Manhunt & Eve of the Party
Levi cover ch38 MA
Volume 09
Chapter 38
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age March 2014
Release Date February 8, 2014

Trinity Form & Saver Down


School Festival & Stakes

Manhunt & Eve of the Party[1] is the thirty-ninth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on February 8, 2014 in Monthly Dragon Age March 2014 issue and later compiled in the ninth volume on August 9, 2014.


Levi leaps and lands on top of a branch while viewing the rest of the Academy prepare for a festival until she suddenly senses something. 

Below the tree, Arata calls for Levi while the ninja is no where in sight and Sora remarks that they lost her again. The grimoire suggests that they scour another area which Arata agrees. As the two renew their search, Levi reveals herself from her camouflage, smiling mischieviously. 

Levi Arata Lilith final ch38 MA

Last Trinity Seven Standing

Several hours ago, inside the Headmaster s office, Arata and Master Biblia celebrate the prospect that Arata can recieve the Trinity Seven's magic through his stripping magic, much to Lilith's chagrin. Although, she apologizes to Arata for allowing him to become a Demon Lord in their last mission. However, Arata insists that he is alright, but is more concerned with the Demon Lord Element within Lilith. Lilith states that the Element is dormant to Arata's relief, but nevertheless remains concerned that the Element still exists, causing Lilith to blush. Subsequently, the Headmaster reminds Arata that there is one final member of the Trinity Seven that he has not stripped yet. Arata then recalls the girls that he has undressed before realizing despite Lilith's objections. Levi suddenly appears, noting that she is the last one which Arata confirms, much to Lilith's shock. Levi offers Arata a showcase of her body if he can remove her clothes before the the school bell rings, remarking that she is quite perverted in spite of her appearance and position. Lilith tries to chatise Levi for her statement, Master Biblia then announces the start of the challenge which the ninja escapes while Arata and Sora chase from behind. After the three are gone, the Headmaster comments that the event will be a good precursor to the beginning of the festival as Lilith sulks about the absurdity of the situation.

While the students continue to prepare for the festival, Arata is surprised that the Academy also performs a festival as well. Levi explains that other magic academies also particapte in the festival in order to present their research but escapes once more before Arata realizes her presense. Afterwards, Yui arrives to support Arata using her magic to summon dream pixies to search through the Academy.

Inside a library, the dream pixies cause Selina to fall asleep while Lieselotte recognizes them as Yui's magic. Lieselotte then suggests to Levi that she should move to a different location, which the ninja agrees. The two note that Yui is supporting Arata to detect Levi by causing students with low magic to fall asleep, eventually leaving the Trinity Seven the only ones awake. However, Lieselotte suddenly tries to ensnare Levi as well for Arata, but the ninja nevertheless escapes. The former Demon Lord Candidate remarks that she wishes to return the favor to Arata but will have to patiently wait for her chance while allowing a sleeping Selina to rest on her.

Elsewhere, Mira prepares to switch her clothes in a locker so that she can clean the pool before the festival begins. While changing, she suddenly detects a presence before recognizing the perpetrator as Levi. The ninja explains that she is temporarily hiding herself in the lockers as hiding places are becoming increasinly difficult to find. While Mira remains confused, Levi abruptly begins running while noting that she is not responsible for any event that occurs after her departure. After the ninja's departure, Yui and Arata arrive after sensing magic within the locker. Before Mira can fully react, Arata asks her if she has seen Levi to which Mira confirms that the ninja had already left. Yui and Arata decide to continue their search, but before proceeding, Arata expresses his gratitude to Mira who embarrassingly realizes that she is topless.

Throughout the day, Arata continues to chase after Levi while inadverdantly stripping others and causing damage to the school. Nontheless, Levi still manages to avoid and escape from being touched despite his efforts. 

Arata Levi academy destruction ch38 MA

Unfortunate Ending

While observing the two, Akio and Arin note that Arata continues to be entertaining, howeve the former is still concerned that his Demon Lord Element has begun to erode within him. Arin worries that if Arata continues to fight, he will eventually reawaken as Astral Trinity, although Akio comments that Arin has changed, becoming more expressful instead of focusing on her studies. Additionally, Akio also recalls the reason Arin retrieved her spear was to prevent him from battling. Lastly, Akio reveals that she prefers the current Arin, which Arata mostly like shares the same sentiment as well. However, the two note that he is the type of person who would rather burden himself than others. As a result, Arin decides to help Arata for the moment, using her magic to destroy the ceiling Levi was hiding on before announcing to him to execute his move. Arata then summons his dragon magic on Levi, but the ninja uses her body switching technique, resulting in Arin and Akio's clothes to be removed instead. Suddenly, the school bell begins to ring, signaling the end of the challenge much to Arata and Yui's disappointment. As such, Levi declares that Arata is prohibited from using his Demon Lord magic until Arata is able to capture her. Arata realizes that the challenge was Levi's method of supporting him, which the ninja confirms. Furthermore, she promises that once he becomes an excellent Magus, she will strip herself for him. Afterwards, the two decide to support the festival before realizing the destruction they caused. When a furious Lilith and Mira approaches them, the duo decide to escape. 



  • During Arata and Lilith's meeting with Master Biblia, several previous events are mentioned in their discussion:
    • Arata, along with the Headmaster, celebrates the fact that he can copy the Trinity Seven's magic through stripping them. This was first discovered in Impel Arm & Trinity Process when he completed the process to duplicate Lieselotte's Logos Art magic by stripping her.
    • Master Biblia remarks that he was suprised to learn Arata became a Demon Lord after returning from an investigation. Arata was initially assigned to an investigative mission in Record Quest & Semiramis Garden but instead encountered Abyss Trinity in Sky Library. As a result, he was forced to contract with the Black Imperial Sword Judecca and became a Demon Lord after mastering his fourth archive in Aeshma & Marked
    • Arata remains concerned with the Demon Lord Element within Lilith, which was first discovered in Chapter 30.
    • After the Headmaster reminds Arata that there is still one remaining member of the Trinity Seven he has stripped, Arata recalls the scene of each girl he rendered nude:
  • While observing Arata chasing Levi, Arin discusses with Akio about his state as a Demon Lord, worried that he will eventually transform into Astral Trinity. Astral Trinity is the sealed personality of the Demon Lord within Arata who was initially revealed in Critical & Demon Lord.
  • Akio recalls the reason Arin retrieved her spear was to prevent Arata from fighting. Arin's process in recieving her Demon Spear Gungir is detailed in Night Episode to Lost Memory: Breakup Girl & Lance of Create.


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