Magic Gunner & Shooting
Chapter 9 insert
Volume 3
Chapter 09
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)

Yen Press (US)

Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age October 2011
Release Date September 9, 2011

Chapter 8


Chapter 10

Magic Gunner & Shooting is the tenth chapter of the Trinity Seven series, released on September 9, 2011 in Monthly Dragon Age October 2011 issue, and later compiled in the third volume on April 5, 2012.

Summary Edit

Arata wings ch9 MA

Arata losing control

After discovering an unknown naked girl surrounded by a dragon-like creature, Arata is surprised to learn that the girl is actually Yui. Arin explains that this is Yui's true appearance, the form she appears in her dreams is her ideal self. As for the dragon , Arin explains that the creature is a high level monster that appears during a Breakdown Phenomenon. Suddenly, Arata begins feeling unstabilized, developing black wings as a result of his magic resonating with the dragon's. The dragon attempts to attack Arata, although Arin temporarily manages to protect him. The dragon again tries to charge at Arata but is deflected by Lilith this time.

Unexpectedly, Akio and Mira arrive and comments that a Code D monster has manifested, an illusion that had materialized. Ain, Arata and Lilith are surprised to see the two, momentarily concerned about Levi until she reveals herself to Lilith, much to the teacher's embarrassment. Having formed a temporary truce in order to handle the Code D monster, the girls begin to battle the dragon. Meanwhile, Levi helps Arata stabilize his condition and regain control of himself. As the two watch the other girls fight the dragon, Arata asks Levi if she should be helping them. Levi affirms, but is also hoping that he will join them as well. Levi remarks that if he wishes to save Hijiri, he will need to need to be able to handle these kind of battles. After hearing her statement, Arata becomes determined to join the fight, asking Levi to her to teach him how to use his gun. Levi agrees, stating that this was the fastest path to saving Yui. Arata comments that the two are quite close, although the ninja clarifies that they are only close due to the isolating nature of the Themas. As Arata is determined to rule over the Breakdown Phenomenon, Levi asks Lilith to help teach Arata, despite Mira's uncertainty. 

Levi Arata kiss ch9 MA

Levi imbuing "magic"

After Lilith begins to explain to Arata the process to use a spell, he decides to use her magic. However, the Astil Manuscript cautions Arata that if the magic is used thoughtlessly, he will be consumed by a demon some day. Lilith further explains that her magic, Outer Alchemic, utilizes the principle of equivalent exchange. If a mage uses too much magic, he or she can potentially becomes a monster such as the beings they encountered in the labryinth. Despite being slightly intimidated after learning the possible dangers, Arata nevertheless decides to continue. Pleased with his decision, Levi lastly helps Arata imagine turning his grimoire into a gun before kissing his fingers as inspiration, much to his surprise. Thereafter, Arata is successful in creating a gun, surprising Mira and Akio with his magic. Using his new technique, "Meteor Punisher", he is able to sucessfully vanquish the dragon.

Later on, Yui awakens from her sleep, recognizing Levi before hugging Arata as a result of saving her, despite Liltih's concerns over Yui's nudity. At the same time, Levi reflects over Arata's triump over the Code D monster, becoming impressed and interested in him.

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  • Akio and Levi put their fight on hold from Chapter 8.
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