Magus and Alchemist
魔道士と錬金術 (Madōshi to Renkinjutsu)
Lilith swimsuit ep3 AN
Episode 3
Studio Seven Arcs Pictures Japan flag icon
Premiere October 21, 2014
Opening Theme Seven Doors

Prison Lock and Grimoire Security


Labyrinth and Magic Gunner

Magus and Alchemist is the third episode of the Trinity Seven series, broadcasted on October 21, 2014 in TV Tokyo.

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It's summer. The gang's on a southern island, and there's cute girls in swimsuits abound. Arata's cooking yakisoba for some reason, but these things happen. The quartermaster is repairing the school that Arata destroyed in his collapse phenomenon. The girls enjoy a mixed-gender bath, and the demon lord candidate decides on a theme--control.

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At a beach where numerous girls enjoy themselves, Arata, working as a chef, ponders how he found himself in his currrent situation which Lilith reminds him that the reason is because he and Arin destroyed the academy. Additionally, she forbids the two from performing future experiments that would endanger the school. Afterwards, Arata questions the reason their punishment is at the beach which Lilith explains that the trip had already been planned, the Headmaster decided to use the opportunity to send the students on vacation while he repairs the academy. Arata is surprised by the strength of the Headmaster when Selina and Levi arrive to reveal that the Headmaster is one of the five strongest mages in the world. Arata praises the girls' swimsuits, particularly Lilith's, but when he begins to recall a more sensual sight, Lilith threatens him to shut out the memory. Selena interviews Arata, but Lilith does not want him to reveal his secrets. Sora grabs Lilith's breasts which shocks her. Sora was amazed and conplimented their elasticity, size, and softness. Arata wants to join, but Lilith becomes angry and attacks them. 

Mira orders Akio to eliminate Arata while Arin and Lilith are restrained. As Akio is about to strike Arata, she apologizes before landing her attack and causing a large explosion. Afterwards, Arata's magic has vanished but to the girls' surprise, the Breakdown Phenomenon continues to progress, implying that Arata has survived.

Yui room ep3 AN

Yui's Room

Arata awakens to find himself in a musical world where he discovers a door. Upon entering, he meets a young well-endowed girl playing violin who introduces herself as Yui. Yui reveals that she transported him into her world before Akio nearly killed him. The two then observe the situation in the real world where Yui reveals to Arata the cause of the Breakdown Phenomenon is him.

Meanwhile, students continue to disintegrate before Levi and Selina. Levi comments that the weaker students are vanishing while Selina remarks that the she appears quite calm before realizing the ninja is shaking.

In the infirmary, the girls form a barrier to protect themselves, but they note that the situation is becoming worse.

Yui archive ep3 AN

Thema & Archive

Arata is determined to return, but Yui questions him if he knows how to end the Breakdown Phenomenon. Arata admits he does not know, but nevertheless remains resolute in resolving the situation due to being the one responsible, as well as refusing to allow more people to disappear. As such, Yui reveals that he can control the Phenomenon by discovering his Thema from the following Archives of the seven sins:

  • Superbia
  • Invidia
  • Ira
  • Acedia
  • Avaritia
  • Gula
  • Luxuria

As Arata processes Yui's information, he recalls Mira's Thema Justicia from the Superbia Archive, before realizing a clue to his own Thema. After Arata expresses his gratitue to Yui, the two bid each other farewell as she sends him back.

Lilith Arata Arin Akio strip ep3 AN

A Unexpected but Fortunate Outcome

The barrier protecting the girls begin to falter until Arata abruptly appears. Arata then explains to the Trinity Seven that he will try to control the Breakdown Phenomenon, but Mira remains insistent on eliminating him. However, Akio convinces her to give Arata a chance, otherwire she will kill him herself if he fails. Arata agrees to their terms before informing the Astil Manuscript his Thema, Rule from the Superbia Archive. As a result, Arata transforms into his Magus Mode prior to destroying the Breakdown Phenomenon while also removing Lilith, Arin and Akio's clothes much to their shock. Only Mira is unaffected by reflecting his magic before leaving along with Akio. Subsequently, Arata's clothes also break apart much to Lilith's chagrin.

After Arata finishes recounting the experience, Selina becomes interested in Arata's special technique, as well as his Magus Mode. While Lilith chatises him for posturing his magic, Levi suddenly begins to grope her until Lilith angrily retaliates.

Arata Selina experiment ep3 AN

An Experiment

Later, Selina and Arata escape to an empty area of the beach where Arata offers to display his Magus Mode to her. Upon his transformation, Selina decides to test his magic by binding him with her Logos Art. In response, Arata uses his magic to remove the binds but also causing Selina's swimsuit to tear apart, much to her embarrassment.

Nearby, Mira and Akio hears Selina's scream before discussing the impurity of his magic.

Selina Lilith Arata Levi forbidden ep3 AN

The Forbidden Act

At night in an inn, Selina and Levi overhear Arata in Lilith's room and begin imagining an erotic scene between the two. However, Lilith discovers them and punishes the two before the group discusses Arata's ascension to a mage in the mixed bath.

While the group walk towards the bath, Lilith reveals Arata's past with Hijiri to the girls. Remembers the Headmaster's words, Arata recalls the members of Trinity Seven he has already encountered: Lilith, Arin, Levi, Mira and Akio. One of the remaining two is Yui who rarely appears at the academy, although Arata reveals that he has already encountered her. The last member disappeared before Arata's admittance to the academy much to Selina's displeasure. Since he cannot meet all of the members, Levi recommends that Arata focus on the ones he has already met which he agrees.

Selina Levi Arin Lilith hot sprint ep3 AN

Swimsuits in a Hot Spring

Upon entering the bath, Arata is disappointed that the girls are in swimsuits while Mira and Akio decide to depart. As the remaining group discusses Mira and Akio's strength, Selina suggest he learn to direct his anti-magic instead of spreading his magic around him. As such, Arata requests Lilith to borrow her gun, but she refuses since the gun is created using her magic. Arata then questions if he can use her magic, but their Thema and Archives are different. Nevertheless, the group theorizes that his role as a Demon Lord may allow to copy other magic but Lilith continues to decline. However, she finally resents when he states his strong desire to rescue Hijiri, After demonstrating and explaining her magic Outer Alchemic, Arata quickly asks Astil to perform the same which the grimoire executes perfectly, creating a gun much to his excitement.. Astil explains that she simply rewrote Lilith's magic into one that Arata could use, shocking the girls with the fact that Arata can use copy other mages' magic.

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  • The group's time at the beach was shown after the Breakdown Phenomenon incident.
  • Prior to Arata's return, Mira had ordered Akio to destroy the entire area to halt the Breakdown Phenomenon.
  • After Arata accidentally stripped Selina's swimsuit, he provided her his jacket before leaving to retrieve a set of clothes for her.
  • Following the demonstration at the beach, Arata and Selina returned to the beach restaurant to discover a large number of customers ordering Lilith's food.
  • During Lilith's demonstration of her Outer Alchemic magic, she had given a lengthy lecture on the history of the magic. 
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