Malebolge & Prisoner Girl
Rubina cover ch65 7M MA
Volume 15
Chapter 65
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age June 2016
Release Date May 9, 2016

Twelve Demons & Death Point


Full Burst & Waterside

Malebolge & Prisoner Girl[1] is the sixty-fifth chapter of the Seven Magicians series released on May 9, 2016 in Monthly Dragon Age June 2016 issue, and later compiled in the fifteenth volume on August 9, 2016.


Arata Judecca breakdown phenomenon ch65 SM MA

Controlling the Breakdown Phenomenon

As Arata confronts Rubine and her army of reapers, Selina believes the Demon Commander's strength is too overwhelming and suggests surrendering. Nevertheless, he decides to continue and invokes his spell, combining Judecca with the Ira Archive which allows him to control the Breakdown Phenomenon. Using this form, he quickly dispatches the reapers before assailing Rubine, however, his lack of magic forces Judecca to suddenly cancel the spell. Subsequently, the Demon Lord Weapon transforms into her human form while Rubine proposes their battle be postponed, allowing Arata recovers in her home until then.

Miglione Selina capture ch65 SM MA

Capture by a New Enemy

Inside Rubine's house, Selina contemplates their situation in the shower while pondering her own role until she is suddenly captured by an unknown being.

Elsewhere, Arata is resting while Judecca recovers by absorbing his life energy before Rubine decides to join them as well. However, Judecca then senses the disappearance of Selina which prompts the Demon Commander to apologize since the culprit is another Commander, Miglione. Due to Arata's condition, he is unable to rescue her for the moment, while Rubine is able to locate display Selina's situation from afar.



  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Arata and Selina, upon finding themselves separated from their party, unexpected encounter the Demon Commander Rubine in the Eigth Circle of Dante's Gate. The demon challenges the sword magius to a battle where she eventually summons an army of reapers as support.



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