of Hijiri. Ana leaves while Liber is wondering if Biblia had already calculated the course of events.

When Ana reaches her limit and about to disappear, Abyss Trinity comments that her condition, as she is forcing her existence by the power of her spirits. From the sidelines, Liber remarks that it's true, as she finally understood the reason that she was barely able to sense her presence. Furthermore she mentions that she is nothing but a construct of spirits, and her existence is just similar to a ghost. Liber is then seems interested asking if there will be even more matches. When Ana decided to use her Last Crest, as Arata and the Trinity Seven decide to save her. Both Liber and Biblia note the level of complexity in returning the existence of a person. When Lugh who is standing in the ground from afar confused at the situation, Liber points to Biblia as he makes a pose, as everything will be fine.

Elsewhere after all the matches, Liber discuss with the Headmaster who decides to postpone the finals for tomorrow. Liber has lost her excitement upon hearing his opinion, as she want them to fight for third place. She notes that the Magic King Element was almost lost, and the research will take place soon. Biblia confirms her statement, as he declares that Arata will become the greatest Demon Lord and rule over the world. In response, Liber remarks how interesting Master Biblia is, as he states that he is the heir of "Solomon of Judges".


As a Paladin, she is assumed to be as powerful as Biblia's headmaster, a fact he himself regularly confirms. The two have yet to be seen fighting, preferring to let their students do that, not out of laziness or malice however, but because the sheer idea of two Paladin's fighting could cause serious damage to the world itself, which, given the group she's affiliated with, is putting the means before the end and doing the Magic King's job for him.

Summon Astrology - Master Libel's magic. Other than divination, she can also summon Evil God Army of star spirits to fight for her (from Liese Chronicle).

Summon Ars Paulina - By using her own blood as a catalyst, she is capable of summoning a creature that appears as a mass of floating liquid with many eyes that allows her to predict the future. It may cause some damage to her if used for a period of time, though.

Umr at-Tawil (最古たる究極の門 / The Most Ancient Ultimate Gate) - A magic that open gate to parallel world. The name came from Lovecraftian mythos, an avatar of Yog-Sothoth, the god that preside beyond infinite time and space.

Adult Form - If she is bleeding too much and weakened, unable to move, she can use Lugh's blood instead by connecting to her own Thema, transforming into an adult version of herself. In this form she is able to heal her wounds if injured. Her evil god army as well is enhanced, as the creatures evolve, and become stronger.

God Man Composition - By breaking the seal as an Arbitrator, markings cover Lugh's body. She is then able to use Lugh freely, summoning light swords for her to use, increasing her speed as well. She makes her at the level of an Arbitrator. However it only lasts 10 seconds in ultra-high speed world as she can continue to slash the opponent endlessly. This also comes at a risk for her since her adult form would revert to her normal appearance.