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Master Biblia
Personal Info
Alias Headmaster G./ "Heir of Solomon"/ "The Judges Maverick"
Gender Male
Age Unknown (Appears 30)
Height 184 cm
Status Alive
Race Human
Relatives Minamoto Harukage (Sister-in law)
Occupation Headmaster
Location Royal Biblia Academy
Magic Abilities
Thema(s) Fury (Attribute)
Grimoire(s) Solomon's Gate
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Anime Miki Shinichiro (JP)

Kregg Dailey (EN)

Audio Drama Kōji Yusa
Master Biblia ch15 cover MA.jpg

Master Biblia is a Paladin-Class mage and is the headmaster who presides over the Biblia Magic Academy.

His true Identity is he is also one of the Heavenly Arbitrators. His Torah Ark is "Sacrifice", and his Attribute is "Fury". His pillar symbol is a "Taurus".


Master Biblia is a very intelligent and cunning man, who has a very over the top personality.

Despite being a pervert ,he is also stupidity, and appears to fully recognize the dangers facing him and his Academy on a regular basis.


Master Biblia is a tall slender man with long pale hair that he wears in a pony tail, and red eyes.  He is always seen with glasses and a coat and uniform.



As one of the few Paladin-Class Mages in existence, the principal of Biblia Academy is rightly deemed one of the most powerful beings in the series proper, when faced with Liber's master, another Paladin, the whole reason neither of them fought each other wasn't out of laziness or compassion, but the sheer understanding that a clash between two Paladins would put the world itself at risk.

The one time he has been seen in battle, Master Biblia is shown to be able to use almost any type of magic as long as he can move his mouth, meaning he doesn't need to endure long preparations for his spellcraft or even move around the battlefield. He can also perform healing spells and is capable of restoring the entire Academy to its original form after completely being destroyed.


  • Solomon's Gate - The headmaster's grimoire, Solomon's Gate, appears as a massive doorway or book-like structure to his back, fortunately it's invisible to most, but those who reach the level where they can perceive it are likely to be driven to insanity by it. Even Lieselotte Sherlock, one of the stronger members of the Trinity Seven and at the time a Magic King Candidate, was visibly afraid of it.

He's one of the top five mages in the world, as well as a "Successor of Solomon".