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Maris Stella
マリスステラ (Marisu Sutera)

Maris Stella.png

Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Race Grimoire
Affiliation Arbitrator
Archive(s) Beauty Arbitrator
Thema(s) Wisdom (Sacred Chest)
Manga Chapter 108

Maris Stella is one of the Heavenly Arbitrators. She is the Arbitrator of "Beauty" and her Sacred Chest is "Wisdom". Her pillar symbol is a "Pisces". She is one of the survivors of the Great Magic War. She is a Grimoire in human form. Maris doesn't interact much with her fellow Arbitrators and rarely speaks. She is the silent type, only speaks the truth. She is a good partner with Faunaria Road, and her guardian and her friend.


Maris is shown to be a nice person, she always use a catchphrase that she was born to never tell a lie or such as "I have never told a lie", or "I never lied ever since I was born" She also answers truthfully and get right to the point when asked a question. She carries her duty as an Arbitrator. Although she has apathetic face and looks, but in truth she loves to joke especially in front of Faunaria and tease her. Maris never shown signs of anger. She is always protective towards Faunaria, because of their history together. Even when she is in danger or close to a battlefield such as Faunaria and Master Liber, Maris stays very calm without the slightest fear or being hurt. Maris is a kind a person, apologizing to Master Liber for insulting Hirjri.

Unlike all the Arbitrators, Maris has a very deep relationship with Faunaria and vice versa. Although Maris doesn't show these emotions around her fellow Arbitrators, keeping it hidden. Only Aries has known their relationship, however she only found out when asked Maris about their connection with Faunaria. Faunaria has known Maris for a very long time, and has been fond of her. Likewise to Maris as she has admitted herself that as even for a Grimoire herself Faunaria has given her many precious memories.

According to her Maris has a positive attitude and facial expression. She also likes Aries company because of her kindness, since she was with her ever since young days in Heaven. Maris never disobeys Aetheria orders, as she is very loyal to her. She is one of the oldest Arbitrators, as Selina was surprised that despite her young appearance. She is one of the survivors of the Great Magic War. Unknown to Selina that she is actually a Grimoire in human form. Maris is the only Arbitrator to know the unknown curse that have been bestowed upon them.

None of the Arbitrators, save for Faunaria and Aries knows that Maris is just a Grimoire, as she kept it a hidden secret. She has mentioned she has been loved ever since she was born, meaning that before becoming an Arbitrator at some unknown time and point, she was found by somebody, who did love her.

When in Heaven realm with her friends, Maris is nearly a completely different person, as she shown to show a genuine smile and even joke around happily. She cares deeply for Faunaria as well as Aries. She views them as family.


Maris is a young looking girl, whom she rarely smiles and always with a serious face, She wears a pointed hat making her overall look similar to a witch, giving her a witch-like appearance. She wears a cape that covers her back, that is tide to her attire which is shoulders of half sleeved, and sleeveless on top. She also wears a very dark short skirt as well as thigh-high socks. She is able to change her eye pattern when she uses her ability to a more calculating circles, resembling runes.

In Heaven realm she wears a dark beret, a necktie and a sleeved blouse, along with a long skirt on top of it. In this outfit she resembles a maid.

She hides her Conceptual Mechanism inside her hat, which in truth her true form and core.


Maris promises to protect Faunaria.

When Maris was walking in a burning village and broken ruins in the aftermath of the Great Magic War, she found a small box with a young Faunaria as a child hiding. Faunaria asks Maris if she came to kill her too, however Maris hugs her and tells her she came to protect her at the request of her mother. Faunaria recognize who she is then, Maris says that she will be the one to raise her from now on. With strong resolve to be strong than the Arbitrators, the Demon King and even the goddess which surprises Maris, and informing her she will raise her to be stronger than anyone else. As Maris thinks that she might be the one to break the curse of them Arbitrators. Maris kindly says that she can cry as much as she want as she lost her family and the people she spent with which Faunaria does so. With Maris in thought, she smiles as for her to have the resolve to silence her own voice, even in such case for heaven and all dimensions. Wondering if she can change into positive or negative.

At some point, Maris is shown teaching Faunaria how to read when she was a child, and changing her clothes daily and taking care of her hair. overall a motherly figure.

Many years have passed since then, now living a peaceful life in heaven with Aries and Faunaria. Aries notes despite Maris is the oldest Arbitrator at the time she is very close to Faunaria, and Maris reveals that she was entrusted to Faunaria by her mother request. Maris jokes around that she can call her "Mamamaris" and Faunaria denies to. She tells Aries she can call her mother as well, jesting that both of them can be Maris daughter which Faunaria finds it fun, and Aries wouldn't mind. All three of them then smile happily.


Maris and Faunaria descend to the earthly world.

Maris and Faunaria confront Master Liber and Lugh.

She is first seen when she along with Faunaria travel, landing on top of a mountain in a vast land that is a little far from Royal Biblia Academy as Faunaria mentions. Maris corrects Faunaria that it is the perfect coordinates. Maris says that the mountain they landed on is the Royal Biblia Academy, Faunaria comments that the Great Demon King has already been beaten. But Maris informs her that the place they are in is just full of mountains. Maris points out her finger at a far building, telling Faunaria by going straight there it's perfect. Faunaria has her doubts that if it's a lie or not, Maris says she has never lied to anyone ever since she was born. They are then approached by Master Liber and Lugh, then Maris states that Master Liber has finished her role of not being a child of god. Master Liber quires why did they come, to which Maris answers by the resurrection of the goddess reduce the Great Demon King, that of which their common understanding. Master Liber informs the duo that the Great Demon King has already acquired the Black Emperor Flame World. As well all they have to do is wait for their loss. However Faunaria intercepts her that she thought that I'd be faster this way. Asking if there is a plan, Master Liber answers it will be the same in the end, so it's fine. Master Liber furthermore continues that Laevatian which is an anti-demon king weapon made by the concubine after Arata's fight with Hijri. She says that she entwined the Demon King in the best condition. Master Liber tells them to take some time now. Faunaria is not interested, even if the Great Demon King is destroyed. Faunaria proceeds to insults to Arata that he's just a mage who doesn't have the blood of the Great Demon Lord who was born in a world of thieves, since he is amount to a disposable things like a piece of paper, and she with the other Arbitrators have nothing to worry about. Maris questions Master Liber if she and the Great Demon King had feelings for her. Angered, Lugh draws her katana mentioning that they won't be defeated easily. telling them to refrain that her best friend is disposable like a piece of paper. Maris asks her if Lugh is giving them opinion like a god born in a toy, and points out that Master Liber 'pet' animal isn't disciplined. Master Liber then destroys a portion of the vast land with her magic power. Maris asks if she has gone crazy, then Master Liber along with Lugh prepare to fight them.

Maris advices Faunaria about Lugh fighting style.

Faunaria mentions that this is a preparatory movement in front of the Great Demon King. Maris instructs Faunaria to finish the fight in 10 minutes. Faunaria tells her that it doesn't matter much. After both Master Liber and Lugh get ready, connecting to their archive forming a magic circle formula. Maris notes that the archive connection on the ground consumes less magical power than the holy mark connection. Faunaria mentions it is similar to endurance but there is a risk that it is possible to fall down all at once so it doesn't make sense. Maris advices Faunaria that Master Liber is the Arbitrator leader class "Archbishop" Tome, as well as not understand the skillful wisdom. Maris then watch the battle between Faunaria and Lugh. After a while Faunaria notices, that she had used her hand, Maris informs her she can avoid it little by little, amusing Faunaria. As the fight goes on, and Faunaria keeps dominating Lugh, who is unable to do anything. Maris activates her eye as it turned into calculation circles, she figures out that they are avoiding fatal injuries due to their well-honed intuition, with a lot of experience informing Faunaria. Faunaria finds it a sly thing that Maris is teaching her. But thanks to Maris advice, Faunaria uses other techniques while Lugh is struggling to dodge. Master Liber intervenes with the last second as Lugh was about to be defeated. Maris then consider herself to fight since Master Liber has used her Evil God Army, she tells Faunaria that she feels like an hour passed. However Faunaria finds it a lie, but Maris says that she has never lied to her. To destroy Master Liber Evil God Army, Faunaria resorts to use her Thema connecting it to her Archive, release powerful thunder strikes that obliterate half the ground. Maris comments that it was a perfect score if she was concerned about being there, yet Faunaria says it's not good because no one can apply to Maris magic. Maris says, mentioning physical attacks can be done, so if the thread hits she was about to hit it back. They then approach the injured Master Liber on the floor, complementing Faunaria for being the Arbitrator of light. After Faunaria tells her to apologize. She refuses and then Master Liber transforms into her Adult Form, as Maris and Faunaria witness it. Maris comments that this is the horror of the true appearance of Liber.

Maris and Faunaria witness Liber transformation.

Maris tries analyzing it with her eye but she get's no result much to her dismay. The enhanced Evil God Army overpower Faunaria, Maris tells her she forgot to tell her that Faunaria light and thunder attacks won't work against her anymore. Faunaria screams at Maris that she should've told her sooner. After Faunaria was attacked by her Evil God Army, she manages to escape and glances at Maris, Maris doesn't say anything. After a while between her clash with Faunaria, Master Liber breaks the seal of an Arbitrator, powering up Lugh. Maris quires Master Liber that she did raise the god man to the level of an Arbitrator. Master Liber answering that it only lasts for 10 seconds. Later Master Liber uses one of her Holy magic spell. Maris analyzes it with her eyes, wondering if it's a technique to reduce the number of people who belong to heaven. After a while, Maris raises white flag surrendering. Maris then apologizes for insulting Hijri and tells Faunaria to apologize, to which she does. Master Liber accepts it, and she reverts back to her original size mentioning her Adult Form has it's limit.

Maris and Faunaria surrender.

Maris mentions that Master Liber said the successor to the Great Demon King will continue to decrease. Master Liber informs her about the inner world of the Black Emperor Flame World that of which evens out all it's heavens and demons, and if he touches the world, he will be able to continue to burn his body and soul forever in the future. As well as the remaining mages must protect the world.

Maris, Faunaria and Aries shower.

Maris is later seen along with Faunaria walking in one of the Arbitrator buildings. while Faunaria mentioning in the end it was just a trip to the outside world. Maris tells her that she was turned into a sloppy mess. Faunaria is frustrated, wanting to forget all what happened. They notice Aries there as well, Maris asking if she came to pick her up, and Aries invites them to a meal solicitation. They all shower in one of the Arbitrator buildings features. Faunaria asks Aries if there is anyone she likes, and she refuses to answer. Maris affirming her attitude and facial expression. Faunaria says she's never been interested in men, Maris jokes around that she's curious about women, Faunaria flusters saying she doesn't even have such a hobby. Aries is envious how good friends are Maris and Faunaria. They tell her that she is also a friend, but Maris points out that she and Faunaria aren't friends. Faunaria takes this as another lie. An Arbitrator Messenger arrive and informs the trio that the Arbitrator leader has called for an emergency call. Faunaria, quires what is it, the Messengers says one of the Arbitrators who has been away from heaven for a long time has returned.

Maris explaining the Great Magic War.

In Arbitrator Headquarters, as Master Biblia returned, whom they are all welcoming him back. Maris mentions it seems to be fun as usual. She then silently watches Faunaria. Much later, Maris along with Faunaria and Harukage are in a room drinking tea. Maris is then seen in Arbitrator Headquarters, she is ordered by Aetheria to explain to the survivors of the last war. Maris obeys and she summons a sphere projecting images, starting by that the World Tree Maiden barrier to god Induction completed in the Twilight Library, and one of the pillars of Nornil Giants, the destruction of Versand has appeared in their dimension. Faunaria then questions if it's strong, Maris gives her a straight answer, that if she even mess up, she can't beat one pillar with her current strength. Faunaria insists on beating one though. Harukage notes that the number of powerful human resources has disappeared during the Great Magic War. She furthermore states that there was a consolation for cooperation regarding the shortage of human resources in heaven, asking Aetheria if it's possible to connect it. Aetheria only has bad feeling about it but will listen anyway. Harukage then with a happy look glances at Maris whom she sighs. Just then Deus Trinity appears from Maris projection sphere.

Maris with Faunaria and Aries head to battle.

After a long talk between Aetheria and Deus Trinity whom he offers to help them, using Maris projection sphere, all the Arbitrator witness his power by destroying one of Nornil Giant Pillars with ease. Finally Aetheria orders all the Arbitrators to start moving to the Twilight Library, as well as mentioning that the heavens will also do their best to subdue the remaining pillars of Nornil Giants.

She is later seen with her fellow Arbitrators in the outside world divided into two groups, she along with Faunaria and Aries. With Faunaria fired up tells the group it's time to go to the frontlines, Maris tells her that she should stay where she is, teases her that's not the case as they are the foremost line, which Faunaria finds it another lie. Aries interrupts them that they shall depart and all three descend to the earthly world.

During the battle against the Nornil Giants monsters, as Faunaria slays them quickly. Maris opens a communicate screen and tease her that everyone saw her skirt when she was fighting, Faunaria becomes flustered and thinks it's just one of her lies. Maris informs her to at least take care of 100 enemies that she has marked for her route. Faunaria then finds it an easy win.

Maris along Aetheria are surrounded by the brainwashed heavenly troops.

Maris is later seen next to Aetheria whom she compliments Faunaria because she is flying, but Aetheria notes that the problem lies with the kin who've fallen under water. Maris suggests to increase the radius to 10 to 20 kilometers, Aetheria requests her to make it 30 kilometers. Maris says that she treats magicians very roughly. Maris then uses her ability to change the ocean surface to ice by activating an ice barrier skill. Making ground battles are possible without problems. When Aetheria asks she added 1 more kilometer, she just answers it's just an estimate. Faunaria says now they can somehow manage Ulzwiad's first wave, and notes to her that it won't give her time to rest though. From the sky Maris with Aetheria notice something is getting closer. Aetheria is then hit by a strange light, and all her heavenly troops. Aetheria mentions that all the defense mechanisms against brainwashing have been destroyed. Both Maris and Aetheria are then surrounded by their own heavenly troops.

Maris and Aetheria comment at the brainwashing magic.

Finding it an unexpected situation, Aetheria says that this already falls within her expectations, as she would be harmed by the wielder of Arms Mastery. Despite being manipulated their childish prank has gone to far. Maris tells Aetheria that she assumes that as long they are the thought of 'weapons' anyone can be freely manipulated, adding that she hasn't seen this magic in a while though it's rather disgusting. Aetheria doesn't find it elegant either.

Maris infected with black crystals before falling unconscious.

Later Maris, along with the other Arbitrators standing together. As Aetheria announces that the goddess has finally appeared. A wave of magical torrent surround all the Arbitrators, Some of them are injured, and Maris is knocked backward spitting blood. Along with Aries, Faunaria notices them and panics, calling out their name. Faunaria then shields the two by herself. After some time, Maris manages to regain her footing, but leaning on Faunaria's hand, which relieves Faunaria, Maris says with her physical training, she have plenty of time to spare. Though Faunaria notices she's infected with black crystal on multiple parts of her body, as well as Aries. This confuses Faunaria as to why she's not affected by black crystals.

The goddess arrive at their location and Maris falls unconscious. Faunaria then carries Maris, and looks in horror as Aetheria and Harukage are being confined in black crystal. Liber and Murakumo says to Faunaria to run away to the Great Demon King while they hold the goddess down. They leave it to Aries, and she takes flight in quick speed. Later Maris regains consciousness, requesting Aries to let go of her, however Faunaria refuses to let Maris become one of the goddess victim. Faunaria cries, Maris puts her hand on Faunaria's cheeks, wiping away her tears, and says she found someone to raise as a child, become her guardian and a friend. She reminisces their time together, ever when she taught Faunaria how to read, changing her clothes and even when their time in Heaven prior to the battle of the Nornil Giants when they ate food together along with Aries.

Maris farewell to Faunaria.

Maris tells Faunaria the truth about herself, that an unreasonable memory written to her, the original spellbook, and she gave her a plenty of memories for just being a Grimoire. However Faunaria, doesn't want her to leave, saying farewell in such a serious manner. But Maris says it was an unexpected joy to have a sad and regrettable farewell. Maris gives Faunaria a very gentle and happy smile for the first time in her life, and tells her that they're sure to meet again, and live strong. Aries then let go of her, to which she tears, looking away. Faunaria still crying shouting Maris name, not wanting to lose her, though Maris could only smile at her.

Maris crushes her own Conceptual Mechanism.

Maris then meets the goddess, deciding to confront her alone, the goddess says, Maris can also make a lot of friends. Maris tells her, that she has been loved ever since she was born. She taunts the goddess that the Great Demon King has the potential to defeat her and asks her why not take a detour to avoid contact. Maris furthermore tells her, that is very human thinking side of her. Maris then takes off her hat, and takes her own Conceptual Mechanism, and uses Conceptual Collapse then crushes it with her hand. The goddess contradicts as to her previous statement, to what the action she has done, comparing Maris that is a very-human resolve of her. Maris smiles, and says that having a human form was quite nice. The Conceptual Collapse then explodes, creating a huge explosion, sacrificing herself in order to defeat the goddess.

The Conceptual Collapse explodes.


Arbitrator abilities[]

Maris is the Arbitrator of Wisdom or knowledge which is very convenient. She doesn't fight and only watch but she has stated she can if she wanted.

  • Wisdom - Maris knows every spell used, how powerful they are, the original Thema as well as how they are used, from where they were first used, or if they are used before, and how the result will turn out to be. Basically she knows all spells in the world.
  • Knowledge - Maris can change her eye pattern to visualize the result of the spell for example. This only take few seconds to analyze the situation. Since she doesn't fight, she only give advises for her companions.
  • Projection Sphere - Maris is capable of summoning a sphere that shows an event she chooses to, such as events that happened a long time ago for example the Great Magic War. The sphere explains the exact details. However everything is shown is when she saw the events herself and recorded it, or by using her vast knowledge as a source. The sphere orb also shows what is happening in the outside world, no matter where.

  • Emperor Crown Pillar - A spell that Maris uses by accessing her Wisdom in the name of Forbidden Fruit, using one of the anti Demon Lord Macro, by executing her Beauty Thema. She starts using ultra wide area magic development, scanning 31 kilometer radius. It changes the ocean surface to ice by activating an ice barrier skill within a 31 kilometer radius. Allowing allies to stand on ground without any problem. It was first used to weaken one of the Nornil Giant Pillar monsters.

Maris Sacred Chest is Beauty.

Conceptual Mechanism[]

Maris Conceptual Mechanism.

No magic can affect Maris, since she has conceptual mechanism (idea frame), which has the absolute defense performance that "every magic never hits". However, since pure physical phenomena are not subject to defense, it seems that indirect attacks such as the thread of light of Faunaria that manipulate and guide physical phenomena by magic will work. Aryan lethal Archive Erosion seems to affect her as well. If Maris wishes to, she can break her own conceptual mechanism by using "Idea Break" however this causes her to cease to exist, since it's her core.

Being the only Arbitrator in human form as a Grimoire, and having lived long enough she possess dozens of knowledge in human society as well.

Other Abilities[]

Maris haven't shown any combat fighting abilities yet, she stated however that she can dodge the most deadliest attacks, and could fight equally with Master Liber.



Faunaria Road - Maris has been entrusted by Faunaria's mother to take care of Faunaria and raise her. They are good friends, despite Maris saying that they are not real friends but rather simply Arbitrator companion. When they both landed on a vast area filled with mountains to their destination to Royal Biblia Academy, both of them worked together as a team, they seem to always be together working with each other. When Faunaria was fighting both Master Liber and Lugh she would've hard time if not for Maris advises, even though Faunaria finds it cheating. They seem in good terms with each other among all the Arbitrators. She very much love to tease Faunaria about telling fake lies most of the time. Faunaria finds Maris someone special to her and an irreplaceable person, having been a motherly figure ever since she was a child, as she took care of Faunaria until her growth. Maris vowed that she will make Faunaria the strongest Arbitrator. Even when told that she is simply a Grimoire in human form, Faunaria didn't care for any of that and only wishes for her safety, as she refused for her to confront the goddess alone. Faunaria cares very deeply to Maris among all the Arbitrators, as well as Maris as she even watches her even when they are in the Arbitrator Headquarters. After Maris sacrifices herself and explodes in an attempt to defeat the goddess, Faunaria almost breaks into the ultimate despair, if not of Aries comforting her, and even though Maris is been lost for her forever, she still believes that she will be together again someday as Maris said so.

Aries Cardia - They were good friends ever since long times in Heavens. Maris along with Faunaria enjoy being with each other. Aries was so kind to Maris to the point inviting her to a meal solicitation along with Faunaria. Because Aries always sees Maris with Faunaria on missions, she thought they are friends and she envy them both, though Maris declines that they are real friends just because they are together always (one of Maris fake lies). Maris especially enjoys to joke with her. Among all the Arbitrators, Aries probably considers Maris a friend along with Faunaria due to her former friend Lieselotte Sherlock isn't with her anymore. Maris even tells Aries she can be the older sister of Faunaria. Maris trusted Aries enough to tell her the past between her and Faunaria together. As well as Maris is just a Grimoire in human form whom only Faunaria knows that.


  • She is one of the oldest Arbitrator ever lived during ancient times in heaven despite her young appearance. She never seems to age, as she retains her young appearance ever since the Great Magic War, due to her being a Grimoire in human form for years.
  • Maris Stella shares the same name from Tokyo Ghoul Akira Mado's cat name.
  • Her name means "Star of the Sea". It typically refers either to the star Polaris (the North Star) or the Virgin Mary.