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Magus & Nil Magic
Mira Akio Arin Lilith ch4 cover MA.jpg
Volume 02
Chapter 04
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)

Yen Press (US)

Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age May 2011
Release Date April 9, 2011

Chapter 3


Chapter 5

Magus & Nil Magic is the fifth chapter of the Trinity Seven series, serialized on April 9, 2011 in Monthly Dragon Age May 2011 issue and later compiled in the second volume on November 5, 2011. 


A distraught Lilith cries out for Arata as she and Arin watch in worry over the destruction inflicted by Akio. Mira thanks her partner as Akio notes that the deed is over due to Arata's magic energy has disappeared. However, before Grimoire Security leaves, they are surprised to discover that the Breakdown Phenomenon is still continuing. A bewildered Akio asks if Arata was the cause of the Breakdown Phenomenon to which Mira confirms, but notes that there is a much simpler explanation. Lilith quickly understands Mira's meaning and once more cries out Arata's name. 

Yui in her dream form

Finding himself in a dark empty place, Arata is puzzled by his current situation, believing that he was destroyed by Akio as well as missing his grimoire. Suddenly, he begins hearing violin music and follows the sound before arriving at a door. While uncertain, Arata nevertheless decides to enter where he finds a room with a girl playing a viloin. Welcolming him to her room, the girl introduces herself as Yui while addresses him as big brother due to him appearing older than her. Arata inquiries her if this is her world, which she confirms to save him from Akio's attack. Afterwards, she displays an image of the Royal Biblia Academy being destroyed to him, commenting that he is the cause. Although Arata denies that this was intentional, he asks her to send him back but Yui questions if he knows how to stop the Breakdown Phenomenon. Arata, uncertain, is unable to give her an answer immediately.

Meanwhile, the destruction continues to ravage the Academy, as well as frightened students being disintegrated into particles. A shocked Selina watches the scene, while Levi remarks that people with low magical power are disappearing from the Breakdown Phenomenon. Selina notes that Levi appears quite calm, but realizes that Levi is actually quite scared after seeing the ninja shaking.

Yui explaining Archives and Themas

Elsewhere in the infirmary, Arin, Akio, Mira and Lilith have protected themselves by forming a barrier around them. However, Lilith states that they will need to do something soon at the rate of the devestation is continuing. Mira expresses her annoyance at Arata, while Akio notes that they are in trouble.

In Yui's world, Arata explains to Yui that even if he is unable to stop the Breakdown Phenomenon, he is still responsible due to being the cause, cauing Yui remarks that Arata is quite passionate. Although, Arata denies her statement, reasoning that he refuses to see more people become involved with the Phenomenon while remembering Hijri. But to his surprise, Yui tells him he can control the Phenomenon once he finds a Thema to control his magic. Expounding further, Yui reveals the Seven Deadly Sins:

  • Superbia
  • Ira 
  • Acedia
  • Invidia
  • Avaritia
  • Gula
  • Luxuria

That acts as Archives a Thema is associated with. As Arata ponders the concept of the Archives and Themas, he is quickly reminded of Mira and her Archive, Superbia. Yui recalls that Mira's Thema was Iustitia or "Justice". Upon hearing this, Arata announces that he finally has a hint to his path of magic. After xxpressing his gratitude to Yui, Arata decides that he needs to return in order to stop the Breakdown Phenomenon. Otherwise, even Yui's world will be in trouble after seeing the Breakdown Phenomenon appearing above them. Arata declares to Yui that he will show her how he will control the Phenomenon before the two say their farewells.

Arata's Magus Mode

Finally deciding that the situation is at a bad stage, Mira orders Akio blast away the entire airspace at once. But before she can do that, Arata suddenly appears from the ground much to everyone's surprise. After Arata explains that Yui saved him, Mira once again commands Akio to destroy him for sure this time. However, Arata asks that if he can stop the Breakdown Phenomenon, there would be no reason to kill him. Despite the girl's skepticism, Arata manages to convince them along with Akio's support, with the condition that if he fails, Akio will terminate him without hestitation. Speaking to the Astil Manuscript, Arata tells the grimoire that he has decided on a Thema, "Rule". The grimoire who excitingly reveals his Thema to be Imperium from the Superbia Archive; Arata reveals that he received the hint from Mira. After forming a contract, Arata transforms into his Magus Mode, surprising everyone with his magic power. Arata then chooses to destroy the Breakdown Phenomenon, demanding it to disappear from his sight. However, he also inadverdantly strips Akio, Arin and Lilith of their clothes much to his confusion. The girls are surprised and embarrassed, especially Lilith, by the forceful removal of their Magus Mode. While Arata and the Astil Manuscript are pleased with the situation, Akio notices that Mira was not affected and demands an explanation from her. Feeling uneasy, Mira had reflected his magic, causing his clothes to disappear as well, much to Lilith and Arin's great surprise. Before Mira and Akio leaves, Arata asks the head of Grimoire Security if she had approved him. Mira replies that since he stopped the Breakdown Phenomenon, she will allow to live but warns him that she will not forgive him a second time. While Arata is relieved that the situation is over, he suddenly finds himself being confronted and reprimanded by an angry Lilith.




  • Arata's Magus Mode is first introduced, as well as introducing the ongoing gag of Arata stripping the Trinity Seven